The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 04 Ch. 13

Jealous Veirya

Veirya placed down her cup. Confused, she asked, “They are?”

“Whatever the case, can you help me?”

It took me a lot of effort to finally get the three elves inside the house. We only crossed one corridor from the main hall, yet I felt as though my life would soon end. Fortunately, the guard was able to walk using the wall as support. The diplomat and Queen were too weak to walk on their own legs, so I carried them. With the two of them on me, straightening my torso was impossible.

Anna ran over to take the elves off my back and set them on the ground. When she saw the Elven Queen’s empty eye sockets, even Anna, who was used to see dead people, was frightened. Leah happened to be coming downstairs; therefore, Anna swiftly covered the Elven Queen’s eyes with her hand. Curious, Leah scanned the three elves but felt slightly fearful at the same time. She bolted behind Veirya and asked, “Wh-Wh-What are these elves doing here…?”

“Mm… It’s a long story…”

“That’s fine. We. Have lots of time.”

Veirya stood up and walked over to the elves. The three elves had yet to enter the property, so the three pitiful elves had to lie on the floor similarly to corpses. Veirya came up to me. Leah vigilantly watched the elves, because their wounds frightened her. I was silent while I chose my words. I explained, “Simply put, they’re Lucia’s compensation for us. That’s why she gave us a few elves. They will work as our maids.”

“If they’re going to be maids, they wouldn’t be treated this cruelly, would they?” Angelina, who was off to one side, gently touched the Elven Queen’s leg: “This elf’s leg is actually broken already, and it’s been broken for a long time. Having been broken for so long, yet not treated, her leg is mm… she also has a fever. Her wound must be infected. It’s tough to say if she’ll make it. Furthermore, we don’t have the medical skills that elves do. I guess we’ll have to try what we can.”

“I. Recognise her,” stated Veirya, covering Leah’s face with her hand; she ignored Leah’s shriek and touched the Elven Queen’s face. She calmly explained, “This is the Elven Queen. I’ve met her once. Why. Is she in this state? Did demons attack the elves? So, how is Lucilila?”

I nodded: “Mm… she’s actually the former Elven Queen. However, the elves weren’t attacked by demons. The elves were just unhappy with the Elven Queen’s rule, thus got rid of her then sent her to us. This is the diplomat, who was formerly in charge of communications with humanity. This is the Elven Queen’s bodyguard.”

Angelina folded her arms and frowned: “It must’ve been harsh for them to leave the elven lands alive. I know the elves are crueller to war prisoners than demons are. Demons will just kill you, but elves will ruthlessly toy with you. I’d speculate that the elves have such advanced medical knowledge, because they learnt about the human body through fiddling with corpses. In saying that, they do have a relatively good quality. If elves consider you an ally, they’d rather die starving than let you die from starvation. Elves don’t like war prisoners. From their perspective, one who has surrendered has abandoned their dignity. As such, the elves will use every means of torturing them for entertainment. That’s just how elves are; it runs deep in their bones. I guess elves consider dying in battle and triumph to be glory and honour, while torturing prisoners of war and people who surrender with every means possible.”

I commented, “I can see that.”

I looked at the elves and sighed. Indeed, Lucia did everything in her power for me, yet was exceptionally cruel to the elves. Further, she was the type of young girl who pursued justice with a vengeance. Given how she treated the elves, though, it proved cruelty was just tradition to them.

Lucia believed in knights’ sense of justice, but she was an elf. We couldn’t accept that kind of brutality, but it couldn’t be any more normal to her. She wouldn’t hurt a child, but if Leah were to kneel before Lucia and surrender, Lucia wouldn’t hesitate to torture her.

Elves once fended off the demons all alone. If they weren’t a race that was fond of battle, ruthless and similar to how they were portrayed in Manhuas, they’d probably have been annihilated. I never saw Lucia on the battlefield before. She’d speak up for me if I was treated unjustly and would protect Leah, but her idea of justice and her elven nature didn’t contradict each other.

Anna said to me, “What purpose will these elves serve us? Are we really going to have the three of them work as maids? I think one is enough. Are we… supposed to feed three elves, not to mention their statuses? Neither the queen nor elves would think well of it, would they…? To add, I doubt the three will survive. Every single one of them is too weak at the moment; the Queen’s wound is infected. I am not certain she will make it if we provide her with emergency treatment.”

