The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 08 Ch. 47

Spoiling the Child

“Get an abortion,” I sternly demanded.

I think I could compare to the evil mother-in-law or scum male antagonist in a television series. The only thing I hadn’t done was thrown a cheque in Leah’s face, or I’d actually be the incarnation of them. In saying that, they did it to their ex-girlfriend or current girlfriend. I, on the other hand, would be doing it to my daughter. Moreover, it was most likely that such characters forced themselves on the female character whereas my daughter raped me.

Veirya wouldn’t be able to accept it, would she? Nobody could accept my daughter having my child from any perspective, not even in spite of Leah not being my biological daughter, could they?! I considered her my daughter; how could I have a child with my daughter?!  As if!

Leah reactively covered her belly, trembling and quavering, “No… Papa… Leah… Leah wants it… Leah… really wants the child.”

“No. No. Way,” I exclaimed.

I would never agree to it. Leah raped me to get pregnant in the first place. I couldn’t allow Leah to have my child. What would the child be relative to Veirya? Forget Sisi since I couldn’t dissuade her. Sisi’s goal was to have a child. If I didn’t tell Veirya about my child with Sisi, I’d just consider the child non-existent. What would I say about Leah’s child, though? What does it make Veirya if Leah had my child?


“You want to give birth to the child when you call me papa?!”

Yes, I felt sorry for Leah, but I knew that I had to insist. I was going to marry Veirya and have a child. Moreover, even if Leah was counted, Veirya and my child would be my third child, making Leah’s my fourth. I didn’t want to exacerbate the circumstances than they already needed to be.

Leah sobbed, “But… this is a life… Papa… Leah… Leah has always wanted one… Leah… Leah is envious of Madam Lilia… L-Leah likes Papa so much, so Leah wants to have Papa’s child, too…”

“No! I can’t allow it! There’s no room for discussion, Leah. If you want to keep the child, you must leave me. As to where you go, it doesn’t matter to me. Furthermore, I won’t acknowledge I’m the father’s child. If you want to continue staying with me, you must get an abortion.”

I knew I was imposing my will and hurting her. I never planned to discuss it with Leah. In order to avoid being seduced, I deliberately fixed my eyes on Veirya instead of her. Leah responded with her sobs. Veirya pursed her lips, stealing a beat from my heart.

“Veirya,  what does that mean…? Are you proposing to me on behalf of Leah?!”

Veirya titled her head: “Can Leah. Really not. Keep the child?!”

“Of course not! What’s Leah’s child supposed to call me? Father or grandpa? If I’m the child’s father, what does that make you? If someone asks, do I tell them it’s my child with my daughter?! What in the world are we supposed to make of that?! My reputation and yours would go down the sewers! I can’t possibly accept it!”

Although I knew Veirya lacked common sense… Come on! I doubt there’d be anyone who’d believe Leah was the one who raped me; they’d think I was the debauched spit-out chewing gum.

I had to say Leah wasn’t my daughter, wo what would she be, then? My mistress? So I have my mistress living together with my wife, and I had a child with my mistress. Everyone would think Veirya could be stepped all over.

Angelina folded her arms and stated, “She can’t keep the child. If you keep the child, Veirya wouldn’t even be his wife. Think about it: if Leah has a child, what does that make her? Is she your daughter or your man’s wife? Or is she a mistress who gave birth to your husband’s child in your face? Veirya, you can’t be lenient here; else, you might even end up with a younger brother or sister.”

Apparently, Veirya was surprised with our reactions. However, she could faintly sense that she was wrong about something and, hence, didn’t comment again.

Leah quickly realised that she didn’t have anyone on her side. The only one who hadn’t commented was Ross, who trembled by the side and didn’t dare to speak, not that anybody would’ve regarded his comment with any weight.

“Okay, for Ross’ sake, I shall forbid that! Ross didn’t do anything wrong; he shouldn’t have to bear the burden! Ross is a good kid. Leave the poor boy alone,” I erupted internally. “Leah, it’s still early, so an abortion won’t impact your wellbeing. Having said that, you must have an abortion now. Otherwise, I won’t accept you. While you’re here, get over here. Papa needs to punish you. Papa must punish you for what you did this time!”

The quivering Leah came over. I told Veirya to put her on my lap. Then, I slapped her buttocks.


Leah’s scream, moan, groan, I don’t know what right word is. Nevertheless, it sounded weird. I thought I hurt her. Angelina couldn’t watch on any longer, so she pressed a hand on my shoulder, stopping me from continuing: “Forget it. You’re not punishing her. Leah doesn’t even consider it painful. To the contrary, you’re pleasing her.”

“… All right. I don’t have any energy right now. Veirya, she’s yours.”

“I… can’t bear to,” replied Veirya.

“Let me at her! I can bear to!” Angelina asserted.

“Not you! You’ll injure Leah! Angelina, get back!”

And here is the result, ladies and gentlemen: Despite Leah instigating a second large-scale war, locking Angelina and Veirya in the basement and raping me for three days, she got off scot-free… You know, I reckon we’ll spoil her rotten sooner or later…

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