The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 08 Ch. 09

Cat Siblings

“Mama Veirya, you’re a bully! Leah is supposed to be the first one to hug Papa! How come you can jump off the carriage, but Leah can’t?!”

Leah continued to wilfully whinge loudly despite already being on my back. Angelina, who was behind us, elucidated, “Hahaha, you can’t just go jumping off a horse carriage. You’ll break your legs. Veirya has thick muscles and often leaps straight off carriages, so she’s used to it.”

“But Leah doesn’t accept it! Mama Veirya cheated! We promised to compete once we arrived!” fumed Leah, who was still irate.

Hand in mine, Veirya apologised, “Sorry, Leah. But. I couldn’t stop myself. However, you can’t. Leap off a carriage.”

I didn’t know what contest the two had in mind. By the sounds of it, they must’ve used me for a bet again. Leah irritably fastened her arms around my neck and licked my ear perpetually. I didn’t know if that was just her fetish or if it was her succubus fetish.

“Is there. Someone inside?”

“Oh? So you knew your fiancée was coming home, yet still brought another woman home? I thought us bringing back one was enough, yet you had also prepared another?” poked Angelina, as she chuckled behind me.

Ascillia shuddered.

“No, no, it’s a businessman Achilles introduced to me. He just came to ask for my input.”

“I see.” Concerned, Veirya questioned, “You plan. To leave again? You just got back. And want to go again?”

“No, I didn’t say I was going to the South; I’m just providing an opinion. The businessman from the South realised there was business to do, since a new continent was located. The first business to get into was to purchase the shipyard. The issue was that it would require too much money to purchase it. He came to ask me if he should bet his entire fortune on it. I gave him a suggestion, which was to go for it.”

I honestly shared everything we chatted about without withholding. Veirya was aware that the subject was outside of her topic of expertise, so she totally lost interest. Ross, to the contrary, had his interest piqued. He jogged over and queried, “Lord Lin, is that really wise, I meant suggesting someone bet their entire fortune? Investments might fail, after all.”

“They aren’t building a shipyard but buying one. Even if they fail to buy it, they either get their money back or turn it into shares. If they have shares, they can sit back and earn bonuses from it every year, or they could sell it. Accordingly, they’ll make money either way, so why should they not go all out?”

The couple came out and headed toward the tavern. Well, there was only one tavern to stay at in the town. When they saw us, Albert waved at us, and I reciprocated it with a smile. At that moment, Ross blankly looked at his wife. He squinted and seriously stared at her. He then juddered and quietly muttered, “Sister?”


Surprised, Lilia held her hand to her mouth and shouted, “Ross?! My brother?!”


Ross emotionally ran over and hugged his sister. Lilia laughed joyously and took a small step back to absorb his charge. Her hood came off, revealing her pointy cat ears. In that moment, it suddenly occurred to me that I felt her eyes were familiar because they were the same as Ross’!

Albert watched his wife hug Ross, and then he gave me a helpless smile: “I never thought the world was so small. I always thought that Ross would still be under Achilles’ tutelage after he was discovered and rescued. It seems that Achilles does not like Ross, though, huh.”

Ross excitedly turned around and ran back to me: “Lord Lin, she’s my elder sister! She’s my elder sister, Lilia! That is Lord Albert, my sister’s lover! I was separated from my sister for many years when I was kidnapped. I never thought they already got married and have a child! Lord Lin!”

“Ah, I know them. They’re the ones who came seeking my input together,” I replied. “Ross is now my pupil. I’m very satisfied with him. He should be able to hold his own weight as a businessman soon. All I can say is that Achilles gave me a very useful treasure.”

Lilia cheerfully caressed Ross’s head. Ross was so emotional he was on the verge of tears.

“Sister! I didn’t embarrass Lord Lin! I’ve always tried my best in hopes of being able to be of help to Lord Lin!”

“I believe you, Ross. You’ve always been a good boy!” With tears coursing down her face, Lilia promised, “It was my fault in the past. I failed to protect you but never again. I have a home and lover now. If you like, you can come and join me anytime.”

Ross shook his head: “Sister! I want to stay here. I want to continue following Lord Lin and learning from him. I want to also become a man who can protect his family as Lord Lin does! Lord Lin was amazing. He had nothing, yet he managed to protect his family from the merchants! He really was amazing!”

“Okay now, Ross. If you want, you can chat with your sister tonight. For now, though, we need to head back,” mercilessly griped Leah, from my back.

Ross froze for a brief moment and then released his sister. Lilia wiped her tears and took hold of Albert’s hand again. She waved her hand with a smile. I said to Albert, “Since you are related in that way, I shall invite Madam Lilia to our place on behalf of Ross. As for your business, I would like to hear some details.”

“Thank you, Lord Lin, it would be our pleasure.”

The two looked incredibly delighted, but Veirya kicked my calf, sulking, “We just got back. Yet you’re talking to others.”

“Sorry, sorry, Veirya. It’s all right. We still have plenty of time tonight…”

“No! Papa is Leah’s at night! Mama can’t have Papa at night!”

“How nice would it be to have thirty-six hours in a day…?” I mused.

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