Son-con – Vol. 14 Ch. 55

Stupefied, I turned my head to see Mommy Vyvyan’s ecstatic face. Her beautiful face was distorted due to her joy. It looked so hideous that she resembled a demon from hell. Terrified, I backed off, but she grabbed me and pulled me right into her arms. She gave me firm strokes on my back and buried my head in the warm valley. However, the blood on Mom was so sickening that I couldn’t breathe.

“Mommy is right here by your side. Mommy is by your side. It’s all right. It’s all right. It’s all right.” Vyvyan hugged me tightly and emotionally sobbed from overhead.

I heard a cry from the water. At the same time, I heard the sound of metal cutting flesh ring in the air. I vigorously spun my head around and belted in the direction of the sound, “Stop!”

A long sabre pinned the dragon’s enormous tail to the shore. Blood spurted from her tail as if it was a geyser of blood. Ying stood to one side with her black sabre stabbed into the tail as though it was the nail in the coffin, pinning her down in front of her cave just as if she was lying in her coffin.

I shouted toward Ying from Mommy Vyvyan’s embrace, “Ying!! Stop!! Stop! Don’t hurt her!!”

Ying froze. She then turned to look at me. She was stained with blood, but her face was particularly clean. She looked at me and calmly saluted me as if we were in the palace: “Hello, Your Majesty. It is truly an honour to see you again after not seeing you in so long.”

“Kill her!!” Vyvyan shouted toward Ying from overhead.

Ying ignored Vyvyan. As a matter of fact, she didn’t even look in her direction. She ignored Vyvyan’s command and pulled her blade out. She then stood motionless to the side. Surprised, Vyvyan thundered, “Ying! Did you not hear me?! Did you not hear me?! I said kill her! Understand?! Kill her?! Did you not hear me?!”

“I apologise, Queen Vyvyan. I am not your bodyguard but His Majesty’s. I do not need to take orders from you. I only need to take orders from His Majesty. He has asked me to stop, so naturally, shall not continue. I am glad you are all right, Your Majesty.” Ying politely and yet resolutely refused Vyvyan.

Vyvyan was the ruler of elves and a powerful mage. Normally, nobody would defy her orders. If the person in question wasn’t Ying, Vvyyan could easily kill them, and then carry out the order herself. As for Ying, however, she wasn’t confident that she could kill her. She knew Ying was capable of killing her.

Vyvyan clenched her teeth. She then looked at me. It was clear she was in a dilemma. She clasped my face and asked, “Son, Son, I’m glad you’re okay. I’m glad the dragon didn’t hurt you. Also, I see that your mana has recuperated. Did you find a way?”

I gripped Mommy Vyvyan’s arms with a vice-like grip. I trembled as I looked at her. In my hoarse voice, I incoherently uttered, “Don’t kill the dragon… Don’t kill her… Don’t kill her… She saved my life… She saved my life…”

My entire body was trembling. I was truly scared. I was truly scared the dragon would die. While I had only just met her, she was my final hope to survive. Further, she hadn’t shown me any animosity. I wasn’t related to her by blood, but she was been very gentle with me. She genuinely did what a mother would just as my clueless Mommy Elizabeth did back then.

I didn’t want to kill her. I once killed the last dark elf. I didn’t want to see the last dragon die in front of me, not to mention the fact that she loves me. I didn’t consider her a bad individual. In fact, I didn’t consider her an innocent person, either. Instead, I considered her someone who loves me just as my two moms did.

Vyvyan looked at me with a startled look. I’d hazard a guess that she was suspecting the dragon made me silly to make such a request. But nonetheless, she then seemingly realised something, so she seriously asked, “This dragon provided you with mana? Is that how this dragon helped you?”

I solemnly nodded: “Yes.”

While quivering, I pleaded, “So please… I beg you… Mom… Mom, please… don’t hurt her… please… Please don’t hurt her… Don’t kill her.”

“It’s all right. It’s all right. You’re right, Son, we shouldn’t kill her.” Vyvyan solemnly nodded then looked toward the dragon. Though she didn’t intend to kill the dragon then and there, the vicious aura in her eyes had yet to dissipate: “I should bring her back and raise her. That way, you can extract her saliva and blood daily to sustain your life. You don’t have to worry about that, Son. It’s not a human being. It’s just a mere wild beast, and she killed your father.”

