Martial King’s Retired Life – Vol. 7 Ch. 57

Heaven Knows What I Bore Witness To (Part 3)

Laimu’s character wasn’t as weak as his appearance suggested. He refused to answer my questions. Instead, he tried to glare me to death. If he thought that would leave me helpless, he was dead wrong. He just hadn’t seen my torture methods. He was lucky because… I had something else to do.

“Laimu, are you here?” Ol’ Tie hollered from outside.

“Ol’ Tie, stop with the paranoia. There’s not a single soul in sight. Moreover, Laimu took a kid with him. You think a kid could beat him? Come on,” appealed Long Zaitian.

“The entire town is giving bad vibes. I wouldn’t trust an elder or kid any more than I trust an enemy in this situation. It was faint, but I heard the sound of people fighting with metal weapons. It just doesn’t sit right with me.”

“Great, still paranoid.”

The duo came across a tall and striking man who looked terrified. Long Zaitian inquired, “Hey, who are you? What are you doing here? Why do you look so scared?”

He replied, “I-I just saw a kid lead a young man here. The kid suddenly spoke in an adult voice and fought with the young man. They were super-human fast. I want to run, but my legs won’t move.”

Long Zaitian and Tie Hanyi regarded each other with a gander.

Long Zaitian pointed out, “That doesn’t make sense. Laimu doesn’t have enough brains to suspect people. If the kid was adept, he would’ve finished Laimu with a single sneak attack.”

Tie Hanyi mumbled, “Laimu is Valley of Yearning’s direct disciple. He hasn’t mastered their skills, but he should be able to protect himself. He would be able to fight back even if someone tried to catch him off guard.”

Oho? He’s a descendant of the Seven Champion White Princes?

I looked back to Laimu in the house through my peripherals. He had petrified written all of his face, putting a grin on my face.

“This is an emergency. Where are they now?”

“Ins-inside the house behind me. Be careful!” I stuttered.

Long Zaitian and Tie Hanyi were anxious since there weren’t any fighting sounds coming from the house. They raced inside to see Bai Laimu sitting on the ground with his limbs still intact. The two quickly scoured the house with their gazes. Once they confirmed nobody was around, they went to undo Bai Laimu’s seals. To their dismay, Bai Laimu didn’t have his meridians sealed.

Bai Laimu widened his eyes as much as he could and tried to speak in a throat voice. Tie Hanyi comforted him: “Don’t be scared. There are no more enemies around. I’ll take you back now. There must be a way to undo this weird seal on you.”

Long Zaitian, an interrogation specialist, checked Bai Laimu’s seals but didn’t find the latter’s speech meridian sealed. However, Bai Laimu’s jaw was dislocated, so Long Zaitian helped lock it back in place. Bai Laimu frantically mouthed what he couldn’t voice. Tie Hanyi was able to lip read. Unfortunately, his anxiety made it harder. It took a while, but he eventually he figured out Bai Laimu was saying, “Behind you!”

Tie Hanyi turned his head but was caught with eight slashes, each slash accurately delivered at his qi meridians, before he could react. He could no longer mould energy, meaning his hardening skill was rendered useless.

Bai Laimu mouthed: “I’ll teach you my broadsword style’s secret, but you have to let them go!”

Oh, I loved the sight of Bai Laimu’s lips trembling and the fear brimming in his eyes. I heard what the two said to each other. I stealthily began my mental cultivation technique, transforming my body and shrouding myself in white fog.

Bai Laimu’s gaze read: “What are you doing?”

“Your allies will grow suspicious of the whether the child was an adept in disguise if you’re missing for too long. Under other circumstances, it would be a preposterous theory. However, they will suspect the child today. If the child is missing and someone looking totally different appears, what do you think?”

Bai Laimu’s fear continued to amplify. I don’t know what he was so scared. It was just a transformation.

As the fog dissipated, my longer limbs, larger bones and wider chest appeared. My size tore apart my clothes, revealing my muscular build. Once the fog cleared completely, Bai Laimu and my marvellous self were the only ones in the house.

Tie Hanyi was bewildered when I slashed his qi meridians. I managed to cut Long Zaitian’s shoulders twice before he managed to evade my third slash. I intended to amputate Long Zaitian’s arms, but I had burnt through some of my energy after cutting Tie Hanyi, therefore failing to completely bring down his protective true qi.

I had committed murder for years. What I trained most wasn’t my blade-wielding skills but my eyes. I thoroughly analyse all of my opponents’ styles, mentality, strengths and weaknesses. Thinking you’re skilled enough to kill anyone without analysing their strength and weakness is called suicide. Master can kill whoever he wants, but how many people are in his league? Don’t even think about it.

After analysing so many opponents, I unknowingly developed the habit of analysing every opponent. As my internal energy improved, my visual prowess developed until I could see the strengths and weaknesses of my target’s true qi if I tried.

Long Zaitian’s arms were his strongest weapons. Hence, I aimed for his shoulders. The match’s results thereafter would be self-explanatory.

“You people from the Central Plain think you’re better than those of us from Beijiang at one-on-one fights and strategizing. Wake up and learn that there is always someone better than you. You’ve never seen my disguise technique, Blood Fiend Silkworm Art, have you?”

Long Zaitian brayed, “You expect us to know your voodoo tricks?”

“Evil Spirits are masters at deceit and trickery. Is it my fault that you didn’t notice?” I think they figured out who I was. Their expressions were hilarious. I teased, “Can’t argue when you’re inferior, can you? Can you?”

As I did with Bai Laimu, I incapacitated them and locked them in a few chests I found in the abandoned building. I left a hole in Bai Laimu’s so that he could breathe. As for the other two, if they died, they died.

I peered outside the window and saw two pretty girls coming over, albeit being several streets away. I remembered seeing them with Young Master Zhong. They didn’t look as though they were up to something, nonetheless. I didn’t ask for freebies, but could I say no if they were given to me?

“You two are next, hehehe.”


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