Son-con – Vol. 14 Ch. 54

Vyvyan looked at the yellow sand surrounding them. She aggressively extended her arms and stopped the strong winds around. The sand, therefore, stopped flying about and returned to the ground. Standing in the sandstorm, Ying nodded: “A magic barrier, I see. It is my first time seeing an area totally covered in sand.”

“A weak mana barrier can only disrupt our hearing and senses. Back up a bit, Ying. I’ll destroy these mana barriers.”

The wind, sand and dust were operated using mana. As such, whether or not inanimate things such as the sand and dust could move, depended on the strength of mana. Elves and dragons were different. Elves, themselves, didn’t possess much mana, but they could communicate with the mana in the atmosphere. Hence, they could pass on orders. Dragons, on the other hand, possessed an exorbitantly high volume of mana, but they were poor at commanding exterior elements.

Ying, who was very sensitive to mana, immediately felt as though all of the elements in the environment were enveloped in Vyvyan’s mana; more accurately, they gathered around under her command. Vyvyan was the ruler of the elves and the ruler of the magic in the land. All elements and mana obeyed the power of the demi-god. In an instant, the wild winds and scattered sand enveloping the desert fell to the ground. The bright moon finally pierced through the sand burial, lighting up the entire desert with its silver light.


Vyvyan softly murmured her brother’s name. Mana was hereditary, so traces of mana could feel familiar. Vyvyan immediately felt the mana around was from her brother, more accurately, her late brother, Inard.

Inard might’ve been Vyvyan’s elder brother, but the difference in their mana superiority was significant. She dismantled the barrier that Inard went through so much trouble to erect. Vyvyan looked at the grains of sand on the ground and snickered. She stepped on it in an angry fashion. She seemed to be speaking to herself, yet seemed to be speaking to somebody when she swore an oath: “You idiotic womaniser. You never wholeheartedly looked at me once! I did so much for you, but you never spared me a sincere look. You looked at Elizabeth and many, many other women, yet you never loved me, and now you’re trying to stop me from rescuing my son, as well! I will never let you stop me! Ever! Inard! I’ll be sure to slay the dragon this time, I swear it!”

“Vyvyan, there is something overhead.”

Ying drew her long sabre at her waist. The blade could only reflect the ice-cold moonlight. Xia was quietly lying inside the lighthouse, but her true body was in her sister’s hand. Vyvyan raised her head. A scorching flame flew toward them. A massive light appeared between the two of them, turning the flame into dispersing fireworks. At the same time, an enormous shadow came down from the sky similarly to a falling meteor.

Ying swiftly positioned herself in front of Vyvyan to guard the both of them. She swung her blade and collided with the approaching shadow. The sound of her blade clashing with the black scales was intense enough to make one hiss. The big attack sent both of them staggering. If it wasn’t for Vyvyan’s mana barrier and the demonic sabre’s mana, the two of them would’ve been crushed.

The enormous figure flew up, and then landed to the side. She vigilantly watched the two, and then roared. The dragon sluggishly looked at her wound on her claw. She was bleeding, and her blood dripped onto the sand. Dragon scales were the toughest object in this world. They consisted of mana and countless days of sharpening with metal, hence their immense toughness. Not even magic could destroy them, let alone blades. Humanity’s cannons would just explode on them, and all you would see would be smoke left over, as the cannonballs would just bounce off. Therefore, she had never suffered any wounds here before.

The two were different as the dragon thought. The two were the most powerful foes she had ever faced. It was the first time she knew what fear meant. She feared the woman in green. She had never sensed such overwhelming mana and fury. She was easily the most frightening evil demon in the world. The reason dragons were fierce creatures that made people cower with their powerful mana. However, the elf before her was even stronger than her.

Her dragon scales she was proud of were easily cut off. She had no chance of defeating the two. None at all.  She could most definitely escape if she fled; the two couldn’t possibly catch her if she flew. They could defeat her, but they couldn’t fly faster than her. Then, she could coop up in a cave. The two of them would soon leave, as they wouldn’t be able to survive in the desert. Alas, she couldn’t do that, because her son was sleeping inside the cave. She couldn’t allow her child to be endangered in her own territory. She had to kill the two. She had to challenge them despite knowing that she couldn’t defeat them. Otherwise, how was she going to protect her child?

