The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 05.2 Ch. 07

Queen’s Knickers

The journey back to the imperial palace left me bored out of my mind. During the day, I could spend the day with Queen Sisi in a carriage with her. When night fell, I wasn’t allowed near her tent. Leah and I had to spend chilly nights in a small tent fitted with a bunch of stuff. However, Leah’s body temperature was very high at night, so it wasn’t that dangerous when I slept holding her. Howbeit, Leah’s seductive level was very high at night. I, therefore, was worried that I might do something without realising it. Nonetheless, by entering sage mode beforehand every night, I was able to calm myself.

Queen Sisi didn’t do anything to me again for the rest of the journey. I’d say she was normal. That said, she maintained her bad taste. She loved to take baths. She had people go and fill her bathtub every night once we stopped without exception for her to then have a nice hot bath. She also changed through her clothes very quickly. She was arguable a Queen who spent lavishly. If my memory does me justice, her goal in her journey was to fight a war. My question was why she prepared so many clothes for a war. And, why would someone prepare such a big bathtub for a war…? Is that really a sign of someone planning to fight a war?

Queen also had a bad hobby of tying bow ties around my neck with her socks and stockings. Not to mention that they were ones that she just stripped off that had her scent and warmth. It was a bit humiliating… I was surprised that I looked forward to it somewhat every day. She never asked me for her socks and stockings, while I found myself with four or five more pairs, all of which had her scent. The upside was that it was a great help in preventing me doing anything to Leah at night that would anger man, deities and those alike.

The escort didn’t travel fast. We travelled for nearly one week. The scenery around us gradually changed as we travelled. At the start, we were in the North, where there was no life, but only desolate cold land and no green in sight. We didn’t see anyone around, either. Presumably, we should’ve crossed through the entire North. We only saw two cities, but the atmosphere in the city was essentially a city of the dead for there was no life to speak of. Once we reached the South, the people appeared to be the equivalent of butterflies and bees to flowers. There were flowers –rainbow freckles to adorn the green. There was more laughter. Our living conditions also gradually improved as we approached cities and towns.

Queen Sisi would proudly go to cities and towns to receive cheers from the people. Perhaps she was the equivalent of a god to humans after her triumph. Queen Sisi’s usual pride and arrogance was befitting of a victorious Queen. Her pride and arrogance could perfectly and fully describe humanity’s victory. Every time she gave speeches, people would be particularly excited. Her proud smile was contagious; it allowed everyone to feel the joy of victory. Putting aside her bad hobbies, as a Queen, alone, she was excellent. She also managed to convince everyone to respect her and look forward to her. Those are qualities a monarch should have.

After travelling for some time, during my moments where I was about to nod off, Queen Sisi suddenly remarked, “That is the imperial capital.”

Queen Sisi poked my face using her foot to wake me up. Surprised, I wobbled. When I looked out the window, I discovered we were on a hill. In the distance was a city in the shape of a star with six corners. I didn’t know what stone was used to build the city walls, but they were an old blue. The walls appeared as if they had silently gazed at the sky for centuries and millenniums. Queen Sisi sat opposite me with one leg over the other. Sounding and looking similar to a child bragging about their favourite toy, she explained, “That’s my city, the imperial capital. I will forever be its Queen. Now that the war has ended, I can continue being Queen Sisi of the city for, at least, a dozen years. Alas, it’s also my cage. I’m not particularly happy there.  I actually am happier outside where I have my freedom.”

Queen Sisi didn’t seem to be looking for a response from me, so she carried on, “It’s probably due to boredom. I grew up there. I couldn’t be any more familiar with the city. The entire city is now mine. I won’t like boring lands, but are there any other goals that could pique my interest? World conquest? Or shall I have fun toying with you?”

Queen Sisi teased my chin with her finger. Chuckling, she carried on: “Little Doggy, what do you think I will choose? To be honest, my interest in you is the same as my interest in this world. Once we reach the imperial palace, I’ll arrange a home for you to take care of that succubus. Having said that, you must continue to remain this loyal and smart. Show me how much joy you can bring me.”

Queen Sisi sounded as though she looked forward to what I had to offer. She was certain of her judgement. She was a Queen who loved pursing stimulation and challenges. She didn’t like a mundane and repetitive lifestyle, which explained why she was interested in me, who was only new thing to her was me. But nevertheless, besides being familiar with the smell of her stockings, I didn’t know a thing about her.

“Ah, we’re almost home. I’m feeling slightly poignant now. I miss the time out on the battlefield. Can another Demon King crop up for me to feel a little excited?”

Queen Sisi lied down on a slanted angle. She placed her legs on mine, treating me as a commodity. She noticed me turn my head away. She wore a mischievous smile as she teased my face with her foot: “What’s the matter, Little Doggy? Does this bother you?”

Queen Sisi pinched my face with her toes then went on, “Come on. Come on. Look over here. Come on!”

I had to turn back. Queen Sisi suddenly pulled open her skirt. No matter how I thought about, her black lace knickers were way past the era she was in… Plus, it was too arousing for me… I instinctively groaned as I turned away. Queen Sisi laughed. She sat up and tightly hugged my head in her breasts while rubbing it: “How adorable!! You’re seriously so adorable!! I never thought you were a virgin. That’s such a fun reaction. It’s fine. It’s fine, Little Doggy. Worry not. I shall educate you!”

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