The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 08 Ch. 50

Separating Fact from Fiction

“Veirya, what’s the matter?”

“Nothing. It’s just. That someone has entered,” Veirya calmly responded from the door. She turned back to assure, “Continue. Sleeping. There’s nothing. To worry about. There doesn’t seem. To be many of them. There are. Only two. Angelina, alone, is enough.”

I wasn’t worried since it was highly improbable for there to be someone capable of defeating the mother and daughter pair. Having said that, I was curious as to who came. Logically speaking, I’d say human or elven warriors would be the strongest foes who would come to the castle. For instance, Veirya and Lucilia. Veirya was with me. Lucilia was the Elven Queen, and the elves were unlikely to risk themselves, which begged the question: who were they?  Sisi already killed a fair number of adventurers, so who could the next warrior be?

We caused the mess in the first place, after all. A group of people died for nothing as a consequence of Leah’s prank. It’d be humiliating to have humanity’s best soldiers die at the hands of other humans.

Finally, someone knocked on the door. Veirya opened up to see Ross, who quavered, “Lord Lin, c-can I hide in your room? I… I’m scared.”

“Come on in,” I replied.

Ross stole a gander of Veirya to see if she approved then fearfully scanned the room. Seeing him choose to sit down in a corner, I conveyed, “Ross, haven’t I told you many times that there’s no need for you to be so fearful of me? I like you for the courage and loyalty you displayed this time and last time. Ross, you’re my pupil, not my slave. There’s no reason for you to be afraid of me.”

Ross’ ears stood up following his excitement: “Really…? Really…? Lord Lin… Lord Lin… I am glad that I was helpful to you… I… I… respect you greatly, so, so…”

“That’s not respect.” I stroked Leah’s head, while she was sound asleep

Angelina delivered Leah to my room when she sensed danger. I felt sorry for Leah when I saw her trace of tears, but I knew that I couldn’t compromise.

I elaborated, “From now on, don’t be so nervous. You just need to be polite, and that’s good enough. Ross, with your kindness and courage, I’m sure you’ll become an outstanding businessman everyone respects!”

Tears welled up in Ross’ eyes. At the same time, Veirya drew her sword and notified, “They’re coming. And Angelina, is too.”

“Didn’t Angelina stop them?” I couldn’t fathom Angelina losing; she was mightier than Veirya. If Angelina couldn’t stop them, then Veirya’s limits would also be pushed.

“No. Angelina. Is together with them.”

Veirya swung the door open, thereby giving Anna, who was on the other side of the door, a fright. Anna looked inside with a stupefied expression: “Lord Veirya, Sir Lin, you really are all here! Leah, Ross, you two are here, as well! So, so, what exactly happened?! Wh-wh-Where is the Demon King?”

“Sleeping in my arms,” was what I wanted to say. I couldn’t decide if I should tell Anna about it or not. Ciara, who was behind Anna, was relieved to see us: “You might really have some relationship with the Demon King. I heard that Veirya found you here to begin with. We never heard he kept a human with him. You actually survived despite being in his presence. Did you all slay him already?”

“Mm… it might be complicated to explain, but I’ll explain it to you.”

Regardless of what the case was, Anna and Ciara weren’t outsiders and, therefore, could be trusted. Angelina gave them a helpless smile: “I never expected it to be these two. By the way, if you’re here, who’s taking care of the town and Elven Queen?”

“With Ascillia there, it should be fine. The demons didn’t attack us. Moreover, the guards at the town can protect it,” explained Anna. “Sir Lin, are you injured? Are we taking him back now or letting him recuperate first?”

“Is it. Dangerous outside?” Veirya inquired.

“Not particularly. There are no demons in the forest. The demons outside are essentially stragglers. The majority of them are gathered at the city. However, no more are being spawned. Before we came, demons kept crossed the outer perimeter of the town. It seems to be over now, fortunately. You must have defeated the Demon King, right? We did not see his corpse.”

“Leah was already defeated by Veirya at that point…” I said to myself.

Veirya clarified, “It wasn’t. The Demon King. It was actually. Leah’s prank.”

I nodded to validate.

After a couple of blinks, Anna queried, “What prank? Are we talking about the same thing? Should we not be more worried about the Demon King than Leah’s prank? Did you see what exactly happened here?”

“It… was Leah’s work,” I answered, caressing Leah’s head. “To tell the truth, the Demon King was Leah. Having said that, Leah isn’t deliberately trying to destroy the world, exact revenge or whatever. It was just her prank, one that happened to go too far. I hope you keep this a secret. We should resolve family matters within the family, after all. I don’t want others to attack her, either. I don’t blame her. I know I’m being extremely selfish, but I was never associated with magnanimity.

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