Martial King’s Retired Life – Vol. 4 Ch. 38

Going Downhill Fast

The Emperor felt a painful sensation radiating from the back of his head just when he was really getting into the fight with Second Martial Brother. The world before him spun and he dropped to the ground unconscious with a thud.

Second Martial Brother then applauded Third Brother, albeit with an emotionless look. He snorted, “Damn geezer. I don’t even know where he came from, but how dare he impede on our escort mission. I told you that you wouldn’t be able to take this blow.”

He didn’t get to say much, for he had to evade a slash aimed at him. He countered with a palm strike, sending the individual that tried to sneak attack him, flying. They then began another new round of fighting.

The fight in Bright Lane had almost gone on for an hour now. There were roughly less than half of the thousand-plus gangsters taking part, so the crowd was a lot thinner compared to the start. It was easier to hear over the crowd, as well.

It took some effort from Second Brother to locate the five elders in dark robes, and he also found the beautiful Princess. He was now thinking up a plan for how to approach them and protect her, yet not let themselves be exposed. It was a huge challenge to their skills.

Second Brother listened in carefully. He heard the Princess’ heroic and stern voice, “Where is my father, Mr. Li? I saw him just before. Is he all right?”

He then heard an old man reply, “You must be unaware, Miss. Since these thugs looked so aggressive, His Majesty’s anger won and thus he rushed over to begin slaughtering them, but please rest assured. You know how skilled he is. These nobodies cannot hurt him.”

“But there are far too many of them!”

The Princess forced her way forward to fight the family slave in one corner after she yelled back.

Second, Third and Fourth Brothers wore grim looks. They swiftly glanced at each other. They all sent each other the same message, ‘Fuck! We just went hard as a motherfucker! This is the Emperor!’

‘Not only did we hit a Princess, we hit the Emperor, too!!’

‘Mount Daluo is going to be exterminated today!’

They then saw a brash man that didn’t know better. Seeing the old man that just hit him with a palm strike before now laying on the ground, he boldly swung his blade at him.

“Motherfuckeeeeeerrrrr!!! Don’t touch him!! Guard the Emperor! Guard the Emperor!!”

Second Brother gave him a fly kick back to his mom’s home and then took back an iron rod from the crowd. He began a frenzy, swinging left and right countless times, then thrusting, then swinging, thrusting again and then swinging again, beating every single person who tried to approach the emperor.

“Nobody comes near him. I’ve reserved this place!!”

His eyes were red when he swung his rod, “Third and Fourth Brother, guard this place!”

The three of them made a ruckus and began their jobs as the escorts of a dragon.

The sound of horns in the distance reached the five elders in dark robes. People who saw the dust flying around in the area could tell there was a fight going on.

While fighting, Ancestral Master Xie thought to himself with pleasant surprise, ‘I don’t know who these heroes who have come to our assistance are. My Dark Robed group may be one of the Seven Champion White Princes, but we’ve been focusing on the Imperial Court for many years and our name has started to become forgotten in recent years. I never thought that it would be our friends in the pugilistic world that’d come to our aid in this situation.’

Nevertheless, by hanging on for a bit longer, his exhaustion only continued to worsen.

The other four elders who fought with another two slaves didn’t feel anything, either.

Ancestral Master Xie was the eldest, though. He was a very talented man and was still full of vigour in old age, but it’s still impossible for him to maintain peak performance after fighting here for so long. Moreover, he kept on using the Forbidden Lightning Wind Palms, which ate up lots of his energy. He was now using a dark wooden rod to fight the family slave with the large sabre.

Ancestral Master Xie had the upper hand in the first thirty moves of their exchange, but they gradually became even and he was now in danger. He found himself in danger every eight to ten moves.

The sabre came swinging down from above with enough force to slice a mountain again!

The sabre slashed in a straight line onto Ancestral Master Xie’s rod. He dropped to his knees, since the force of the slash combined with all his bodyweight was more than he could fend off. The family slave didn’t let the opportunity slip, thereby thrusting his blade straight toward Ancestral Master Xie’s throat. When he leaned back to avoid the thrust, the slave turned his attack to knock the dark wooden rod away.

“Go die, old bastard!!”

Neither the family slave nor Ancestral Master Xie could score the victory over each other after a long fight, which was a violation of the order to show why the Gold and Silver Sect was impressive; hence, angering him. After knocking away Ancestral Master Xie’s weapon, he followed up with a strong kick to his chest.

Due to overexertion of his internal energy, Ancestral Master Xie was unable to turn to guard himself in time, thereby getting sent flying by the slave’s kick. As a result, he coughed up a mouthful of thick blood.

It was the first sign of blood, after such a long fight, sending the place into an even greater frenzy!

Someone then led the pack and yelled, “Beat them to death!!!”

The pack of people rushed over comparably to a wave. The angry guys caved in the five elders’ defence line. Ancestral Master Xie and Princess Hongzhuang were holding the defence line together with their Forbidden Lightning Wind and sabre skills respectively, but they were unable to handle an attack on all sides once one of them fell.

The situation became precarious and was going downhill fast.

The five elders and the Princess were squashed in by the crowd and drowned by the simplest of attacks – punches and kicks. The Princess didn’t feel absolutely horrendous, since she still had her internal energy to shield her body, but the five elders, who were spent, couldn’t bear with the savage beating.

The guys that were armed were worried about hurting their own teammates, so they stuck to barehanded beatings, instead. It only took a moment before they could hear the sound of the bone of Ancestral Master Xie – who’s the Elder Statesman – breaking. A heavy rock metaphorically slammed down on the Princess’ heart. She, therefore, quit concerning herself with rules and whatnot.  She swung her wooden sabre and snatched a metal sabre.

“Get lost if you want to live!!”

The Princess made a powerful series of swings, akin to a frenzying tiger. The eight who were struck immediately suffered startling wounds on their chest, legs and shoulders. There was nobody that didn’t suffer severe injuries. However, their blood couldn’t stop the crowd’s frenzy. To the contrary, it fed their agitation.

They rushed at Master Xie and pulled some of his black hair out. The other four elders weren’t doing well, either, as they were simultaneously beaten with punches and kicks.

“Old five bastards! You beat up so many of our people and you think you’ll have a nice ending?!”

“Fuck them up!”

The famous five dark robed elders were surrounded and thrashed by a group of people that couldn’t even be considered fighters in the pugilistic world. They were better compared to street thugs. Every punch pummelled their bodies. One of the elders with only few teeth remaining had them beat out of him, as well. Even the Prime Minister took a good number of hits, in spite of being guarded.

“That’ll teach you!” One of the family slaves flew over. He picked up Ancestral Master Xie, raised his hand up and aimed his palm at Ancestral Master Xie’s chest, “Once I’m done killing this arrogant geezer, I’ll show you who just beat you!”

The Princess frowned with anger, “Put him down or I’ll kill you!”

“You can’t save him even if you do kill me!”

The family slave began his palm strike. The Princess swung her blade in a curved path, only for two others to stop her attack. Unfortunately, she lacked the strength to cut through them.

The moment the palm strike was about to land on Ancestral Master Xie’s chest, he wore on a savage smile and announced, “The one who killed this old bastard was my Gold and Silver Sect!!”

The palm strike hit him as soon as he finished his declaration. However, the family slave’s savage smile seemingly froze on his face. His hand then violently burst with blood, due to blood gushing up into his hand in an indescribable manner!


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