Martial King’s Retired Life – Vol. 09 Ch. 23

What Does it Mean to be a Person of Distinction? (Part 1)

Subsequent to Su Xiao’s recount and a quick eye exchange with Xiao Huangquan, I opined, “Patriarch Luo, that will not do.”

“Might you be able to enlighten this one?” requested Luo Ming, fully aware that I was getting on his case.

Whilst rubbing my sore cheeks, I explained, “It is obvious. What if a formidable maiden wins? For instance, Su… Su… Shen… can you two stop stomping on my feet?! Yeah, so I was saying: a maiden cannot marry your daughter if they win, so how are they supposed to receive the dowry? You are unarguably cheating us.”

“Exactly. There are a number of strong maidens here. Women are not weaker than men.”

“There is even an idiom for that, so it is a possible outcome.”

“Patriarch Luo, Metal Yu Feiyuan is here. Who here can confidently claim that Wutong Jin Yuxuan’s disciples have no chance of winning?”

Why does it sound like you people are now leveraging my objection to sow discord between Luo Sword Manor and Wutong Jin Yuxuan? Well, let’s see how Luo Ming reacts.

If they knew Lass Yu well enough, they’d know that she wouldn’t put in the effort to vie for the weapon since it neither interested her nor corresponded to her code of chivalry.

I didn’t doubt they heard about Matriarch Zi snapped the Vajra Demon Subduing Staff Luo Sword Manor sent to Hangzhou in one chop without ever using it. Wutong Jin Yuxuan still attended the convention staunchly as they were one of the few sects that had the prerogative to challenge Luo Sword Manor. If anything, they’d be more than happy to throw hands for trying to disparage them.

“You misunderstand, Young Hero Ming.”

All right, what are you up to, you fox?

Seldom do I, King of King of Checkers, have moments where I cannot fathom what someone is planning. As far as I could tell, Luo Ming might’ve surpassed my realm since the last time I met him. In our last match, he wasn’t that hard to read. This time, I couldn’t read him.

A crafty smirk came to Luo Ming’s lips as he pulled his son over and patted Luo Siming’s shoulder: “This one’s son is also up for grabs.”

Sheet me, are you a blacksmithing company or a human trafficker?! The deal is horse crap! Instead of going home with a beautiful wife as a trophy, you expect the winner to marry into your family?! Thank god I asked. If I had to marry your son after winning the tough competition, I’d stick a knife in your son to liberate myself! Everyone here knows that your son wouldn’t be able to beat a lady if she could win the tournament, you con artist. How bad do you want to sell your son?! Are they even your biological children?!

Luo Ming continued, “You came at the right time, Young Hero Ming. This one was about to mention something relevant to you, so he can ask you now.”

No matter how suspicious he is of me, today is our first official meeting. What can I do for him?

“This one could not possibly leave out the three great sects when sending invitations out. As such, in addition to personally penning their letters, this one also delivered three swords second only to supreme weapons to the three sects. Does anyone happen to know what response this one received? … Wudang sent two letters and three snapped swords.” Luo Ming waited for everyone to conjure a shocking visage prior to shaking his head and wearing on a helpless smile. “The three great sects’ patriarchs used superior blades to snap the swords this one sent. The three great sects really are distinguished… distinguished…” Luo Ming seemed to be recalling the sight.

Besides Grandmaster and I, only Shifu manages the weapons on Mount Daluo. Grandmaster is unlikely to respond or bother since he’s always sleeping. Does that mean Shifu replied?

“Although Daoist Shenfa is too busy to personally attend, he sent Elder Shou and a famous weapon. Elder Shou, could you confirm or correct this one?”

“You are correct.” Elder Shou ejected a wooden sword from his body, prompting everyone to try and name the scent it excreted. When the sword was finally within six centimetres of Luo Ming, it plugged itself into the ground perpendicularly to the ground.

Wudang’s Omnidirectional Force’s mental cultivation empowered its practitioner to exert force from any part of their body – somewhat similar to Evil Eminence Scripture. Elder Shou’s precision was product his ability to control every inch of every movement he performed.

Because I’m Ming Feizhen and the others aren’t, I saw Elder Shou eject the sword from the precious place of a man – his pants. Had they seen that, they probably wouldn’t have applauded so zealously or tried to figure out what the smell it oozed was. Luo Ming, needless to say, was stumped for what to do besides show the same admiration I did…

“That’s Ancient Tree Sword, the wooden sword that can break metal and iron, isn’t it?

“Yeah, it’s Ancestor Sanfeng’s signature weapon. Damn, to see it in the flesh.”

“Patriarch Luo, pick it up so that we can see.”

Luo Ming just stood there.

“What are you waiting for? Are you worried you cannot find a weapon sharp enough to match it?”

“Say something. Say something.”

Leave the man alone; even I’m feeling sorry for him now.

At long last, Luo Ming stated, “Shaolin’s abbot mentioned in his letter that he sent his item to Cold Mountain Temple. As Venerable Mianhua is Cold Mountain Temple’s representative, can this one safely assume it is on you?”

You ducked?! You wuss!


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