The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 10 Ch. 02

Matter of Course

I was the owner of the property, yet I stopped at Veiry-, our door, worrying, “Veirya is just angry, right…? Our relationship isn’t done for, right…? We went through a lot. Veirya is a bit of a dullard, but she’s not totally ignorant. She would never be swayed by sweet talk, would she…? I wouldn’t be so tired from pursuing her otherwise.”

Who knew what Veirya would do? How was I supposed to know what she’d do when she was angry? I might’ve had my ribs shattered with a punch if I forced the door open… I remember hugging Veirya without getting her permission prior, which led to me passing out thereafter. She didn’t do it on purpose, having said that.

As I contemplated what to do, Angelina rocked up next to me: “You should’ve expected as much. It’s your fault regardless of what perspective you look at it from. You went out for so long despite promising to marry her, so Veirya’s patience ran dry. In saying that, there’s one thing you don’t need to be concerned about, which is that she’s only angry because you didn’t come back. She didn’t cheat or something, so don’t fret.”

Well, that placated me a little. If Veirya did cheat, then lord help me. If she was just angry, then it was much simpler to overcome. A little bit of pampering will fix it all up, right? Veirya wasn’t the scheming woman or clingy woman. I say that from experience.

“However, you can rest assured. Trust me, Veirya is actually…” Angelina calmly grabbed the handle.

I went to say something but decided not to in the end… It was unlikely for Angelina to be worried that Veirya would hurt her since she was a force to be reckoned with herself…

Angelina gave me a weird smile. “You know, there’s no need for you to be hesitating at all. It’s better if you’re more assertive with Veirya sometim-”

Angelina pushed the door open before she even finished. A thud came from the door, and then Veirya staggered back whilst holding her forehead. It turned out that she wasn’t being sulky but waiting for me to open the door…  Okay, she was kind of angry, but she was also waiting for me to take the initiative to apologise.

Angelina laughed and then yanked me into the room, shutting the door on our behalf. I staggered in and bumped into Veirya, who instinctively caught me in her arms.

There was the large bed I was familiar with, Veirya’s make-up table and my small reading room.

“You took so long. To come back.”

I decided to sincerely apologise instead of making trivial remarks. “Sorry.” Since I couldn’t read anything from Veirya’s expressionless countenance, I proposed, “Let’s get married, Veirya. I’m back and won’t go running around for no reason anymore. Veirya. You’ve sent out the invitations, too, so let’s get married.”

“All right. Let’s get. Married.”

They say that marriage is one’s second birth as our life undergoes a massive change after marriage. It didn’t feel that blissful after mentioning something so significant in spite of all the platitudes I had heard about previously.

Veirya touched her face then turned around: “Help me. Undress.”

I helped Veirya undo the strap on her dress and then let her dress slide down her body, revealing her undershirt. She undid her tied up hair, allowing it to cover the scar resembling a butterfly on her back. My gaze was glued to Veirya as she stripped down completely. She turned around and opined, “You have to. Help Leah replenish. At night. We’re going to get married. So. Let’s do it now. I also want to do it. With you.” Veirya pulled me over to the bed by my arm and pushed me down.

I inwardly stammered, “I-I haven’t mentally prepared myself… Wh-Why so suddenly? I’m not saying I’ve always dreamt of this since I use her in my mental shooting range… Of course I want to do this, but… but I never expected her to suggest it so suddenly…”

It was the first time I initiated a kiss with Veirya ever since we were in a relationship. She responded purely on instinct. Nevertheless, I was content. I could touch my lover however I pleased at long last.  I had fantasised it countless times in my dreams or before I turned in. I conjured up different places and times we would do it, but it was always romantic in my fantasies. I imagined doing it on a bed of flowers underneath the moonlight on the night we were married. I never thought the memory worth remembering for eternity would be without a mattress and in broad daylight.

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