Martial King’s Retired Life – Vol. 7 Ch. 58

Heaven Knows What I Bore Witness To (Part 4)

The shorter girl looked eighteen. She carried a large and uniquely-designed bow on her back. She could likely have bludgeoned men that grown men couldn’t.

“Xiaoxiao, those techniques were really sound. I saw you slash, like this and this. It looked as if you were chopping vegetables. You had me spinning. Last time we sparred, I said your skills were lacking and wouldn’t survive ten exchanges against me, yet ended up losing to you in a silly way. Your skills have improved by leaps and bounds again. I think I won’t be able to beat you soon.”

“You’re exaggerating.”

The other maiden had the makings of a beauty but shouldn’t have been associated with martial arts. I could seemingly see her supple skin and slender body underneath her warrior robe. She wore a male black robe over the top of her warrior robe.

“I haven’t been training this month. I’ve had a mountain of work, patrol and work at Teacher Leng’s place. I haven’t had proper meals, either. All I’ve done is kept up with meditation Big Brother Ming taught me, allowing me to refresh my mind rather quickly. The breathing method he taught me also delays fatigue.”

It was irritating to wait for the two maidens who kept yapping and yapping. I had to be patient, however, because there were two of them.

Smiling, Ye Luo expressed, “Really? Mingy looks as though he’s tacky, but I guess he does come from a reputable school and knows lots of miscellaneous skills. He might’ve taught you qigong to get stronger.”

“Yeah, he usually doesn’t train, and his skills are crap, but he’s really strong. I saw him carry five jugs of wine on his left hand, another five on his right, a duck in his mouth and hang roast pork from his neck whilst running stupidly fast from the storage room manager. I think he attained his strength from the same type of qigong.”

Ye Luo giggled: “Yep, I bet you two are learning the same thing. Usually, brothers or fathers pass on martial arts if not mentors, but there are cases of husband and wife teaching each other. Plus, it’s only fair.”

Su Xiao’s face glowed red: “Wh-what are you talking about?! Husband and wife?!”

“Wow, Xiaoxiao is going to deny it straight after marrying him?”

Su Xiao had no argument – not to mention his embarrassment fried his brain.

She’s Young Master Ming’s wife?! What a lucky man! Shoot! Drats! Die lucky men!

“Who’s there?!”

Ye Luo suddenly trained her sharp gaze in my direction from two streets away. Both of us were aware our eyes met.


I accidentally leaked my bloodlust while I was cursing. The maiden looked obtuse, but she was sharp. Her enhanced vision was attributed to her archery skills. I knew she had a pair of good eyes since I learnt visual prowess skills.

I immediately tried to move. Alas, an arrow cut my path off. The hail of arrows that punctured the wooden board landed in close proximity, demonstrating the archer’s fantastic eye sight and aim. Arguably, her archery skills surpassed mine despite me growing up in Beijiang.

“Why did you suddenly shoot at him?” questioned Su Xiao, shocked.

“He’s fishy! I sensed intense bloodlust from him a second ago. Nobody would have that much bloodlust if they weren’t a mass murderer.”

Su Xiao fixed his gaze in my direction and touched his chin: “Isn’t that where Ol’ Tie and the others went? They should’ve been back already.”

Damn it! I thought she was the stupid type, but she does have two brain cells to rub together.

Ye Luo smiled: “Teacher Leng has been developing your mind, I see.”

Su Xiao stuck his tongue out: “Teacher Leng is very demanding. He won’t let you sleep until you get to the bottom of cases. Every case took painstaking efforts.”

The two came my way as they conversed. I doubted they were anywhere near as tough as the two I left inside. I was confident that I could take their heads within twenty moves if we were both armed. The problem was one of them was a long-range monster, while the other one was a close-quarters fighter. They could’ve stalled me if they wanted. Even if I could take out the one with the sabre, there was no guarantee I could catch the archer if she fled. If she managed to escape, I would be exposed, and my plans would be doomed. Hence, I bolted after turning around and jumping.

Ye Luo couldn’t catch up to me, but she could shoot me from far away. Su Xiao, on the other hand, chased after me. It took a while for me to realise Ye Luo’s fatigue pulled her hind leg, so she was unable to pursue whilst shooting. Meanwhile, Su Xiao was only ten metres away from me.

I didn’t expect the younger one to be even better than her senior. She didn’t look tired; her eyes gleamed with enthusiasm. The qingong she learnt had to be from an internal style practitioner who used movement as the basis of their internal strength. Running trained their internal energy, so long runs turned into training sessions.

I could’ve shaken them off if I ran full pelt. I still hadn’t learnt Yearning Broadsword Style from Bai Laimu, nevertheless. I leapt into a residential home and began to transform again. I changed my mask and hid under a bed, hands to my head, as soon as I heard Su Xiao at the door.

Su Xiao called out from outside and broke in when he didn’t receive a response. Ye Luo also arrived at the same time.

“He went in here. I checked the place he entered through, but he wasn’t there, so he must’ve entered another room.”

“I’ll back you up from outside. Sound out if you need backup.”

“Got it!”

Su Xiao raided the house and shouted, “Who are you? Why are you setting us up? You colluded with them, didn’t you?”

She had more than two brain cells!

Su Xiao checked the room. Suddenly, she glanced to the bottom of the bed. I was expecting her to lift the bed and check. To the contrary, she put a string of silver taels on the table. Then, she drew her scary blade and swung at the bloody bed!


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