“See that, Ying? It’s just a wild beast. Besides spitting fire and being oversized, it’s nothing.”

Dragons were considered an old and esteemed friend and foe for the elves. Besides feeling fearful of dragons, elves also respected them. At that moment, though, Vyvyan was only enraged and had an urge to kill the dragon before her, emotions which could be seen in her eyes. She coldly added, “Ying, there’s nothing scary about this dragon. It can’t withstand your blade attacks and can’t get through our defences. Hurry and finish it, and then take my son home!”

“This woman is trying to steal my son!! This woman wants to steal my son, who I found after going through so much!!’ How dare this woman rob my family and warmth I worked so hard to establish?! He’s my son! He’s the treasure the man I loved left behind. He called me ‘Mom.’ He has acknowledged that I am his mom. My son is so cute, and I like him so much. He’s my son. He may not share my dragon lineage, but he’s still my son! I cannot hand over my son and the bliss that I worked so hard to obtain! There’s absolutely no way that’s happening!” the dragon said to herself.

The dragon had her bottom line that she refused to give up on no matter what, and that was applicable for Vyvyan, too. Vyvyan wasn’t the only one seething with rage. The dragon was furious, as well. Neither of them was willing to back down. Both of them charged at each other with the determination to kill the other. Neither of them was able to give up. It was impossible.


I vigorously opened my eyes. Something was weighing me down. Something seemed to feel wrong. It felt similar to frantically reacted when attacked. I tensely looked left and right, but there was nothing around. All I heard was the sound of gold coins clanging. I didn’t even see anybody, let alone some incident. I calmed myself down then hopelessly shut my eyes. I felt as though I must’ve had a nightmare. I must’ve been abruptly awoken because of a nightmare, I thought. Nevertheless, I couldn’t shut my eyes again, because I felt unsettled. In fact, I panicked whenever I shut my eyes. It was as though somebody was urging me on whenever I shut my eyes.

Irritated, I sat up. I didn’t have the foggiest idea as to what I to do. The dragon wasn’t with me. I had no idea where she had gone. Perhaps she had gone to prepare breakfast. She basically had no idea how to cook. She just sprayed fire to cook the meat.

I followed the path in the cave to slowly reach the exit. However, ahead of me was a heavy stench of blood. I dallied for a moment. I was sure it wasn’t the smell of breakfast the dragon prepared for me, because the dragon wanted me to enjoy fresh breakfasts. That was why she always brought back things that were still alive. She wouldn’t bring something dead back.

“Where is the blood coming from? The White Deer King?!” I questioned.

A bad premonition suffocated me. The dragon was unlikely to be the only carnivore in the desert. There might be panthers, lions or something else out there. I couldn’t rule out the possibility the White Deer King was attacked. The dragon would be able to threaten them, but the dragon wasn’t around, which meant there was nobody to threaten them.

I picked up my pace. I stepped over the dark deep and shallow puddles of water to rush to the exit. The bright sun stung my eyes when I arrived outside.. I froze up. I never expected the sandstorm to disappear.

“Does the sandstorm in this desert ever stop?” I pondered.

Once my vision was restored, though, I didn’t want to bother with when the sandstorm vanished. In the centre of the lake was an enormous body, but the owner was barely breathing. The lake was red as a result of her bleeding. She was bleeding from underneath her shattered scales. If the blood in the lake wasn’t moving, it’d practically be impossible to tell that she was still alive.

“What’s wrong?! What’s wrong?!! What happened?! Who hurt you?! Wh-… What do I need to do…? What do I need to do?!” I asked.

I was scared silly. I never thought the powerful dragon, who was around me just a few hours ago, would be covered in wounds. I never expected the dragon, who I considered invincible, to be wounded so severely. I was afraid; with a blank look on my face, I fearfully ran over. I wanted to know what I could do.

“Don’t come! Don’t come here!!” The dragon’s cries from ahead echoed.

“Son! Son!! You’re all right! You’re all right! I’m so glad you’re all right!! Mommy has come to save you… Mommy has come to save you!!”

I suddenly heard a familiar voice that sent chills down my spine coming from my side…


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