The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 02 Ch. 18

Lucia didn’t plan to stay here. She told us she had to head back after dinner. Though it was already dark outside, Lucia didn’t mind.

Lucia and I left the house together. Lucia looked at me standing at the door and waved, “I’m off. I came to see my good friends, but it appears that I won’t get to see my human friends here.”

“The war is over.”

I don’t know how to evaluate this, either; or rather, I shouldn’t give my opinion on it. Veirya doesn’t want to hear others criticising Queen Sisi, and I, myself, don’t want to touch poison. Lucia looked at me and then nodded, “Yeah, it’s over already, so our mission as adventurers is over. I always wanted to go on adventures. I wanted to go on adventures as the heroes in our elven stories did, where they travelled the entire continent, helped the weak, upheld justice and then suavely left. However, I went through so many things after beginning my life as an adventurer. Adventurers aren’t as suave as I thought. The adventure I craved wasn’t one steeped in mud and blood; but nevertheless, I’m enjoying running about and travelling across the entire continent. I think that this is what an adventure is. I see exquisite scenes that I’ve never seen before and countless ruins. I think I’m truly feeling a little happy now.”

“Do you regret it?”


Lucia initially wore a slightly gloomy expression, but she shook her head without any hesitation after hearing my question. She looked at me with an absolutely serious look and explained, “I avenged my own kin. I avenged my comrades who died to the demons. I killed the Demon King, so I don’t regret it. While the adventuring process, in and of itself, wasn’t what I imagined, I was very happy with the conclusion. Further, I’m now considered a hero of the elven race. I can do anything and go anywhere for my race.”

Lucia may be petite and have a very flat chest, but her eyes were firm as steel when she said that. I believed that Lucia truly wanted to sacrifice everything for the elves as their hero.

“The war is over, but I believe that there are still other things that I can do for my people, so I will do that.”

Lucia was probably the adventurer whose thinking adapts the fastest. Lucia has already moved on from the war phase and begun her retirement attitude. Perhaps travelling the continent now is considered true adventuring. From the looks of things, though, the elves seem to have begun a life of peace and harmony. Actually, they’re most likely facing a new crisis. Otherwise, Lucia wouldn’t state that she’ll continue to work hard for her race.

I looked at Lucia and asked, “Did something happen in the elven lands?”

Lucia didn’t hide it from me; instead, she gently nodded, “Uhm.”

But nonetheless, she didn’t elaborate. She began to walk again, and then waved her hand with her usual smile, “Veirya looks a little odd, but she’s a very good person, and she cares for others. She just doesn’t know how to express her feelings. I’ve always worried about how she’d live among humans, but I feel reassured, since she has you. I hope you take good care of her.”

“I know. I’m her spoil of war. Hence, whatever the case may be, I have to take proper care of her.”

Lucia gave a small nod then looked at me. Her gaze was slightly complex. She sighed, “If I was the one who charged in back then as opposed to Veirya, you’d be with me now, and I could be a lot more relaxed. With that said, it doesn’t appear as though Veirya intends to lend you to me.”

“What’s the matter?”

“Never mind. It’s nothing major. Moreover, it’s our elven affairs.”

Lucia turned around and quickly vanished off into the darkness. She didn’t inform me of what happened with the elves, but I could faintly sense it. It seemed that what’s happening with them was affecting humanity to a certain degree. Lucia didn’t come here on a whim.

I think that what’s happening with the elves is very interesting.

‘Could it have something to do with humanity’s merchants? If the two are connected, what’s going on between them? What sort of connection do they have to each other? Has what happened with the elves got to do with humanity? If some mishap happened with the elves that requires humanity’s assistance, they should be seeking Queen Sisi. It’s pointless to seek Veirya, isn’t it?’


Leah came up behind me as I thought about it. She brought me my thick cloak. She came up to me and looked at me with a pitiful look. She raised up my cloak, “Papa, it’s cold; you should wear your cloak.”

“It’s all right, Leah. Let’s head back.”

I joyously caressed Leah’s head. It was certainly cold outside, but I felt so warm inside to see Leah bring me my cloak. I couldn’t resist giving cute Leah a hug. She giggled as she hugged me around my neck and hung my cloak off my head.

It was supposed to be a cosy scene, but Leah then bit my ear and sensually whispered, “Papa, you’ve been so close with Veirya the last two days, and then you were all intimate with this elf behind Leah’s back. Have you forgotten about Leah…? You better be prepared tonight… Papa… Leah will make sure to kiss you until you are covered in Leah’s marks… Papa, you previously said that Leah could have all of your affection, didn’t you…? It seems that you’ve betrayed Leah, though…”


Surprised, I tried to turn my head, but Leah snorted, and then leaned onto my shoulder to whisper her warning. I smiled helplessly as I carried her back into the house. Veirya sat in her chair and watched us come back. I looked at her and came out with it, “Something might’ve happened in the elven lands.”


Veirya only gave a slight nod. Then she turned back to continue looking at the table in silence. Although she cares a lot about Lucia, she didn’t seem to be emotionally attached to the elves. I was planning to say something else, but Leah covered my mouth and shouted, “Papa, I want to take a bath!”

“A bath? Sure.”

I nodded then put Leah down. However, Leah didn’t release her arms around my neck in spite of standing on the ground. Instead, she turned her head to look at Veirya. Veirya looked in our direction, “I want a bath, too.”

Leah wasn’t bothered with Veirya this time. She, instead, turned back to look at me and whispered, “Let’s bath together, then, Papa.”

“That’s not a very good idea…”

Before Leah could respond, Veirya spoke up, “You have to join us.”



Veirya began to remove her clothes without the slightest hesitation. Leah released me, and then looked at me grumpily. Next to my ear, she added, “Papa, I’m serious. Leah is going to make sure you’re covered in head to toe with Leah’s scent tonight… That elf is seriously too much! And you are too, Papa!”


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