The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 09 Ch. 57

Reaping What You Sow

Although I didn’t know who came up with such a direct method… I didn’t think it was Veirya’s idea. There was no way she could come up with such a method given her wits. Sending out invitations without seeking my opinion was intended to rush me to come back. If I failed to come back, I’d be the laughing stock of world because it’d look as though I eloped with someone. Elopement was considered a disgrace to noble families, which was why I had to head back.

The two prime suspects I had in mind were Angelina and Queen Sisi. In any case, I was back to my property’s entrance. The mansion would’ve felt foreign to me had there not been people enthusiastically welcoming me at the door. When I first arrived in this world, being able to live in the house in the North was bliss to me. Now, however, I had my own miniature castle at humanity’s most prosperous city.

I discovered that there were lots of new faces at home when I headed in, albeit not knowing who hired them. The workers were busy tending to the garden and flowers. I didn’t see Leah in the flower garden, so I supposed she was supposed to be studying with the elves indoors at the moment.

The dutiful steward welcomed me inside, but he was a bit too formal for my comfort. There were maids on both sides, lined up and waiting for me in the main hall. The sight of the maids’ slender and beautiful bodies gave the vibe of walking into my harem.

“Welcome back, My Lord.”

Veirya, no longer wore a simple military uniform but an elegant purple dress, waited on the stairs for me. It had been a long time, and I was finally back, yet Veirya looked calm as ever. I excitedly walked up to her and tightly hugged her. With how tight she hugged me, I had no doubt she was Veirya. She then clasped my face and gave me a kiss as if she couldn’t wait any longer. Veirya’s tongue gently wrapped itself around my tongue and rampaged in my mouth…

“This isn’t Veirya! This is Angelina, not Veirya! Veirya would slam her teeth into mine! She doesn’t know how to kiss,” I yelled in my mind.

If Veirya knew how to kiss so well, I’d say we had an even more serious problem. If she learnt to kiss after I left, we would have a very big problem, don’t you think?!

I couldn’t push Angelina away since so many people were watching from behind… I had to silently deal with Angelina first. Let’s be real: I couldn’t outmuscle her to push her off.

Angelina only realised me once she was satisfied. Her smirk indicated that she knew I had realised she wasn’t Veirya but had to kiss with her. She gently took my arm and headed upstairs with me in an intimate fashion similarly to a noble lady. When we reached the corridor on the second floor, the maids sensibly stayed back to allow us to have some time alone. The problem was that the woman with me wasn’t Veirya but Angelina, Veirya’s biological mother!

Please tell me what I’m supposed to think of kissing Veirya’s mother in front of all of the maids!

“Your kissing skills have rusted during your time away. I guess that’s a good thing, though, since it proves you weren’t flirting with other women out there,” explicated Angelina, corner of her tugged up.

“Don’t do that again. Veirya is your daughter. Don’t you think it’s absurd for you to do that in your daughter’s home?!”

“It’s fine. As long as she doesn’t see, it didn’t happen.”

I rolled my eyes: “So, where is Veirya right now? Why haven’t I seen Veirya or Leah?”

“The two of them have gone out,” answered Angelina, with a sigh. “Ever since we came here, Veirya seems to have developed a fondness for attending a variety of events. She seemingly enjoys being showered with praise. I don’t know what she’s thinking, either, for her to suddenly enjoy vanity.”

I chuckled for I couldn’t see any reason for a noble lady to not be vain. Plus, I also wanted to see others praise Veirya. I felt that it would be fun to see her handle people’s praise for her with a cold expression.

“Well, this is perfect timing. Seeing as Veirya isn’t around, how about we do something?” Angelina revealed an amorous smile as she leaned over again.

“Hey, boundaries, Mother-in-law! Watch them! I came back to marry Veirya due to the invites you sent out, not to sin!” I shouted in my head as I recoiled. ”By the way, what was the invitation about?”

“What else but because you didn’t come back? Veirya was losing her patience and decided to search for you with Leah. By the way, Leah is a little odd. She’s… you know, during the day, as well. Veriya was understanding, however. Satisfy Leah tonight, and then we’ll talk about the wedding. The invitations have been, so just sit back and wait.”

The only thing going through my head was, “What the heck…? I finally come back and the first person I need to satisfy is my daughter instead of my wife…?”

“By the way, Ross and his sister will be moving in with us. Oh, Albert’s child, too,” I informed, suddenly remembering the fact.

Angelina smiled helplessly: “What did you do to him this time?”

“Albert committed suicide. It had nothing to do with me! You know me. I never kill.”

“I agree. You don’t kill. You’ve always just crushed people. You know, since you’ll have a family, you should stop doing that. I can’t say that it’s harmful for you, but whatever you sow, your child will reap.”

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