Son-con – Vol. 14 Ch. 01

Mommy Vyvyan took care of me as if I was an infant for the day. Mommy Vyvyan carried me around with her, fed me, helped me go to the toilet and brought me into the bathroom to wash me. The house we were at was a big villa out in the wild; it appeared to be half the size of the Imperial Palace. The villa was the elves favourite: a wooden building. It was different to the stone structure of the Imperial Palace.  There was nobody here at present, though. There was only Mom and I.

Mom used magic to orderly sort everything out, and then carried me into the water with her. I saw Mom’s tears gush forth again when she picked me up. I didn’t know how light my body was, nor did I know what was happening inside of my body. All I knew was that I was but a sack of human skin.

I could move my head in the water this time. Originally, I wasn’t supposed to be able to move in the elven spring water due to my mana, which proved that I didn’t have any mana in me. You read that right. I wasn’t depleted of mana; I was completely void of mana. All of my mana had escaped my broken body; I lost the ability to produce mana. My organs were also damaged.

Mommy Vyvyan tightly held me in her arms. She gently leaned her head on my shoulder, allowing her blonde hair to gently follow the flow of water and brush my face. She lowered her head and let her hair cover the side of her face. Usually, she’d be doing everything she could to take advantage of me in that situation, yet she didn’t even utter a word.

In a husky voice, I called, “Mom…”

Mom quickly raised her head. It was in that moment that I saw the exhaustion brimming in Mom’s eyes. It was the first time Mommy Vyvyan showed such an exhausted look. Her look of mental exhaustion only lasted for a mere second, for she promptly wore on her unique smile when she looked at me again. Smiling, Mom asked, “What’s wrong, Son? Are you not feeling well somewhere?”

“No… Sorry… for wearing you out so much… M-“

Mom covered my mouth before I could finish so that I couldn’t speak. Sorrowful but voice soft, she said, “Son, it’s not your fault. You’re already in so much pain, so why must you apologise? It’s not your fault, Son. It’s not your fault. It’s not your fault at all. It’s all Mommy’s fault… If Mommy had stopped you… this wouldn’t have happened…”

Mom gave me a kiss on my forehead then went on, “Son, you don’t need to worry about Mommy. It’s fine for Mommy to take care of you. Mommy once took care of you the same way. Mommy could take care of you in the past, and Mommy still can take care of you now. Honestly, you’re easier to take care of now compared to in the past. Oh, right, Son, come and try.”

Mom turned me over so that I was leaning the front of my body on hers. To be honest, I could stand the feeling of my back against her, but it was terrifying to make body contact with her front on. Never mind, though, for she wasn’t thinking about that sort of stuff. Instead, she pulled me gently into her embrace and placed my head on her shoulder. She softly said, “Bite Mommy’s neck, Son. You just need to bite, and then your instincts will help you suck.”

“Wouldn’t that…. hurt you… Mom…?”

“No. Mommy has enough mana for you to absorb. Mommy is a demi-god, after all. You won’t drain me. Furthermore, if being sucked dry was what it took to provide you with enough mana, then Mommy would rather have you suck Mommy dry so that you can recover.”

Mommy Vyvyan gently tilted her head. My mouth carefully leaned in toward Mom’s neck. Her warmth and familiar fragrance enveloped me. My teeth gently touched Mom’s skin. Mom’s skin was soft and easy to cut through. My teeth violently bit into her as if they were searching for a path as soon as I made contact with her skin. I virtually could’ve cried in the instant I pierced Vyvyan’s skin. The pain of biting her made me squirm.

Though her body stiffened up for a moment, Vyvyan suddenly used her hand to pull me into her further into her embrace. The pain seemed a bit excessive for her. I didn’t know where I learnt to suck blood from. It was as though it was an innate ability I had from my infancy. Mom’s warm blood flowed out from her neck. I should’ve been swallowing blood, but the taste of blood wasn’t prominent. As a matter of fact, there was no taste. It was as normal as drinking water.

I even relished the feeling. I felt similar to finally being able to drink water after being deprived in the desert as I gulped mouthfuls of blood from Mommy Vyvyan down. She silently kept me in her embrace and allowed me to freely suck her blood.

“I really wanted to suck her dry. It would be nice if I could… This is mana. Pure mana. Pure power. This is mana from an elf. This is the mana of a demi-god… It would be nice… It would be nice if I could suck her dry… If only I could suck her dry…” was the urge I felt.

I abruptly came to my senses. I released her as if I was electrocuted. Mommy Vyvyan took in a deep breath and tightly hugged me again. She didn’t let me sink down. Mom pulled me back into her gently panted. She caressed me and whispered, “It’s all right. It’s all right, Son. Mommy is all right. Mommy is all right. Son, Mommy is well. You sure are so gentle… Normal dark elves would’ve ripped and bit me… yet you were so gentle…”

“I… Mom… are you sure you’re all right…?”

“I’m all right. Okay. The water is getting a little cold now. Let’s get out, Son. This should be enough to last you until tomorrow evening. Suck some more blood tomorrow evening. It’s all right, Son. As long as Mommy is around, you’ll be able to live as you did in the past… Mommy will protect you… Mommy will protect you forever…”

Vyvyan hugged me particularly tightly, and then carried me onto a bath towel by the side. She carefully wiped me dry. My clogged airway finally opened up, allowing me to take in a big breath and feel relieved. I coughed intensely a few times then supported myself to my feet.

Nothing was out of the ordinary. It was so ordinary that it felt foreign. It was as simple as waking up every morning. I blankly looked at my hands and legs. I didn’t have any extra exterior wounds. All of my joints were the same as usual. It was as though what happened that night never happened.

Mommy Vyvyan draped her bathrobe over herself then rubbed my head with a smile. In a soft voice, she said, “How do you feel? You’re the same as always once you’ve replenished your mana. However, you must remember to never drink the elven spring water. The mana is too much for you. If you drink it now, you’ll explode. Son, you just need to stay by Mommy’s side. You’ll be all right as long as you’re by Mommy’s side. Mommy will take care of you. Mommy will definitely take care of you… Mommy will help you lead a normal life… Son… Son…”

“Mom…” I tightly hugged Mommy Vyvyan, and she followed along, leaning into my arms.

Mommy Vyvyan looked at me with a smile. She stroked my hand while I held her tightly and constantly whispered thank you by her ear.

I thought, “Perhaps it wouldn’t be so bad if we could continue with this… with just me and Mom… I’m now unable to go anywhere… I need to suck blood every evening to survive. I can’t let others know that I’m a dark elf and definitely not let the elves know that the Galadriel Tribe is, in actual fact, a tribe of dark elves… My only choice is to stay by Mommy Vyvyan’s side from now… I think… that this… probably isn’t bad…”

The two of us left the bath. Because of the mist blurring the mirror, I didn’t notice that a tinge of blood red had appeared in Mommy Vyvyan’s blue eyes…


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