The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 08 Ch. 49

Small Team of Warriors

Demons should’ve been found in the forest, yet the young girl didn’t sense the presence of any demons. Apparently, there weren’t any in the forest where the green canopies were dark enough to give the impression they were the same colour as the velvet black sky. The quiet and stillness created a chilly atmosphere as she ducked behind trees akin to tombstones. The trees were precisely why it was very evident if anybody ever entered the forest.

From the outside, the forest was fine, and the interior was just as peaceful. The girl, however, was certain somebody there, albeit possibly not being a human. Based on her experience, if she could detect a living organism, she should kill them as soon as possible to play it safe.

As soon as the young girl took her first step toward her target, an arrow parted the air and leaves to make its way toward her, the whistling stinging her ear. The arrow landed straight into the ground front of her with a loud twang. The young girl suddenly halted and peered in the direction it came from. With her lips pursed into a wry smile, she hollered, “An elf?”

“I’m surprised humans made it here. Very surprised.” Lucilia nimbly hopped off a tree and studied the girl. Lucilia’s smile contained a hint of mockery because the only human Lucilia considered a warrior was Veirya.

The young girl excitedly ran over, bolting so quick that even Lucilia, who was known for her fast reactions as an elf, couldn’t keep up. The young girl grabbed a shoulder of Lucilia’s, excitement and anticipation gleaming in her eyes: “Are you Senior Lucilia?! You are Madam Lucilia, who infiltrated the Demon King’s castle together with Lord Veirya, correct?!”

The young girl’s voice was so loud that Lucilia’s eardrums trembled. As an elf, she couldn’t handle shouting right in her face. Consequently, she shunted the girl back on instinct. Lucilia did consider the possibility of fighting the girl when they came face to face, but never did she expect that reaction. had met many humans in her adventurers, but she couldn’t remember all the faces.

“Umm, have we met before?”

“You might not remember me. Actually, you would not remember me. I was just a young girl who you saved at the time, after all. I meant, Lord Veirya and you saved me when my intent to suicided ended up in failure after the demons violated me for an entire day. At the time, I was captured by the demons and violated for an entire day. You two also imparted me with the courage to live on. I then joined the chapel to train and have finally arrived to fight alongside you. I am truly so happy!”

“I-I see…” Lucilia rescued too many people in her journeys to remember who the girl was. With that said, it was nice to see the girl had regained life and was in high spirits. Lucilia scanned the girls dress up and had a déjà vu moment: “Are you planning to enter the castle?”

“Yes! I plan to slay the new Demon King to rescue Lord Veirya! Her Majesty said that Lord Veirya is currently trapped there; I must rescue her! Also, I want to slay the Demon King to save the victims of the world as you did. See? I specifically had armour the exact same design as Lord Veirya made!”

Lucilia suddenly realised why she had the déjà vu moment. The leather armour and white cape was the way Veirya dressed back then. The thing was the young girl got her facts wrong. While it was true that Veirya wore armour on the battlefield, she switched it out for leather armour when going into caves for convenience sake. They wore leather armour when engaging in skirmishes with small monsters that didn’t wield very sharp blades, not exclusively at all times.

“Let’s go together, then. I’m heading there, so it’s better if we go together.”

With a stars truck visage, she pointed to herself and quavered, “M-Madam Lucilia, ar-are you inviting me? So like your small team back then… I-I can fight alongside you?!”

“I’m fine if you don’t want to join me…” Truthfully, the young girl was starting to get on Lucilia’s nerves.

“No! Of course I would be willing to join you! Actually, I would be glad to! I am so glad to be able fight alongside warriors of legend! I will join you! I will not be dead weigh!” enthused the young girl, irritating Lucilia’s ears again.

Lucilia decided to give her a rundown on the first rule of being in a small team of warriors. Rule number one: speak as little as Veirya does!


Ciara and Anna marvelled at the corridor they ambled down, with the latter commenting, “I never imagined the Demon King’s castle would be in perfect condition. I thought Queen Sisi would’ve torn it down.”


In truth, Ciara was quite shocked, as well. Nonetheless, she couldn’t let people perceive the Elven Queen to be unworldly. Hence, she pretended as though she understood.

With her hand on her sword handle, Anna noted, “I don’t sense enemies. It seems as if nobody lived here. Are they really here?”

“I’m certain they are. I can hear… the sound of blades gliding against their sheath.” Ciara displayed her superior aural capabilities thanks to her elven ears.

Ciara swiftly drew the short axe at her waste. In such squishy places, a small hand shield and axe was more useful than a sword. Ciara and Anna readied themselves for battle but were still a tad tense for they weren’t certain that they could defeat the Demon King.

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