“In any case, let’s do our best. I struggle to accept seeing three people dying in front of me.  We’ll discuss what to do with them after. Right now, I want to save the three of them first. Anna, head to the city and bring a few doctors. If you think they’re unreliable, go to the army to ask for their army doctor. Go through the night. I know you’ve just come home and haven’t had a chance to rest, but their lives are important, so please make haste.”

Anna nodded: “All right.”

Angelina: “What do you plan to do with the three elves? They’re definitely not going to be able to go back to the elven lands after they recover. They’ll have to stay here. If they were ordinary elves, then whatever. However, the Elven Queen is the most troublesome one, isn’t she? Who knows what she plans to do. Plus, if Her Majesty finds out that we took in the Elven Queen, who was exiled, who knows what she’ll do.”

I shook my head: “I don’t know myself. Let’s save them, and then discuss that after. It’s a fact that these three didn’t do anything wrong. They could be maids. Angelina, come and help me clear up a few rooms upstairs. We need to give them some to stay for the meantime. Veirya, see if you can do something.”

“I’ll see.”

Veirya walked up to the three elves. She carefully touched the elf’s body. Angelina also helped out. While the two weren’t doctors, they did learn some medical skills due to their own experiences. The two of them were well-versed with handling external injuries. Angelina took out the medicine the elves gave her for her leg injury last time. She gently cut open a wound on the Elven Queen’s leg. She then poured the powder medication into the wound and tied it up with bandage.

Angelina explained, “This should be affective. The area outside the broken bone is fine. I have to do this to make the medicine effective.”

Veirya took out a shaving blade. She gently put it into the Queen’s eye and dug out the rotten flesh. Then, she earnestly picked out the maggots. She then leaned into the Elven Queen’s eye and licked her wound.

“What are you doing?!!” I quickly stopped Veirya.

I looked at Veirya with a stupefied look, while Veirya looked at me with puzzlement. She answered, “Disinfecting the wound. Saliva. Can disinfect wounds. All animals. Disinfect wounds this way.”

“You can’t do that even if it’s the case!! It’s too dangerous…”

Baffled, Veira queried , “What do you suggest, then? What, should I use. To disinfect the wound?”

“Let me do it.”

I gently helped the Queen up. She meekly leaned on my chest. Apparently, she couldn’t feel any warmth or life. I went to lick her black and bloody wound.


Just as I was about to make contact, Veirya suddenly grabbed me to stop me, puzzling me. She gave me a stern look then quickly shifted her gaze to the Queen. She then looked back at me, and then raised the Queen’s head with her hand. Veirya set her aside. Her face muscle’s twitched: “Seeing you do that. Makes me. A bit unhappy. So. Don’t hold her. So. Forget it. Let’s. Think. Of something else.”


A mischievous smile immediately surfaced on Angelina’s face. She pulled the Queen’s head into her embrace and licked the wound then spat out the contents. I fearfully looked at Veirya. She expressed, “I really. Don’t like it. Although. I don’t know why. I don’t. Allow you. To hug others that way.”

“I want it, then!” Leah jumped over from behind and ran into my arms.

Veirya didn’t say anything, surprising me.

“Did Veirya just get jealous? She doesn’t want me to hug others? What if I hug her, then? If I hugged her…” I wondered.

I reached out to try and hug Veirya. She didn’t refuse. Instead, she looked at me in a strange fashion. I gently hugged her and tried to rest her head on my chest…

That was my last memory. After that, I received a blow to the head; I landed on the ground with a thud and passed out… When I came to, I found myself lying on Veirya’s thigh. I felt a painful sensation on my forehead and mouth. When I saw her unable to resist the urge to smile, I realised that she was Angelina.

“Angelina…” Angelina resisted the urge to laugh. She smiled and said, “I know what you were thinking, but that was a very dangerous manoeuvre. You can’t try to touch Veirya’s head and hold it. In combat, having your head held is risky. Veirya didn’t intend to hurt you; it was just instinct.”


“Veirya, come here.”

Veirya came over. Angelina and Veirya switched places. Veirya provided me with a pillow. She leaned down and a cold but soft thing covered my forehead.

“Saliva. Can disinfect wounds.” I suddenly recalled that line… Lying on a woman’s thigh while she licks your forehead… somebody tell me what fetish that is…

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