Martial King’s Retired Life – Vol. 08 Ch. 37

Green Prince’s Faction. A Reunion.

“I don’t remember giving you permission to fly off together with her, punk!” raged Green Prince.

“We aren’t accepting customers today. Who are you looking for?” Tang Ye questioned bluntly, adhering to Ming Feizhen’s orders.

“Who am I looking for? Who are you looking to fly with?!”

Luo Siming stopped Green Prince and, in a quiet voice, advised, “Why are you so impulsive, Brother? There are a lot of them, while you are an important individual. You must be cautious.”

“I’m safer than he is.” Green Prince shunted Luo Siming and carried on, “Walk yourself over here, punk!”

“Who are you?” asked Tang Ye.

At a glance, Luo Siming could discern that Tang Ye packed a serious punch, which piqued his curiosity as to who the latter was. He, therefore, recommended, “Brother, are you sure it is him? He doesn’t appear to b-”

“Who am I? Listen to how hubristic he is. He just asked me who I am!” Green Prince stomped as hard as he could: “I am Cui Ping’s husband!”

“Who’s Cui Ping?” inquired Tang Ye, adding oil to Green Prince’s rage with the indifferent reaction.

I’ve confronted dozens of thieves like you, but you’re the first to act the fool with me!

Green Prince rolled up his sleeve and aimed a finger at Tang Ye: “Bring him to me! I’m going to interrogate him! If he resists, bring me his corpse if you must!”

Five swordsmen Ming Feizhen met earlier in the day, all of whom would usually draw attention if it wasn’t for the mass of other warriors in Canhu Town, advanced on Tang Ye.

“Let us help you, Brother Tang,” voiced Tie Hanyi.

One of the swordsman Tie Hanyi surprised with his speed hastily extended his arm, but Tian Hanyi strafed, leading to the swordsman bouncing off Tie Hanyi’s tough body, breaking a couple of bones upon crash landing.

Both Luo Siming and Green Prince recoiled.

Dugu launched one more with a one, two punch combo and then performed light shoulder circles. Long Zaitian bombed another unconscious with his fist, kicking his fallen opponent back to Luo Siming and Green Prince before they recomposed themselves then huffed his fist and gave it a rub. Bai Laimu went wild with his weapon, wooing as he drove back the other swordsman.

Tie Hanyi and company were itching to test out their mettle as they took away a lot from the encounter with Abels, especially Bai Laimu. The only pugilist in the escort who Bai Laimu could beat was Su Xiao, which was why he hardly ever had the chance to fight and was crushingly defeated when he encountered Mountain Monster.

Tang Ye continued playing the erhu whilst evading every swing from the best swordsman among the five. After breezing through the attacks, Tang Ye reversed the stick, imbuing it with Yang Blood True Qi and whipping the lights out of the swordsman, starting with disarming the latter.

Breaking the brief silence, Luo Siming clapped his hands, convinced Tang Ye was the one who stole Green Prince’s woman.

“I should know the invitees as well as the back of my hand, yet I don’t recognise any of them. At the banquet, I remember an unidentified group being involved in jumping those invited to collect information mentioned at the banquet. Who…” mulled Luo Siming. “Brother, I th-”

“So you can fight, huh?!” thundered Green Prince, stunning Luo Siming.

Green Prince moved to his territory when he was eighteen, while Tang Ye was a mere unnamed scout back then, let alone the others. Therefore, none of them recognised one another.

“Well, I guess we’ve defused the situation. Wood Ye is never going to say crap, while we can’t leave His Majesty waiting,” thought Long Zaitian. “Ahem, uh, Chubby.”


“What do you want? Why’d you suddenly start a fight without explaining yourself? You know that’s not the right thing to do? You need me to teach you some manners, kiddo?”

“Don’t run! Stay right there! Brother, it’s your turn!”

Luo Siming wasn’t the kind to blindly charge in, so he inquired, “Brother, what about your faction?”

Green Prince’s mouth twitched: “Well, I didn’t gather enough information, so I wasn’t sure if he was still in town. I, therefore, had to send my men out to find out… What else would I have brought you along for?”

Luo Siming was reluctant to let his men fight for they would reveal their style within a couple of exchanges. He, consequently, had no choice but to personally take to the front lines.

“If you would be so kind, please exchange a few pointers with me.”

“You need not bother yourself, Young Master. It is your subordinate’s job to aid you in times of need.”

A man attired in white leapt over Luo Siming’s head and into the room faster at blinding speed. With his sword giving off a dangerous vibe, he greeted the escort with a smile: “This one is Yi Wangyou.”

For the first time in a while, a tinge of surprise seeped into Tang Ye’s voice as he enunciated, “Kunlun’s… patriarch?”


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