The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 09 Ch. 20

Strange Young Married Woman

The air in the South was damp unlike in the imperial capital; it felt as if water entered my lungs with every breath I took. The island didn’t seem very populated. After getting off board, I came to the small city that was a far cry from Bryne City. Bear in mind that Bryne City was the most desolate place in humanity’s North, yet was still larger than the city on the island. Nonetheless, the city’s appearance was praiseworthy. Perhaps it was thanks to the plethora of densely packed vegetation.

The way the people in the South were dressed confirmed that Albert was from the South. They all wore colourful clothing. I didn’t know if they got the inspiration from rainbows or what. Nonetheless, I could see that business prospered in the South.

The dock we got off at was also the business docks, evident from the big boats docked there and the people jogging around instead of walking. While the city was quiet and beautiful, the dock appeared as if they were trying to put out fires. Boxes and boxes of goods were moved onto ships. The horse carriages lined up to deliver goods were lined up all the way into the city. The goods that came from the South would quickly be snagged once they hit the market in the North. I assumed the island to be the island where business prospered most among the foreign nations that the empire did business with. That would also explain why the businessmen in the South ruled the South.

I didn’t plan to go and see Albert on the same day I arrived. It wasn’t hard for me to find a noble who held a respectable status, after all. I stood in the small city and considered finding lodging before scouting for information on the largest city in the South tomorrow.

When I was wondering where to go, I heard the voice I had just familiarised myself with. “Mister, judging from your attire, you must be here in the South for the first time. If you are not acquainted with anyone nor have any plans, would you be all right with spending a night at my humble dwelling?”

I turned around to the milf I met on the boat just as I predicted: “Are you a residence of the place?”

“Yes.” With a polite smile on her lips, she explained, “Our family is considered a wealthy family. You need not worry about suffering. You are the minister of business, correct? We are also a business family. As the minister of business has come here, as a business family of the empire, we must take care of you.”

My good mood was erased with her last statement… It turned out that she didn’t approach me because I was handsome or something but solely because she knew I was the minister of business… Given that she said that she was an influential family in the South, they were a leader in the business world. In turn, they had to know about Albert and the South’s situation.

“I will accept your kind offer, then. I happen to have some questions for your husband, as well.”

“Oh? You have questions for my husband? You may be disappointed, then, for my husband is still resting back at his homeland. He will not be at home tonight.”

In my mind, I said, “What the hell…? She’s a wife; she said her husband isn’t home tonight… so… I don’t think there could be a more obvious hint, right…?”

Looking at her suddenly gave me the impression that I had become prey again…

She subtly smiled: “Please come with me, then. We will be sure to make you feel at home.”

“Really? Feel at home, you say? I have a wife at home for your information. Can I have another one here in the South? Stop, Lin Dongqing. No thinking about that sort of stuff. One more time and you’ll have let Veirya down,” I inwardly told myself.

Sisi and Leah both forced me against my will, but I definitely had a choice this time.

I followed the gorgeous wife to a house with many flowers. I had to admit that her body was amazingly fire despite being older than me. Her curvaceous glutes underneath her thin white dress shook each time a foot hit the ground. I was pretty much convinced that she was trying to seduce me. I looked aside and chided myself, “Stop, stop, I can’t betray Veirya. I’m going to marry her when I get back. I can’t do this before marriage.”

The manor looked as though it was built in the centre of a garden of captivating red flowers. The large house’s appearance was comparable to a haunted mansion. However, the gardeners in the centre of the lawn and maids entering and leaving removed the scare factor from the house.

The lady turned around to query, “So, then, Minister of Business, this is my property. Please make yourself feel at home. Did you want a drink first, a meal or… hehe.”

Her smile freaked me out… I quickly shook my head: “I’m fine. I just came here to ask some questions.”

“Really? Please come in, then. You are the Minister of Business; I will definitely be honest.” Adding a wink, she continued, “In saying that, you do not need my husband. You may have misunderstood something. The one with the authority in this property and on the boat is me, Madam Melissa. Of course, I cannot call myself Madam Melissa in your presence. As Businesswoman Melissa, I shall obey your commands, having said that.”

I was quite surprised by the revelation. A woman ruled the nation, and the revered hero was a heroine, which meant that women held high ranks within society, but I never expected to see a woman in the business circle.

Madam Melissa turned around and headed inside. I checked out the house in front of me and entered with the maids watching… The maids didn’t appear surprised. Perhaps Madam Melissa was reputed for being pure? Well, I suppose that she excelled as a businesswoman, so there was no reason she couldn’t do what men did. Men could take a woman home if he wanted to, so I suppose women could, as well.

When I entered the house, I caught a faint scent. Madam Melissa went upstairs to change, while a maid led me to the dining room. By the looks of things, I was going to need to be extremely cautious, cautious of being ensnared in someone’s trap, but even more careful of…

My hands instinctively grabbed my body. After what happened with Sisi, I didn’t dare to drink drinks people offered. Nobody was feeding me a sip of alcohol again!

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