Martial King’s Retired Life – Vol. 4 Ch. 37

Careful Not to Inadvertently Get Hurt

Owing to there being so many martial arts styles in the lands that they’re comparable to grains of sand, with each style having their own differences, it isn’t impossible to invent a supreme style, using various martial arts of the world as your foundation. However, that could require over a hundred years. If one were to achieve mastery over the simplest punch, palm, fingers, claw and hand techniques, they could reach an limitless profound level, let alone the eighteen martial arts.

Knowing that his time was running out, the first patriarch of the Gold and Silver Sect left the job of completing the formation of a new style to his descendants. However, at the end of his life, he had a moment of enlightenment during a moment of reflection and came to realise a principle in internal martial arts styles. Said principle that he came to realise was one word, “bite.”

It’s a simple concept, but due to his own greed back then, he bit off more than he could chew, which led to his inner demon coming back to bite him. It was through arduous efforts that he was able to overcome the wall, which made him what he pursued.

When he had the thought, he earnestly wrote out how he learnt the other styles, and yet, combined them together. He then combined that knowledge with everything he comprehended in the thirty years of meditation over martial arts; thus, he wrote Golden Crow Moon Eater Manual in one sitting.

Once he completed writing Golden Crow Moon Eater Manual, he told his descendants to use it as the foundation of the Gold and Silver Sect in the future and to have important figures in the sect train it. Later down the road, things turned out as he predicted. Using the Golden Crow Moon Eater Manual and the numerous other secret martial arts manuals collected, the Gold and Silver Sect went on to shine in the martial world,. Not only did that maintain their status as one of the Seven Champion White Princes, but it also allowed them to expand their power.

As such, if the members of the Gold and Silver Sect trained the Golden Grow Moon Eater Manual, they were able to learn other styles at a rapid speed and have a greater grasp on them, since they’d solidly fused with their own skills. Therefore, when executed, they had their own uniqueness and didn’t suffer consequences.

The family slaves had accompanied Jin Wangsun for a long time and had recently received a portion of the Gold Crow Moon Eater Manual, allowing them to master several more swordplay styles. Subsequently, their skills were now amazingly advanced, leaving even Princess Hongzhuang wondering how to counter in the spur of the moment.

There were six family slaves. One fought the Emperor, one fought Ancestral Master Xie, one fought with Princess Hongzhuang, and two more fought the four other elders.

That meant that there was still one remaining, who was further off in the distance.

This family slave was the cautious one. He was the one who asked Jin Wangsun how he should go about dealing with that man. Logically speaking, he’s the most skilled among the six of them. In his hand was the sabre that Jin Wangsun himself used. The sabre had a golden handle and silver scabbard. The sabre was the precious Gold and Silver Sabre that was suited to swift and level slashes. The thing was, he was now in the most dangerous predicament.

He went with his brothers, but stayed at the rear, as he was the second-to-last boss. However, three weird guys went after him in a moment where he wasn’t paying attention!

His opponent threw a powerful palm strike, sending him three steps back. While he was fighting him, the young man cussed, “Son of bitch! I hated you the moment I saw you on the mountain. Bastard got long eyelashes and clear eyes, and is quite motherfucking skilled at brown nosing. Come here and fight me again! You running?! Run now!!”

The family slave was scared silly by his appearance. He, himself, had no clue how he managed to get on the guy’s bad side. It was the first time the six of them came to the capital, so he had no idea who this guy was!

If the family slave counterattacked, an even stranger younger man would pop out. He’d giggle and then jump out and take a hit with his arm!

Who knows if he was looking to die or not? Whenever the slave slashed with the precious Gold and Silver Sabre, he’d extend his arms out and block the attack. The strange part was that it sounded as if he was cutting metal when his sabre collided with his arms and the young man wouldn’t even get scratched!

Second Martial Brother threw another palm strike at him before he was done dawdling, “Come on, come on, come on, I wasn’t done yet. Take this fruit biscuit!”

His palms transformed into a heavy shadow, making every strike a heavy blow. The slave felt his adrenaline racing and extremely worried.

The family slave almost broke down in tears, ‘We were told to show why our Gold and Silver Sect was impressive! How did I run into these three freaks?! Fuck! Their faces are fucking pitch black, too!!’

With that said, the family slave didn’t expect there to be somebody silently sneaking up from behind, whilst he was fighting Second and Fourth Martial Brothers. The individual approaching him from behind extended forth his hand from within his sleeve, revealing the rod in his hand.

The wind whistled…

“Jackass. One bat and he’s out. Skilled my ass.”

Once Second Martial Brother saw the family slave have his lights put out, he extended his arms and swung them, taking out seven or eight opponents. He then immediately kicked another ten over, using a series of bicycle type kicks before he took another breath.

Ming Feizhen had ordered the three of them to ensure the Princess’ safety. Not long ago, they gave her a big lump on her head. They were feeling somewhat guilty about it, so they were naturally willing to be the beauty’s escorts. However, they didn’t dare to get too close to her, for they were afraid of being discovered to be the three Indians who snuck attack her. Hence, they hid toward the rear. They couldn’t see everything when they were laying in ambush to the side; neither did they know how she was doing. However, when they spotted the six highly skilled fighters leap over the crowd and head toward the Princess, they immediately knew that formidable threats had arrived.

Subsequently, the three of them snuck up over to the one walking slowest and staying in the rear.

“His skills aren’t poor, but he’s too slow with a sabre.” As Fourth Martial Brother spoke, he punched another one of the gangsters that they just couldn’t rid themselves of, “Second Senior Martial Brother, how much longer do we have to fight for?”

Second Brother blew a group in front of him away using the gust of wind from his palm strike.  He suddenly felt a gust of wind from a palm strike approach him from behind; thus, he formed a circular motion with his hands and then intercepted it with his empty left hand, before throwing his own palm strike. However, his opponent got through it with his own palm strike and collided with Second Martial Brother.

The two of them were rocked by the collision, yet neither took even half a step back.

Second Martial Brother reacted with surprise, “Damn, that was tough!”

His opponent was dressed in a yellow robe. He had a rectangular-shaped face and was noticeably extraordinary in appearance. He was around forty to fifty.

After trading blows with Second Martial Brother, he remarked, “That’s some decent internal strength. It’s impressive for you to have this level of skill at that young age. Why have you allowed yourself to fall?”

Second Martial Brother raged, “What?! You just curse at me?! You fucking fell you damned geezer!”

Second Martial Brother unleashed a series of fierce grappling techniques. Being well-versed in grappling techniques, the Emperor immediately began to exchange moves with him.

“Nice grappling skills! It’s a pity that you’re serving an evil one to do evil. Who is your leader?!”

“You’re not even qualified to ask who our Boss is.”

Second Martial Brother switched to palm techniques out of consideration for how the ruffian old geezer was skilled enough to block his grappling moves.

The more the Emperor fought with him, the more he felt that the young man was decently skilled. His attacks and retreats were methodical, while his palm strikes were good. Further, every palm strike had their own twists, so not even the Emperor could tell what style he was using. Those who are strong flock together, as birds of a feather do. As such, his love for talent crept into his mind.

“If you tell me who your leader is, I’ll spare you!”

“If you can take this, I’ll tell you anything!”

The Emperor raised his spirits, “Bring it!”

Second Martial Brother poised himself and then began to move vigorously. In the moment the Emperor focused himself, Third Martial Brother once again appeared behind the Emperor without a sound. He revealed a mysterious smile, as he took a rod out from his sleeve, revealing the rod that resembled a wolf fang.

The wind whistled…

And then… he was out on first bat.


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