The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 04 Ch. 12

The Real Lucilia

“Lucia! What is the meaning of this…? What are you trying to get at, sending me elves…? You should be aware of my relationship with Veirya, right? How do you expect me to take several female elves back…?”

When I saw the elves, my first reaction was, “bloody troublesome,” because I could tell Lucia thought about how to please me. I was sure the elves were completely naked before. They all wore relatively sexy clothing when they were introduced to me. For example, silk socks and tight clothing that could barely cover their bodies. I didn’t know what she was trying to suggest, but no grown man would be able to resist their allure, would they? Nevertheless, I managed to resist any sexual urges.

I believed it was a scheme, actually, trouble, a massively troublesome matter. Queen Sisi was still fiercely watching me. If I was to shelter the former Elven Queen when Queen Sisi was planning to attack the elves, who knows what Queen Sisi would do. The elves were inarguably gorgeous; however, they were covered in wounds. In fact, they had bruises on their body that looked repulsive. Lucia was right; they were trash in the eyes of the elves.

“Ah, it’s fine, it’s fine. Veirya will understand.” Lucia said as she casually waved her hand. “After all, they’re not considered people. At most, they’re, mm… slaves, I guess. If you don’t like them, I’ll just have them killed. We elves have traditions; we can’t kill a monarch, which is why I can’t kill her.”

Lucia grabbed an elf. She tore off the elf’s clothes and pushed her over to me. She excitedly exclaimed, “See? See? She has the extremely alluring big breasts that you humans love. Also, look, look!”

Although Lucia was small in stature, she toyed with an elf, who was taller and larger than her, similarly to a girl playing with her stuffed teddy bear. She picked up the elf upside down. She ignored the elf when the elf let out a muffled moan as a result of having her head hit the ground. She pulled off the ropes on the elf’s ankle then pulled her legs apart. She shoved her hand into the elf’s most private spot and widened it. Then, she cheerfully said, “It’s her first time, Travor. All of the elves here are virgins. You can do whatever you like. You don’t have maids at home; let them fill the role. If you need a brothel, you can use these elves, too! Imagine it, Travor. You even have the Elven Queen amongst them. You feel accomplished or what?”

“Lucia, why are you in such a rush to sell these elves?”

Lucia stopped to think. She then thoughtlessly threw aside the elf. She took out her bow and arrow to pin the elf’s ankle to the ground. She totally disregarded the muffled groans of the elf, who was in pain and bleeding. With a tinge of sorrow, she replied, “Because this is all I can give you. We elves… how do I say it….? We have nothing to give you… I was very sad after hearing that your foot was crippled. I contemplated what to give you; money isn’t enough to express my feelings, while I can’t represent elves to confer you land. Handmade items are too cheap; plus, I can’t make them, either… You don’t lack prey, either. After much contemplation, this was all that I could think of. You don’t seem to like it too much, though… If you don’t accept them, I’ll be tormented. Had I managed to convince you into staying that night or had I killed those dogs sooner, you wouldn’t be in this state… I almost got Leah killed, too… That’s why… I… please allow me to make up for this mistake… Travor, you can play with these elves as you please. If you think that there aren’t enough, I can bring more for you!”

Seeing Lucia’s emotional response, I helplessly smiled due to feeling hopeless. Lucia said that from the bottom of her heart. She genuinely wanted to make it up to me whether it was my foot or Veirya’s injury. I never blamed her for any of it. She had her head down and quivered as a nervous young girl would. I thought, “Normally, she wouldn’t do such a thing, would she…?

That seemed to be the nature of elves. They were very loyal and passionate to their friends, but cruel and heartless to their enemies. I felt honoured to be friends with an elf.

“All right, then. I’ll accept them.”

Though I knew that it was a big problem and troublesome, it looked unbecoming to dump a carriage of elves in the middle of the road. Further, if I didn’t accept them, they’d probably become punching bags for Lucia to vent. The lives of the elves had nothing to do with me; but nonetheless, the mess has turned it into a situation where Lucia killed them because of me. Thus, it pricked my conscience. As for what use the elves would serve, they might become useful in the future. If the Elven Queen’s loyal vassals turn around and kill Lucia later on, they’d be nice to us if their Queen was restored to the throne. The decision to take them in shouldn’t have been wrong. It was just a few more mouths to feed.

