The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 03 Ch. 51

Guard Officer

After I declined Queen Sisi’s offer, she didn’t say comment or flip out on me. Instead, she went silent as if she was asleep. I watched her cover herself on her bed and hesitated for a while before leaving. The day finally ended, and I really hoped it was the end of the entire affair.

Though I didn’t plan to work for Queen Sisi, I did intend to reside at the imperial capital. The place was best suited for Leah to grow up in, since it was where power was gathered. Everyone there could potentially help her in the future. It was also where the most opportunities would be found and the best treatment was provided. Leah could connect with the entire world there unlike the North, where not even a flower could be found.

Queen Sisi provided me with a house; therefore, I planned to live there. I had a bit of money. Veirya was still in the North. The flavouring trade could also continue. Hence, money concerns were covered. I just needed a home in the imperial capital. Although I was absolutely certain Queen Sisi would trouble me again, I intended live there for Leah’s sake. I just didn’t know if Veirya could accept my migration.

It was fine for Leah and me to live in the imperial capital; it was an undeniable fact Queen Sisi had misgivings about Angelina. She did imply she didn’t want Angelina in the imperial capital. She could accept sparing Angelina but not allow her to reside in the imperial capital, which meant Veirya and Angelina had best not be in the imperial capital together. Queen Sisi would feel threatened, otherwise. In other words, Veirya and Angelina could be together but not together in the imperial capital. Only Leah and I could reside in the imperial capital.

We’d be split up and only get to see each other when we were free. It’d take us approximately three to four days to meet up. We didn’t have plans in the imperial capital. Since we wouldn’t see each other for a long period of time, I reckoned Veirya and my feelings would disappear. Veirya might fall for another man in the future. She might teeth bash with another man. Another man might embrace her, teeth bash with her…

I abruptly cut myself off; “No! No! No!!!! I can’t accept that! Just thinking about it makes me want to kill the non-existent man! I will not allow that to happen!! Never! But… but… but if we return to the North, what will become of Leah? Will she return to the North and continue living the same life?

I admit it. I like Veirya; however, would I be too selfish if I deprived Leah of all the opportunities in front of her just for my own feelings? They say parents should make sacrifice for their children, but… but if I prioritised Leah, then I’d lose Veirya. I genuinely didn’t want to lose Veirya…

What would Leah say? Would Leah be willing to part with Veirya? She has saved Leah twice now. Twice. Leah should’ve developed feelings for Veirya. I’ve been focused on setting things up to allow Leah to live here but haven’t considered her feelings. Would Leah truly be all right with that? Does Leah truly want to live here?”

I needed to ask Leah and Veirya. I can’t decide this on my own; I need to ask them for their opinion. If everyone chooses the North, I’ll be happy to return to the North. If they decide to separate or reside in the imperial capital, we’ll move to the imperial capital. My life from here on out rides on the decision made this time. As for whether I develop in the North or run a business here will depend on Leah and Veirya’s decisions.”

As I left the imperial palace, I happened to see a group of soldiers returning to the imperial palace after carrying out their missions. I wasn’t sure if they were back to report in or what. They still had bloodstains on them. An intense night had just ended, yet they looked relaxed and cheerful. I noticed they wore purple or red capes, thereby suggesting they were the Queen’s best soldiers. One of the leading officers chuckled upon seeing me. He came up to me: “Hello, Mister.”

“Ah, hello.” I was quite perplexed as to why the officer would take the initiative to greet me. I was just an ordinary looking man.

His purple cape slightly fluttered behind him. He chuckled: “Hello. I am the officer of guards guarding the imperial capital and am in charge of safety in the imperial capital. You appear to be Her Majesty’s favoured vassal. I feel there is a need for me to get to know you. My name is Zero, Zero Warren. My relationship with the kid is not the best despite both of us being soldiers… I hope he did not speak ill of me to you.”

“He has never mentioned you to me.”

“I am a guard, while he is a field officer, after all. I think I will see you often from now. If you are all right with it, would you like to come over to my place for dinner with me? I will send you an invitation.”

The officer didn’t look young; he must’ve been older than me by a bit. Nonetheless, his eyes exuded the aura of a young man. I could tell he was ambitious. For him to be in such a rush to invite me over upon our first meeting, I could only conclude he wanted to get friendly with me. He already considered me Her Majesty’s favoured vassal. He, therefore, wanted to win more power as well as curry favour with Queen Sisi. I didn’t have a political promotion agenda. I didn’t intend to work with Queen Sisi down the road, so there was no need for me to accept his “kind” gesture. I shook my head: “Sorry. Thank you for your kind offer, but I will probably have to return to the North tomorrow, so cannot make it to your dinner. Nevertheless, thank you very much for the invite.”

“I see. I see. Before you go, though, if you need anything, just let me know, and I will be sure to bring it to you.”

“Thank you. If I need anything, I will have to trouble you.”

The two of us said meaningless drivel that was intended for socialisation, and then went our own ways. I returned to the inn, ignoring the eyes still on me.

The officer entered the imperial palace. He faced the tightly shut door and respectfully reported, “Your Majesty, we have returned with our mission accomplished. We have done everything you wanted. Do you have any other orders?”

In a lazy voice, Queen Sisi responded, “Mm, well done. I’m very pleased.”

Queen Sisi didn’t tell him to open the door. Very few men had the privilege of entering her bedroom. Lin Dongqing, however, had Queen Sisi’s scent on him, which meant he had entered her room and was there for a long time. As a matter of fact, she might’ve recognised him as a prince.

“I shall take my leave, then.”

“I still have something for you to do. Your next job is to keep surveillance on the man you just met. Watch Little Doggy carefully. Watch him no matter if he works for me or not. If he sees strangers or meets in private with anyone, report to me.”


“Correct. Little Doggy is ambitious,” stated Queen Sisi. It sounded as if she rolled over on her bed. Intrigued, she explained, “Had Little Doggy killed Angelina in a fit of anger, I would feel reassured. However, he was able to control his anger and win over peoples’ hearts. Such capable people are always ambitious. Little Doggy is ambitious. At the moment, Veirya and Angelina are with him. An ambitious man with two of the strongest warriors on the continent by his side is too dangerous, which is why I’m sending you to keep tabs on him.”

“Do I need to…”

“You can’t kill him. It’s impossible to kill someone with Veirya and Angelina around him. Furthermore, once you fail, who knows if Little Doggy will turn around and bite me? Just watch over him. Little Doggy is smart. After witnessing the chapel’s fate, he should be cognizant of what he should and shouldn’t do. As long as Little Doggy is by my side, I’ll have many things to do. A dog that can make his master happy is the most outstanding dog.”

“Yes, Your Majesty.”


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