Son-con – Vol. 14 Ch. 03

I moved my mouth away, and then Mommy Vyvyan let out a breath of relief. She looked at the ceiling and spaced out. She appeared as though she was incredibly tired. I gently hugged her. I then gloomily looked at the wound on her neck. Perhaps her rapid healing was attributed to her dark elf genetics in addition to her mana; it healed not long after I let out a breath of relief. A trace of blood remained where I sucked, nevertheless. That helped me feel a bit better.

Mom’s eyes looked exhausted look and downhearted. I took in a deep breath and apologised in a shaky voice: “Sorry… Mom…”

Mommy Vyvyan vigorously woke up. She firmly vigorously massaged her face so that her fatigue would fade a little, but I could see that there was something odd from her eyes: “Ah… Mm… Don’t mind it… Don’t mind it… Didn’t Mommy tell you it’s fine…? Son, Mommy is all right. It’s just that there was too much to take care of that Mommy is slightly tired. Son, your mana is inferior to mine at the end of the day. How could I be weak due to you sucking my blood? Don’t blame yourself, or sell yourself short. You must bear in mind that the time you have to be active the next day will be reduced if you don’t suck enough blood.”

Mom stood up. We headed back to the room hand in hand. The last two days I spent sleeping with Mommy Vyvyan, my sleep quality was fantastic. Mommy Vyvyan’s embrace was forever so warm and reassuring that I always fall deep asleep and would be reluctant to wake up.

I lied in bed with Mom. She hugged me in a trained manner. I rested in her embrace just as I did in the past. We moved around as if we were experts. The first time I died, I woke up to see Mommy Vyvyan. When I was on the verge of death again, I found myself in Mommy Vyvyan’s embrace once again…

You know, it genuinely felt it was all fate’s work. I didn’t know how life with Mommy Vyvyan would look; nonetheless, it wasn’t bad to lead a peaceful life. It was a privilege, really. Living in peace and happiness forever with just the two of us was nice.

I shut my eyes. I was in a very good mood thanks to the soothing sensation of sucking blood and soon entered my dreams as a result. Mommy Vyvyan and I were locked in a tight embrace, so we weren’t worried about each other leaving.


“Will there really be anyone here?”

“Of course not.”

“Why do we still need patrols here, then?”

Two cavalries slowly trotted on a small path layered with dew. The forest was at its calmest hours. Not even wild beasts showed up in the forest during those hours. The only occasional appearances were the elven guards. The elven guards were responsible for guarding the house at the heart of the forest, which was the Galadriel Tribe’s villa. They guarded the place whether or not the Galadriel Tribe was present, as it was a command Mommy Vyvyan gave them a decade ago.

The guards and the unit nearby had to protect the forest and seal off the small path humans could enter the elven lands. No humans ever dared to infiltrate and kidnap elves again in over a decade, because the last time they were caught, several skinned humans appeared in a nearby village. Further, human children and infants were also weirdly captured at night, and then sent back the next day as a pile of flesh. As such, the village nearby didn’t dare to accept high-risk robbers into their village. After that, captured elves were elven denizens captured during the war.

The guards slowly advanced along the path. They had walked the path for a long, long time. Countless elven guards had travelled it before; it was a fixed patrol route. No hostile had ever appeared here; consequently, the guards’ patrols had always been leisurely. It would be better to call it a relaxed stroll as opposed to a patrol. The bells on the necks of the horses rang, while the guards engaged in idle chatter.

“Wait!” A guard abruptly tugged on his horse reins, and then he drew his sword. He faced the forest and exclaimed, “Who goes there?! Come out! This is the Galadriel Tribe’s territory. Nobody is permitted entry without permission! Lay down your weapon, raise your hands behind your head and slowly come out!”

The other guard vigorously drew his sword. He looked in the direction of the intruder feeling excited and tense. It was the first time he had an enemy encounter; so accordingly, he was quite excited. His peaceful life had ended. He might be able to kill an enemy and be promoted to an exalted status. Even if he wasn’t promoted, he had something he could brag about.

Rustling sounds came from the forest. The two nervously exchanged eye contact and poised themselves for combat. A woman in a green dress stepped out from the forest. The two lowered their long swords and blankly looked at the woman before them. They saluted her: “Sorry, sorry, Your Highness. We did not think that it was you. We are very sorry. We did not think you were on a stroll. However, it is very late now, so you should be cautious.”

There was no way Vyvyan would be mistaken for somebody else, for the blonde woman before them was, without a doubt, Vyvyan. The physique and dignified aura definitely belonged to exclusively to her. The two guards let out breaths of relief and sheathed their swords. With that said, the two of them were slightly perplexed. Queen Vyvyan was an exceptionally kind Queen. Usually, the two of them surely would’ve received a response from her, yet she silently kept her head down on this occasion.

The two of them were slightly afraid. They were afraid they interrupted Vyvyan’s important business. Perhaps their Queen was infuriated. In a shaky voice, one guard explained, “Sorry, Your Highness, did we disturb you? Sorry, we honestly did not know it was you. We thought it was a trespassing human or some criminal…”


Vyvyan didn’t say a word. However, she opened her eyes and raised her head. Her blood-red eyes frightened the two guards. What immediately followed next were cries of pain and despair…

Vyvyan sat in the puddle of blood while panting. She blankly looked at her hands. She looked at her green dress that was completely soaked in blood. She licked her rows of teeth. The strong taste of blood ran down her throat.  Around her were the corpses of horses and guards. She looked at the fuzzy mush of blood and flesh then calmly looked at her hands.

Vyvyan had to kill people in the end just as she predicted. She killed a deer last night. The deer barged into her flower garden, and its mana attracted her. She buried its corpse that had been sucked dry during the day. Today, she finally killed people. She absorbed all of their mana and even the two horses.

As a dark elf, Vyvyan subconsciously sucked blood when her mana stores are depleted the same way her son did. It was an innate characteristic of dark elves. The difference between her and others was her mana. If she was deprived over a prolonged period, there was a chance that she’d lose control of her rationality and absorb the mana of an entire village in a single night.

Vyvyan didn’t consider her actions wrong. She could destroy the entire world for her son; sacrificing a few nearby villages was, therefore, insignificant to her. She knew how dire things would turn out if her mana was depleted. Her son had absorbed a large volume of her mana, and she had to satisfy the mana requirements for daily living needs. As such, she wandered around at night, and the radius of her wandering would endlessly increase.

“What am I going to do if killing the nearby villagers isn’t enough?” wondered Vyvyan. Vyvyan gazed toward the imperial capital. The elven spring water was there. That was the elves’ source of mana.

Vyvyan reasoned, “I can’t go there, not looking like this; otherwise, the elves will hunt my son and me. Where else can my son be saved? There’s the Tower of Heaven. Once I complete the Tower of Heaven, I’ll no longer have a body of flesh, and I’ll become a full-fledged god. I can then supply my child with mana using my infinite mana store…

I can still hang in there for the meantime, however. It’s just a few nearby villages, isn’t it? They can be sacrificed if necessary. I don’t need to think when it comes to my child. I need to get rid of these corpses first, though; then, I need to wash up. Then, I’ll throw out my dress soaked in blood. I absolutely mustn’t let my son find out, or else he will stop me from killing people at all costs. There’ll be no saving him if I stop… I absolutely mustn’t let him die…”


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