The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 08 Ch. 48

New Warrior

The castle engulfed in darkness stood out when sunlight hit it. It was as if it was opposing the sun and trying to envelope the entire world in its darkness. The young girl brandishing her sword, however, didn’t feel obliged or afraid. To the contrary, she was excited.

The maiden dusted her simple armour and then shook out her white cape, albeit the white cape being stained with the strange colour of the demons’ blood. She wiped her face and giddily muttered to herself, “Lord Veirya, I am coming! I am now treading the same path as you! I will go to your rescue!!”

The young girl believed Veirya was locked up in a basement or somewhere and subjected to torture. She thought that Veirya’s life might even be hanging by a thread as she awaited help in tears. Believing so, as a soldier Veirya once saved, it was her turn to repay the favour. Furthermore, she was carrying out Her Majesty’s order.

“I must get inside that castle!”


Veirya, who was crying as she awaited help, was… Yeah, no. She had no desire to cry. If anything, it was the new Demon King who wanted to cry. She, in fact, was getting rid of the new Demon King’s child.

“Angelina. Do you think. That’s good enough?”

Angelina, wiping Leah’s body, replied, “I’ve never seen a succubus’ abortion. That said, since Leah said she can control it, I guess we should just trust her.”

Leah sorrowfully looked at the small yellow bit of flesh placed by the side. The child was innocent, but Leah wasn’t! Succubi had a very useful ability, which was the ability to control their pregnancy. In other words, they could give themselves abortions whenever they chose, an ability designed as a life-saving mechanism. Succubi didn’t strive to reproduce but primarily to survive. Hence, abandoning their child to escape when in danger was their in-built setting.

Succubi gave birth to eggs, where the succubus within would then crack the shell to enter the new world. The mother would then make a small scratch on their child’s belly before sneaking the young succubus into human towns and cities. Kind and generous people would take the child in, assuming the child was an abandoned infant. Once the succubus experienced arousal, they’d awaken. They would then either choose to continue hiding their nature or return to their fellow succubi population.

Leah had finally completely awoken to her succubus nature. Put another way, she had full control over her abilities as a succubus and, therefore, was also time for her to let go of her child. Howbeit, she had feelings despite being a succubus. Sure, succubi could have abortions whenever they wanted, but their instincts as a mother existed. In addition, Leah was never taught about succubi as a child.

Veirya pursed her lips, distressed over Leah’s distress. Finally, she conveyed, “Leah, don’t be. Too sad. You will. Have your own child. Later on. So. Don’t worry. About this child. Don’t be too sad.”

“Leah… only wants… Leah’s child with Papa. Leah doesn’t want any other child…” sobbed Leah, as she carefully picked up her child who had yet to take form. “There… was only one… Leah… only had one… Leah… can’t have another one…”

Veirya felt as if Leah’s agony was her own when she saw the sorrow that overcame Leah. Veirya gently hugged Leah, an action that rendered Angelina stunned. It appeared as if Veirya felt she was wrong when she never did anything wrong. The child came into existence in the wrong way. Leah had the child through rape. She was in the wrong, so they couldn’t show her sympathy.

Speaking over Leah’s sobbing, Veirya pleaded, “Can’t we. Let Leah. Have a child? I don’t think. She’ll do. Anything bad.”

“What are you thinking, Veirya? Didn’t he and I explain it to you already? We can’t show leniency. It was a mistake to begin with. Don’t let your pity lead to misjudgement. Lin Dongqing is right. Pity is not a legitimate reason. We can’t do things for people purely out of pity. Leah, you should give up while you’re ahead. Your papa isn’t as easy to fool as your mama.”

They say that succubi are frightening enemies for men; however, Leah was just as much of a threat to Veirya. Hopeless, Leah pouted and then let go of Veirya in a fit of rage, lowering her head to play with the water.

“All right now. Let’s wrap the matter up here. Once Lin Dongqing has recovered somewhat, we’ll had back. The demons can’t continue to exist now, which means that elves and humans will smite them no time. The demons this time round aren’t tough to defeat. Don’t reveal what happened here to anyone. Don’t tell anyone Leah was involved. We need to leave quickly. The sharp ones might’ve linked the rise of the demons to us already, but nobody will know what happened if we don’t reveal it. Don’t say anything; pretend nothing ever happened, understood?”

Veirya responded with a nod. Angelina sighed. Suddenly, Leah jumped to her feet and informed, “Someone has entered. They’re in the castle. I don’t know what they’re here for, but they’re a hostile.”

“Really?” asked Angelina, as she stood up. “Leah, give me another sword. Let’s see what they’re here for. We can’t allow them to expose what happened here. The best ploy is to make them take the fall for what happened here.”

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