Son-con – Vol. 14 Ch. 02

I basically returned to my old status when I woke up the next day. Mommy Vyvyan had an abundance of mana, and it was very compatible with my body. My mana was derived from her, after all.

I was ready to die the last two days. I struggled with the pain that I’d rather be relieved from during the time. I, in fact, contemplated suicide. Thanks to Mommy Vyvyan, I was able to feel the bliss of being able to breathe and feel normal physically. I really did feel reborn.

I touched my lips. The soothing feeling of sucking Mommy Vyvyan’ blood yesterday evening was still in my mind just as my first time with Nier lingered in my mind. The satisfying and soothing bliss was a memory that was hard to forget. Based on my limited knowledge, the Galadriel Tribe was a tribe of dark elves who had completed their evolution. I never thought I’d enjoy the feeling of sucking blood.

My rationality told me the consequences of sucking blood – though said consequences were partially my conjecture. As far as consequences I experienced before, they were never pleasant. I was certain I’d grow an addiction to sucking blood. Once I was addicted, I’d have to rely on Mommy Vyvyan. Without her by my side, I’d have to resort to sucking the blood of others. If we were being hypothetical and say that I met Elizabeth, my girls or my wives. Wouldn’t I have to suck their blood at night, then?

Mommy Vyvyan was right. I had no choice but to stay by her side in the future in order to live. There was no way I didn’t miss the North. I wanted to return there. My mind was filled the images of my girls’ sleeping faces as well as Nier and Lucia’s. I was positive the two of them didn’t want me to leave, and I was also confident nobody could find Mommy Vyvyan if she refused to let others know where she was.

I wanted to go back, see my family and give my girls a hug. But alas, I couldn’t go back. Without Mommy Vyvyan, I couldn’t go anywhere. I didn’t want to let them see me sucking blood, either. You could say I was no longer an ordinary elf or human; I was a blood-sucking dark elf just as Mera was…

Mera was able to resist her urges to suck blood. I wasn’t addicted yet; however, I eventually would be, for I couldn’t survive without sucking blood. I couldn’t let my children see me in my bloodthirsty state nor could I endanger Lucia and Nier.

Nier and Lucia must’ve thought Vyvyan and I went missing. Actually, that was good to an extent. They could raise our children. I didn’t know what would happen to the elves; nevertheless, surely they’d be fine. Elizabeth would have to leave the North in due time, though, which meant that it’d all be on Freya. Freya was my sister in name. Accordingly, nobody would oppose her becoming the next monarch or regent.

I thought my life ended the moment I used magic. My body was a completely wreck. I couldn’t haul my broken body back to the North. On a positive note, living with Mommy Vyvyan wasn’t catastrophic by any stretch. It was fine for me to live in seclusion, where nobody would see me in my irreparable state. In my opinion, I accomplished enough important deeds there; it was acceptable for me to lead a peaceful life elsewhere for the remainder of my time.

I got dressed. I tidied up my room before leaving. It was dead silent outside. There was only the warm sunlight in the house. I didn’t know what time it was, but the warm sun put me on the verge of tears. Breakfast, which was berries and dew, was placed on the table. I wasn’t sure what time Mommy Vyvyan got out of bed. When I had a few berries, I almost shed tears of bliss.

The villa seemed to be the place the Galadriel Tribe spent their annual holiday. There were patrol guards and cleaners here. I didn’t know where they were at the time. Mommy Vyvyan could’ve sent them away for all I knew.

Outside the window of the dining hall was the bright sun. I walked into the sunlight and looked down at the flower garden below through the window. I was sure there was somebody often tending to the garden. Mommy Vyvyan was apparently burying something in the flower garden. I thought she was tidying up the garden. Elves were fond of flowers; I surmised Mommy Vyvyan was planting something in the garden. I went to into the flower garden and saw a big pile of soil that Mommy Vyvyan dug up. On top of it were flowers that had just been planted. The dew from the early morning was still on it. Mommy Vyvyan seemed to be slightly frantic. She turned her head and was surprised to see me: “Son, you’re awake already?”


“How are you feeling? You’ve just recovered, so you should still be feeling relative weak, right? It’s fine, Son. Go and rest. There’s nothing that you need to do here.”

Mommy Vyvyan placed her hand on my chest and gave me a somewhat hard push back into the building. I smiled and caught her hand: “It’s okay, Mommy Vyvyan. I’m feeling fine now. You are my Mom, after all. Mom, are you planting flowers now? I’ll help you.”

“No! No! No! No!” exclaimed Mommy Vyvyan, firmly pressing her hand on mine. “Mommy has actually finished planting the flowers. Mommy doesn’t need your help. Son, do you not know your own body? You’re relying on Mommy’s mana to move right now. If you expend too much energy on meaningless things, you might revert back to a paralysed state. Mommy can’t let you take the risk. Just go on back. Go back and rest, Son.”

It was the first time I saw Mommy Vyvyan so resolute. I felt she was excessively paranoid. Then again, I looked as if I had one foot in the coffin previously and had just recovered. As a consequence, it was comprehendible as to why Mom wouldn’t let me do that.

I smiled and planned to turn around to leave, I suddenly noticed a trace of what resembled blood on Mommy Vyvyan’s collar. However, the red blood mark only appeared for a second, as she pushed me back inside immediately after. Mom said, “Son, just rest up well. Once I’m done washing my hands, I’ll pour you a hot cup of tea. We haven’t had a cosy cup of tea together in a very long time.”

“Ah… All right…”

Mommy Vyvyan spun around and returned to the centre of the flower garden, leaving me to my own bewilderment.

The trace of blood on Mom’s collar concerned me. Having said that, it seemed to be the spot I sucked her blood from yesterday. Perhaps it was where I left the wound, I thought. A sinful feeling loomed within me when I recalled how I ripped into Mommy Vyyan’s neck yesterday evening. However, the thought of having her to bite her every evening henceforward was more heartbreaking… But then… I suddenly realised something: couldn’t Mommy Vyvyan heal wounds? Was it impossible for her to heal from wounds I inflicted? The answer was beyond my knowledge base. All I could say for sure was that the trace of blood didn’t belong to me.


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