“Hmm… let’s see… I won’t give you the ones who are too weak. They’ll probably die before you can treat them, after all. This one…”

As soon as she heard that I’d accept them, Lucia immediately revealed a pure and happy smile. She hopped over stand among the elves with glee. She then drew her dagger and thrust it into the throat of one of the elves. The elf jolted a few times then stopped moving as her blood spilt.

“She’s too weak; I can’t give her to you… Mm, this one is the Queen’s bodyguard. It took us a lot of effort to capture her.”

Lucia grabbed the elf’s hair and lifted her head. The elf’s black eyes brimmed with fury and insanity. She struggled with all of her might; she couldn’t be any more eager to bite Lucia’s neck off. Lucia picked her up and hurled the bodyguard over to me. Her pretty face slid along the ground. Consequently, the stones on the ground left trails of blood on her face.

“This one was originally a diplomatic elf; she was in charge of communications with you humans. We won’t need her anymore, so she’s yours.”

The next elf Lucia threw over next had eyes filled with fear and terror. She was down at my feet as a dog. I quickly took a step back.

“Mm… this is our former Elven Queen. Sorry, but her eyes have been dug out. If you want, I can give her eyes to you, except, they’re rotten now.”

Lucia made a shocking revelation, yet wore a bright smile. She grabbed the head of the elf right at the bottom and picked her up by her flaxen hair. The elf’s slender and charming body was covered in bruises and blood. Having her head pulled around, she instinctively opened her eyes. Unfortunately as her eyes were missing; all that was visible were two frightening bloody holes. I couldn’t believe Lucia dug out the elf’s eyes with her own hands. Naturally, Lucia didn’t treat or disinfect her wounds. There were still white maggots wriggling at the corner of her eyes. Her lips were ghastly pale. The Queen seemed to utter something. She was very pretty. She was different to petite Lucia. She had accentuated curves and skin as pure as the moon. Her face was so beautiful that it appeared surreal. Alas, she had lost her eyes, leaving her with just two terrifying bloody holes.

“Former Elven Queen, Geruolinna, or Linna for short. Come, my esteemed Queen, Now, swear fealty to your new master.”

Lucia wore a cruel smile on her face. She dragged Linna over to me. Then, she violently threw her head first to the ground. I couldn’t pull my leg back in time. Hence, Lucia stepped on her hand, subsequently slamming her face onto my foot and pinned her there.

Lucia thundered, “Swear it, my Queen. Do you have any dignity to speak of anymore? Swear fealty to your new master. Kneel! Grab his foot and lick it!”

Two soldiers by the side approached to pull up the Queen, who was weak, and forced her into a kneeling posture. Lucia cranked her neck up by yanking her hair then aggressively pressed her face down to my shoe. I swiftly pressed a hand on Lucia’s shoulder: “Enough, Lucia. They belong to me now, so there’s no need to do that.”

“Really? Don’t you think that it lets you experience the feeling of being a master?”

Lucia didn’t quite understand my reaction, but she obediently released her. I didn’t help the elf up; I took a step back instead: “Thank you very much for your gifts and everything that you did for me, Lucia. Thank you very much. Also, be wary of humanity in the coming days; Queen Sisi appears to want to attack you. You elves must be more careful.”

“Uhm, got it. Thank you, Travor. No matter what happens between elves and humans, as long as I’m still alive, you’ll always be my friend!”

Lucia reacted totally differently to her attitude toward her Queen. She lightly hugged me around my neck and gave me a polite kiss on my cheek. Then, she retreated a step and quietly giggled: “Send Leah and Veirya my greetings. Oh, that’s right. One more thing: if elves and humans fight a war against each other, and Veirya chooses to help humanity attack us, her head will be the prey that I want most. I’ll make sure to take her head and hang it in my guest room. Therefore, watch over Veirya, Travor.”

“This war has nothing to do with me or Veirya; we’re not taking part.”

“That’s fantastic, then. Travor, you’re the most astute person I’ve ever met. Your decisions are always the best no matter what the subject is. These three elves are yours. By the way, if you need an actual elven maid, I’ll arrange for one of the girls from a noble family to come over. See you again, Travor. I wish you the best of luck in everything!”

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