The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 08 Ch. 08


“It should take approximately five days to reach here, which means the businessman from the south should be here tomorrow, correct?” drawled Queen Sisi, sitting slanted in her throne, checking out her shorter finger nails.

Achilles answered, “Yes. The envoy arrived tonight, but I told him that you had turned in, so I did not let him into the rear palace.”

“I see. Good job,” complimented Queen Sisi, reaching for some orange juice. I, indeed, am preparing to turn in. The ladies-in-waiting said that, since we have consummated our relationship, I must ensure that I maintain a positive mood and get plenty of rest. I should see the results within a few weeks.”

Ever since that day that left her ladies-in-waiting seeing her in a new light onwards, Sisi adopted an orderly lifestyle that she took to the extreme. She refused to see many people and meetings in order to rest. She took a stroll in the palace’s garden every day in the afternoon and avoided crowded places. Strict bans on smoking in the imperial palace were enforced. In the event that somebody brought tobacco into the imperial palace, a lenient penalty would be getting hit, while severe punishment would be eternal exile from the imperial capital and nobility status stripped. Furthermore, alcohol was no longer served in the rear palace; instead, only freshly squeezed fruit juice was served.

With several abnormal signs, some had begun to suspect if Queen Sisi was preparing for pregnancy, igniting speculation over who would handle her work during her pregnancy. However, Achilles knew that it would be him. As such, he turned down many people’s friendly gestures. That said, he remained Queen Sisi’s trusted vassal. He was one of the extremely rear individuals who was still permitted to enter Queen Sisi’s rear palace, Sisi’s nest. Exit was permitted but not entry. In fact, even ladies-in-waiting without plenty of experience were temporarily suspended.

“Your Majesty, what plans do you have now that the new continent has been discovered. If you seclude yourself at home now, we will lose many opportunities.”

“That’s nothing recent. What’s new is landing on a new continent. Haven’t you already made arrangements? Ross didn’t go to Dongqing to make him bankrupt but to have Dongqing work for me and make it more convenient for him to go the South, true or false? I just don’t like the cat. If Edward wasn’t part of the picture last time, I think the cat would’ve ruined things.”

True. Lin Dongqing, who lived in the North, didn’t know about the new continent. Achilles didn’t send Ross to him to steal, but to make it more convenient for Lin Dongqing to go to the South.

“I never expected Queen Sisi to discover my secret plan. It seems that I won’t be able to split the colony with Lin Dongqing now. I suppose I’ll just have to buy low and sell high from Her Majesty,” Achilles analysed.

Tacitly acknowledging his plan, Achilles queried, “So mean to let Lin Dongqing go to the North and help you obtain the wealth you want?”

“Yes, he’ll go. In which case, the imperial capital’s affairs will be entrusted to you. That group of stupid businessmen will soon be back, won’t they? Maybe it’s a good thing that they’re less an ear. At the very least, that’ll make them more obedient. The arrogance of the businessmen in the South rub me the wrong way. Let’s end it with an afternoon banquet tomorrow. I need to dedicate my time to my child.”

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

Upon hearing Sisi snap her fingers, two ladies-in-waiting went to support her despite her belly having yet to bulge. Seriously, the act gave Achilles an urge to verbally slam her for it – if only he didn’t lack the courage to do so.

Staying genuflected until Sisi was gone, Achilles grumbled, “I really want to keep Lin Dongqing here, and I’ll go take a look. I… don’t want to see those businessmen, either…”


I wouldn’t normally give suggestions because it’d be giving myself trouble. I wouldn’t get a bonus if my suggestion helped him make money. If he went bankrupt, he’d come and start a ruckus. Hence, I avoided giving advice to those I wasn’t familiar with. Thus, the fact that I recommended something meant that I had my own agenda. Suggestions don’t come free. I couldn’t say for sure if my occupation led to it or what. I didn’t plan to go to the South, yet still made plans. If I proceeded with my plan, I’d likely be to score myself a share. Who knows, though?

I gave him to muse over my suggestion. I wasn’t the one who was supposed to be concerned anyway. Whatever came next was none of my business.

“But, hey, can you please not do your thinking here? You can think somewhere else. I’m waiting for my wife, you know? It’s already afternoon, yet they’re still not back. Do I need to make another trip to the elven lands?” I inwardly complained.

It was a long wait, and his wife was relatively weak, yet she remained eloquent and prim. In saying that, her husband was rather relaxed. He might be from the North, while his wife might be from near the imperial capital, which could explain her regal demeanour. Supposedly, the South didn’t have a hierarchal system that was exercised as strictly as in the imperial capital.

Anna suddenly ran into the house and whispered in my ear. I showed a clean pair of hills out without a word or putting on my coat. The couple didn’t know what to do and got to their feet. It would be weird if the owner ran before the guests left even in the South.

Anna courteously explained, “I am very sorry, but the visit should end here today. His wife and daughter have come back. Their family has not been together in a long time, so Lord Lin will most likely be spending the rest of the day with them. I shall see you two out.”

Yes, I staggered, but I still ran with what limitations I had. I wanted to get there sooner. A horse carriage slowly approached from the direction of the tangerine horizon. Veirya wobbled ever so slightly as she bailed from the moving carriage and then sped over to me. I ran over to her, as well, to meet the sunset and my wife…

“Put me down! Veirya! Put me down! Don’t carry me and spin around! The woman isn’t supposed to do this!”

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