The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 03 Ch. 52


By the time I arrived at the inn, the sun had already come up. If Queen Sisi was going to sleep, I probably wouldn’t be able to see her until after noon. Though Veirya didn’t plan to stay in the imperial capital for long, to ensure Queen Sisi wouldn’t have misgivings about Veirya, there were steps that we had to take. Veirya was Her Majesty’s loyal soldier. Naturally, she had to go and see Queen Sisi when she came to the imperial capital.

When I arrived at the elves’ building, lots of elves had yet to arrive. It, presumably, wasn’t time for them to work yet. I left an elf downstairs with a memo and told him to hand it to the elf who I spoke with. Angelina’s legs were also injured. While she was Veirya’s mother, Veirya didn’t show any mercy back there. Angelina’s legs, therefore, needed to be treated.

Honestly, I was surprised my left foot didn’t hurt; it just felt tired. With that said, I couldn’t feel it. I wasn’t sure if it had healed or what. I didn’t think it mattered as long as it didn’t affect my movement.

When I arrived upstairs, I saw Leah sleeping on Veirya’s shoulder. Because Angelina was lying on the bed, Leah had no choice but to sleep on Veirya’s shoulder. Veirya seemed to enjoy it. She sat on the chair and shut her eyes to sleep, apparently. Perhaps she was just enjoying the blissful moment.

The morning sunrays from behind shone into the room, thereby illuminating Veirya. Her messy and short hair gently grazed her neck. One-Slash Girl’s violence and murderous intent was hidden, so she looked particularly gentle. I couldn’t resist a look at her face. I wasn’t sure if she was asleep or not. She had her eyes tightly shut. Her breaths were incredibly gentle, so gentle they were virtually unnoticeable. I had never saw her sleeping appearance, as she never slept in my presence.

The sight of Veirya’s short hair and the scars on her neck wrenched my heart. Veirya was burnt while completely awake, yet I couldn’t do anything for her. In fact, I still hadn’t applied medicine for her once. I used vengeance for Veirya and Leah as an excuse to destroy the chapel, but nothing I did made up for the mistakes I made. I didn’t erase the wound on Veirya’s back, and I had yet to ensure Leah’s safety. All I did was help Queen Sisi eliminate her political enemy and strike up a relationship with her.

Veirya’s wound and the two times that Leah was kidnapped were my fault. It was my fault for not seeing through the chapel’s plan earlier. Had I not left with Lucia that night, the incident could’ve been avoided.

“Why did I have to be greedy and put my daughter and loved one in the abyss of suffering? Why did I pursue money as if I was a madman back there? Everything would’ve been fine if I had just stayed that night. If I stayed, Veirya wouldn’t have been hurt, and Leah wouldn’t have been kidnapped. None of that would’ve happened. Veirya’s hair would still be long, and she wouldn’t have wounds on her back. Leah’s face wouldn’t have been smothered with tears, either,” I scolded myself, biting down on my lip.

I attempted to touch Veirya’s short hair. She didn’t budge or open her eyes. My heartbeat sped up more and more, and I felt more and more nervous as my fingers got closer and closer to her hair. I gently touched her clear skin with my finger. I gently brushed her messy hair and gently ran my finger over her scar. The scar that resulted from the burn would stick with her for her entire life. Queen Sisi could happily wear evening gowns that revealed her back and beauty, but Veirya couldn’t. I promised Veirya I’d help her live the life of a normal girl, but she lost lots of opportunities because of the scar. I guess it was a form of betrayal.

“Sorry, Veirya,” I silently apologised.

I gently ran my hand over Veirya’s scar. Suddenly, someone gently pushed the door open. Anna poked her head in and looked at us. Startled, I jerked my hand back with a red face. However, Anna just laughed in an understanding way then entered with light steps and shut the door. She came up to me and whispered, “Lord Veirya is asleep, huh? It is reasonable, I guess. She travelled through the night to get here as soon as possible and after what happened last night, she must be exhausted. She is only able to sleep with you by her side. Otherwise, she cannot fall asleep and will retaliate if you touch her.”

For some odd reason, I had a blissful feeling.  Veirya trusted me. At the very least, she allowed me to accompany her and could sleep soundly when I was with her.

“Oh, right, Mr. Lin, this letter is for you. I lied to Lord Veirya. The chapel sent this letter, actually.”

Anna handed me the letter, which looked tattered to the point I presumed the letters had been erased. I quietly laughed: “Does the letter say they want to invite you to the chapel? Did they promise you that you’d be able to return to those beautiful days and live a nice life?”

“You knew?”

“Mm, it’s over. The chapel failed. If you handed me this letter two days earlier, I might’ve been able to settle it quicker somewhat,” I replied. I smiled as I placed the letter down on the table: “Perhaps Queen Sisi will be interested in the letter but I’m not. It wasn’t your fault, Anna. Even if you did immediately send it to me after you received it, I estimate it would’ve taken several days to reach me anyhow.”

“What exactly did the chapel want to do? The war has already ended. We can no longer return to the past. I came to comprehend that after what happened to Miss Leah last time. The fight against demons is now the past. Henceforward, we can only accept reality. Sir, I have come to understand that. I now just want to lead an ordinary life.”

Anna gripped the bottom of her skirt and looked at me with a hint of tension. I laughed: “You’re talking about reality, but lots of people are unwilling to believe that reality. The chapel took advantage of that emotion. It’s all over, though. You adventurers may be the era’s tears and tributes for time, but your deeds won’t go unremembered. In the future, there are bound to be people who will dig up your stories and deeds. You’ll never be forgotten.”

Anna gently nodded: “Yes Sir.”

Veirya vigorously opened her eyes. Her gaze startled me. Just as I was about to explain the reason I just touched her neck, she spoke without minding it: “Someone is coming upstairs.”

Someone politely knocked after Veirya’s statement. The person on the other side of the door said, “Travor, we came to check on your friend’s foot injury. Can you open up now?”

“Ah, sure.”

This time, Angelina vigorously opened her eyes. I signalled for them to undo Angelina’s hand restraints then stood up and went to the door to open it. The elf looked at me with a polite smile, “Hello, Travor. I heard your friend’s foot was hurt last night. We will do our best to treat it. Oh, by the way, Madam Lucilia also wanted to ask you how your foot was doing.”

“Uh… Take a look at hers first. As for me, mm… we can talk about it after.”

“By the looks of things, your foot must not have healed yet. I hope you are all right; else, we might have to suicide to repent for failing to cure our esteemed friend.”

“Don’t! Don’t! Don’t!!! You don’t have to go there! You don’t have to!! Also, even if something did happen, it’d be due to me not listening to your advice; it’s not your fault!!”


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