The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 08 Ch. 10

Leah’s Request

“Papa, Leah wants to make a trip back to the castle,” requested Leah, lying on my chest and looking into my eyes.

“Uhm,” I responded in a hazy state.

I was engrossed in sitting in Veirya’s lap with hot water around me. Veirya’s opulent breasts cushioned my neck. Her thighs were amazingly supple and the touch. She wrapped her arms around to my chest, teasing Leah, who sat on me while breathing slowly overhead. If possible, I’d like to die sleeping there. Ross and Anna left dry meat and wine by the side for us.

Leah, on the other hand, seemed on edge. When she saw my attitude, she stepped on my crotch, sobering me up. She clasped my face and, with her cheeks puffed, questioned, “Papa, are you listening to Leah?”

“I am. I am. Leah, you just said you wanted a castle, right? You’ll have to wait for a while. Papa doesn’t know if we have enough land. Papa needs to factor in cost of materials and worker salaries… It’s not a small sum of money. In addition, we have to notify the Queen about it. If she doesn’t approve, there’s nothing we can do.”

I heard Leah mention a castle when I had one foot in my dream world.

“Leah wants a castle? Mm, girls usually do want one so that they can be a Princess. Fairy tales tell of such stories, which is why Leah is bound to have the idea. I could do it; I could build a castle for her here. It’d probably take ten-plus years. It can be her wedding gift,” I thought.

Leah unhappily tapped my face: “No! Leah doesn’t want a castle! Leah wants to visit the castle Leah grew up at! Papa, can you and Mama take Leah into the castle for a look? Leah wants to make a trip home.”

“Mm? Are you talking about the Demon King castle? Veirya, you want to go, too?”

“I have. No opinion. If Leah wants to go. We can visit it.”

I didn’t know Leah’s reason for wanting to go there, but it was where she grew up, after all. Perhaps she had some lingering sentiments for the place. What addled me was why now when she never expressed any desire to visit it in the past.

I couldn’t find any malicious thoughts in Leah’s eyes. Patting her head, I responded, “All right. Since Leah has asked, let’s make some time to visit it. Consider it a vacation. We would have to ask for Queen Sisi’s permission to visit it, however, right? Is it in the North?”

“Papa, Leah has checked it on the map. It is in the North. Haven’t you bought the North? The castle should belong to Papa, then. Can’t we just go there, then?!”

Leah had a point. Ever since it was conquered, Queen Sisi lost interest in it and never concerned herself with it. Similarly, I never spared it a thought.

“There shouldn’t be. Any more demons there. Therefore. No need to worry. If we go there. We can have some fun.”

I had no interest in holidays. My only interest was whether or not I could do something to the place. If Leah, a child, was interested in a castle, other people might also be interested in it. If they were, it might be the only place people could visit and play at. It could become a tourist attraction, I meant, a theme park!

The castle the Demon King resided at, the challenge humanity’s warriors faced, humanity’s Queen personally led the army, and the first ever battle where humanity and other races put everything on the line for. Sounded enticing if you asked me. I also wanted to repair humanity’s campsite at the time. While the military wouldn’t want to return to the place that reminded them of hell, those who weren’t part of the grand battle would definitely consider it a park.

I contemplated, “Let’s do that. I’ll promote the hot spring in the forest as a scenic spot, too. That will give the townsfolk other jobs. That would also attract other businesses up here. The entire North’s economy would begin to prosper. I’ll see if I can also discuss this with the elves. I’ll make some elven one day or three day tour or whatever. That’ll mean money for both of us; that’s good news for both parties. I would need to renovate the North’s roads, then. At the very least, they need to be more than simple dirt roads…”

“Papa, what are you think about now?!” snapped Leah, as she patted my face. “You didn’t listen to anything Mama and I just said to you, did you?! Mama Veirya doesn’t want to give you, so it’s all on you now! What’s your decision, Papa?! Who are you going to choose between Mama Veirya and Leah?!”

“Ah? I’d choose both of you since you’re both my family.”

Of course we had to go together. How can only two members of a family of three go on vacation? We weren’t going to work or something important. Therefore, our family of three had to go together.

“So, I can join you?” Angelina effused. “Perfect. Your bed must also be big right? I think I can squeeze in, then. Of course, it would be even better if it was a little smaller, huh? That way, I get to sleep on top of him. Perfect. Alternatively, Veirya can sleep on top of you. I’m not your main wife, so I’m fine with sleeping next to you.”

“Since he said that. Let’s do that. Leah. We will sleep together. Angelina. You sleep by yourself.”

Veirya stood up from the water, thereby almost throwing me into the water. I poked my head out of the water in a flustered manner. I trembled as I shouted, “Wait… what are you talking about…? Weren’t we talking about the vacation?! Wh-what are you all talking about?! Why did we suddenly start talking about sleeping at night? What exactly are you on about?”

Veirya calmly answered, “Who you will sleep with. At night. Of course.”

“What are you ladies treating me as? You think I’m a succubus?! You think I’m a knockoff ? Why didn’t you discuss something so important with me?! Also, there’s no way I’m sharing a bed with Leah and Veirya. Veirya aside, Leah might get touchy due to her nature. Veirya will also be highly vigilant at night on a subconscious level. Therefore, she’s bound to see Leah’s transformed state. The two of them are going to fight if that happens,” I inwardly erupted.

“In that case, let’s do that, then,” Leah replied.

My eyes blinked as fast as a machine gun.

Ross, who happened to be coming in with firewood, swiftly spun around and threw the firewood away upon seeing Leah emerged.

Anna reprimanded, “Ross, didn’t I tell you to call me during these times? You didn’t do it on purpose, did you?!”

“No! No! I just saw you were asleep, Miss, Anna, so… so…”

Leah titled her head. From what she knew, it didn’t matter if someone saw her body. Veirya apparently viewed Ross as a male.

“Ross, I’ll leave it with you to invite Madam Lilia and Albert over for lunch tomorrow at noon. Since she’s your sister, we should give her a reception. I want to discuss the matter with Mr. Albert while we’re at it, as well,” I instructed.

“Understood,” weakly responded Ross, head down.

Honestly, though, I never saw Lilia’s tail.

“Did she get rid of it herself or did she hide it in her dress? Who knows.  I have no time and energy to be discussing her at the moment, though. I’m in jeopardy right now!” I thought.

“Let’s go, then, Papa.”

“Let’s go.”

Leah pushed my lower back from behind. Veirya pressed her hand on my shoulder at the same time.

I wondered, “Surely I shivered because I just got out of the water, and it’s cold. It’s not because I’m scared, right…?”

Anna came over and draped my bathrobe on me. Giggling, she whispered, “I wish you a happy night, Sir.”

“No, it’s not happy! I have prior experience! I wouldn’t felt it was a form of enjoyment before I had experience, but after that wild night, I know that it feels horrible beyond words! Seriously!” my face read.

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