Martial King’s Retired Life – Vol. 08 Ch. 99

Evil Spirits’ Internal Affairs. Who is the Shadow Stalking?

Three days since Luo Yan’s fall from grace, Abels still left the room in shambles and his frayed clothing so that he could devote every second to meditating, Siming Sword and Flame Emperor in one hand each. The green and red qis on his grimy face had faded for the most part, while the intervals he drew air in and expelled it between his chapped lips had increased substantially and without pain. His external wounds were fine with a procedural bandage job, and his internal injuries healed considerably each meditation cycle. As long as he was granted another three days to recover, he would undergo a complete recovery and possibly expel the residue yin and yang poisons in his system.

Abels no longer needed to dedicate as much concentration resources to control the yin and yang qis as he previously did in order to control them for he had converted them into his weapons. They amplified his internal energy potency five times his base level, and he predicted he could push that number to eight folds – enviable progress.

Upon opening his eyes two hours later, Abels felt as refreshed and invigorated as a man waking from a satisfying slumber.

Everything is according to plan. We almost have all the materials we need, and I’m peaking. All that’s left is to take care of Canhu Town and… the nuisances around me.

Abels looked to the big copper mirror by his side and spaced out for a second.

Luo Yan’s removal from the equation is also a problem for me.

While Whale God Island’s current was harsh, it wasn’t as rough as out on the ocean, yet Abels couldn’t find even a strand of Luo Yan’s hair, let alone his corpse. Without Luo Yan, half of the smithing operation had to stop their operations; half was because Abels had an alternative idea to replace Luo Yan’s authority. Howbeit, the risk was high enough for him to contemplate whether or not it was a viable call to make.

“… Come in.”

Abels strengthened his guard policy to his secret room ever since Luo Yan’s assassination, forbidding all but one person – his woman. River Monster adorned a sultry black robe, picking a fit that emphasised her curves. Unlike her usual language and personality, she made it a point to imitate the graceful mannerisms promoted in influential households. Had she worn a jade hairpin through her styled hair and befitting a dress, she would easily pass off as the daughter of a wealthy clan.

Breaking the heavy silence that settled over them ever since River Monster lost her arm to Ming Feizhen, Abels questioned, “Why did you come back? Why aren’t you preparing in the fields when it’s right around the corner? … I asked you a question. You know what to do right now… Evil Spirits’ sub-leader River Monster!”

“… A-Lan,” River Monster eventually enunciated with a soft exhale. “You said you could address me by my name when nobody else is around.”

“… There are lots of guards outside, and we’re also talking business right n-”

“Luo Yan turned?”

“… He did. You heard?”

“Yes. I also heard you got hurt? … Since when did outsiders start to know more about you than me?”

“They’re just minor wounds.”

“Minor wounds? He hurt you with the two supreme swords? Your Evil Eminence Scripture’s weaknesses are ice and fire true qis.”

“Do I look like a crippled man to you?”

River Monster felt even more worried to not see any signs of a severe injury on Abels.

“What are you here for?” Abels asked without giving River Monster a chance to speak.

“… Shen Yiren might not be any use prior to the thirteenth. I was thinking… we should send her back to Luo Siming. The man who runs the place we’re hiding at and Luo Siming know each other. Luo Siming has been busy recently, but he cares about her, so he’ll come searching for her soon enough. Seeing as you are controlling Luo Siming, he won’t snoop around if he doesn’t need to find her.”


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