Martial King’s Retired Life – Vol. 6 Ch. 47

Husband and Wife to Battle – Dragon Sighted

Su Xiao held Kong Duan at blade point, rendering the situation complex. They subdued Kong Duan’s men around Secretary Lie and Lu; however, Kong Duan’s men were still present, including Long Cheng. As such, optimistic wouldn’t be the correct adjective.

“So it was you! I was so scared I didn’t leave my bed for days!” cheerfully exclaimed Lord Zi. He stared down Kong Duan and aggressed, “All thanks to you, my appetite and sleep suffered! I’m going to have father behead you!”

Lord Zi hid at the rear of the hall the entire time and jumped out to reinforce Su Xiao and company once Su Xiao seized Kong Duan. What he lacked in the technical department, he made up for with brute force. He subdued two of Kong Duan’s men on his own.

Kong Duan narrowed his eyes: “I didn’t know you were here, too, Lord Zi.”

“Surprised you, did I? I knew someone in the imperial court was suspicious, but I wasn’t sure exactly who. Turns out it was you.”

“I always thought you would come back to haunt me after you escaped from Huangshang Restaurant. I suppose I’m not ruthless enough.”

“N-Not ruthless enough?! I’ll have Father execute you!”

Kong Duan snickered: “Would His Majesty give you time of the day?”

Lord Zi looked upset.

“Shut it!” exclaimed Su Xiao, pressing his blade up against Kong Duan’s skin. “Behave yourself!”

“Liu Shan Men, huh? What are you lot doing here?” asked Kong Duan, showing the aura of a high-ranking minister. Head still up, he said, “What’s Yang Lianhua doing? Call him here.”

Su Xiao smirked: “Hmph, the freak? We already captured him for an interrogation. If lady luck is on your side, I’ll lock you both in the same cell. You’ll have the chance to ask him in there yourself.”

The trio who disguised themselves as Yang Lianhua’s adepts were none other than Bai Lian, Tang Ye and Su Xiao. Kong Duan didn’t need the three adepts for support but to frame Beijiang for assassinating Secretary Lie and Lu. Subsequently, he never cared who they were or how skilled they were. He could frame Beijiang even if they weren’t Beijiang people. He took a couple of the Beijiang cavalry that ambushed Ming Feizhen and Bai Lian in case he needed to use them. Of course, that was the fall back plan. Liu Shan Men’s appearance wasn’t part of his predictions.

Kong Duan didn’t just obediently surrender. Since Yang Lianhua was captured, he proclaimed, “If you are Liu Shan Men’s constables, why are you seizing this old one? Do you not know this old one is the head of the Ministry of Rights? Your captain isn’t doing his job.”

“Oh, now you’re conveniently the head of the Ministry of Rights?” remarked Secretary Lu, as Bai Lian helped her up. Sounding fatigued, she continued, “You hired corrupt warriors from the pugilistic world and attempted to assassinate ministers of the imperial court. You think your rank will save you?”

Su Xiao added, “You ran an underground fighting syndicate illegally and kidnapped villagers from Wuhua County’s neighbouring villagers. Feiyun Hall’s people used fives stones powder with your permission. Anything else you want to add?”

Bai Lian, impartial, flicked her sleeve: “Kong Duan, His Majesty ordered me to look into the imperial palace’s thefts and retrieve the stolen items. We have witnesses testifying against you.”

Tang Ye didn’t have anything to say, since he was assigned to Lu Xiazou’s case and Lu Xiazou’s killer had been apprehended.

Kong Duan’s eyes turned red as he conjured all the possible scenarios that would follow the failure of his years of planning and capture. The scenarios frightened him. The young group’s appearance suddenly lit up a light bulb for him. He raised his voice: “Why are you not showing yourself when you are already here, Your Majesty?”

Su Xiao pulled his eyebrows together: “What the hell? His Majesty isn’t here!”

Kong Duan ignored Su Xiao: “Your Majesty! Do you not have the courage to face your subject after setting this trap?”

Kong Duan was convinced Liu Shan Men’s involvement in the case was too coincidental to be true. He was certain the Emperor had a hand in his predicament.

Secretary Lu pondered, “Is His Majesty really here?”

“Your Majesty! Please grant your subject an audience!” shouted Kong Duan, sending Long Cheng an eye signal.

Long Cheng resembled a black arrow whooshing over to seize Lord Zi. The skill discrepancy between the two was self-explanatory; Lord Zi’s closest ally was Su Xiao. Concerned, Su Xiao had no choice but to release Kong Duan.

Secretary Lu exclaimed, “Don’t! It’s a trick!”

Long Cheng abruptly reversed his trajectory, switching places with Su Xiao. Kong Duan’s subordinate hiding outside the hall leapt in to protect him right as Kong Duan regained freedom. His subordinate didn’t enter before, as Kong Duan was detained.

“You’re still too inexperienced to beat me,” taunted Kong Duan. Staying cautious, he pointed at Su Xiao and Lord Zi: “Capture those two as hostages.”

Long Cheng immediately zipped over to the targets.

“Don’t you dare!” brayed Bai Lian, unfortunately too far to help out.

Someone in black charged toward Long Cheng’s rear from the northeast direction. Long Cheng spun around to intercept when he heard the howling wind. His opponent was able to take the blow and grabbed Lord Zi immediately after.

During the exchange, everyone else finally caught a glimpse of Long Cheng’s two bizarre-shaped short daggers. The daggers were curved as a wave and similarly to a slithering snake at the same time. That explained how he spilt blood whenever he attacked the two secretaries’ guards.

The individual in black was able to handle dozens of exchanges with Long Cheng using his bare hands. His final move was an internal-energy-enhanced punch that drove Long Cheng back.

Secretary Lu was surprised. Bai Lian asked, “Is he your subordinate, as well?”

Bai Lian and Tang Ye couldn’t identify the individual in black. Secretary Lie struggled to sit up then laughed: “Among the three fists and five palms, that fists-dominant style reigns supreme. Are you all ignorant or something? How can you not tell who he is?”

“Father!” exclaimed Lord Zi, delighted.

He donned a black robe and wore a mask; however, his square-shaped face, large ears and gaze was unmistakably the gaze of the man who wielded more power than anyone in the nation.


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