The dragon howled. She was still incapacitated, since she was covered in wounds. But nevertheless, she spat out mouthfuls of blood as she shouted. Vyvyan aggressively waved, causing the water in the lake to rise up and continually splash on the dragon’s face. True, the dragon was a very strong creature, but it still needed to breathe in spite of that. Wave after wave of water mixed with her own blood splashed on her. Not even a dragon could withstand that.

“Stop!!” I shouted.

I gave Vyvyan a hard tug. She let out a high-pitched scream and crashed onto my chest. She looked at me in a daze. Her expression showed that she was both startled and baffled. I guess it was the first time I outright opposed her. I argued with her before, but I never got physical with her. I wouldn’t hurt her with a tug, but it was the strongest form of resistance I’d ever shown her.

Vyvyan gripped my shoulders and exclaimed, “What are you doing?! Son! Don’t tell me you have developed feelings for this dragon! Son, your kindness shouldn’t be wasted on the dragon. Have you forgotten she killed your father?”

Vyvyan was very shocked and perplexed. Having said that, I was sure she wouldn’t hurt me. I took in a deep breath and sincerely explained, “Mom. Mom, sorry. Sorry, but please listen to me. I’m begging you. It’s not how you think it was. It’s not. This dragon has no animosity toward us. She truly helped me and saved me. She didn’t cause my father’s death. She loved my father…”

I suddenly stopped. However, what surprised me was that Vyvyan was nonchalant. Instead, she kept staring at me as though she wanted to know what I wanted to say. She argued, “Son, this dragon isn’t our friend, regardless. Moreover, she’s your father’s mistress, so I all the more why I should kill her!”

“My father is already dead!”

“I still can’t forgive her! Son, you think I don’t know? This dragon wants you to stay and be her child! You won’t agree to it and neither will I. Don’t pity her, Son. You’re being imprisoned here. You don’t need to be scared anymore, because your Mommy is here. You don’t need to be afraid!”

“Mom, I’m not being imprisoned. This dragon… I do indeed… also consider… I think… mm…”

“Don’t tell me you consider her your Mom!!”

Vyvyan’s gaze instantly turned ferocious. It was the first time that she looked at me with such an enraged and vengeful gaze. I felt my heart freeze. Mommy Vyvyan then choked me with her hand that was on my shoulder. I futilely tried to breathe, but all I could hear was her yelling.

“I’m your Mom! I’m your Mom! Look carefully! Look carefully!!! I’m your Mom! I’m your Mom!! I gave birth to you! I raised you!! You were always by my side since you were a kid!! I was always the one who protected you and took care of you at all times!! I’m your Mom! I’m your Mom! Have you forgotten that? Do you not care?! I could give up the entire world for you, yet you’re calling somebody else ‘Mom’ just because of what happened for a few days?! I did so much for you! I gave my entire life to you just to hear you call me ‘Mom!’ Is this how you’re going to treat me?!! Is this how you’re going to treat me?!! If even you refuse to acknowledge me, I’d rather kill you! I would rather kill you, and then destroy this world! If not even you need me, then this world doesn’t need to exist!!”

I felt myself suffocating. I couldn’t get Mommy Vyvyan’s hand off. I saw tears well up in her eyes. Mommy Vyvyan’s face was covered in tears of despair. I futilely opened my mouth, as not a word came out. I felt I was wrong. I was seriously going to die. Vyvyan had no intention of letting go.

I pondered, “Am I really going to be strangled to death by my Mom? Mom’s heart must’ve completely died when I said that. I wouldn’t put it past her to kill me, and then destroy this world right now…”


The wounded dragon, who was covered in blood and barely breathing, suddenly stood up from the water. She mustered up every ounce of strength she had left and raised her humungous claw. She roared as she swung toward Vyvyan. Vyvyan didn’t notice the claw swinging toward her, but I saw it. However, I couldn’t stop her! I didn’t want either of my moms to get hurt, but I was powerless to do anything about it! I had already reached my limit. All of my cells were begging my lungs for one last ounce of oxygen.

My hands powerlessly went limp. My last ounce of energy vanished along with the claw approaching… I couldn’t believe my own biological mom strangled me to death… What a… sad ending…


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