Son-con – Vol. 11 Ch. 16

Nier watched the two Valkyries, who were duelling in front of her, with a very displeased look.

Freya made a mistake. As the Prince’s sister, she knew about the Empress to some degree, but not Nier. Nier was formerly the Valkyries’ sword instructor. She didn’t like anything in the past. Actually, it might be better to say that she only liked the Prince. Be it humans or objects, Nier only liked His Majesty.

Freya, consequently, didn’t know what Nier liked, so how could she cheer up the Princess that was getting sadder and sadder? She only knew that Nier and Her Majesty often took part in fencing matches. Considering that Nier was the Valkyries’ sword instructor, Freya assumed she must’ve liked to watch fencing performances.

However, her half-baked knowledge led to the Princess being even unhappier. Back then, Nier didn’t watch fencing matches, but partook in them. Nier loved fencing, since she could also use it to get the, “Your Majesty, let’s do it as many times as the number of people I defeat tonight” reward. That was why Nier loved fencing.

She didn’t like to watch it, as she was the Valkyries’ sword instructor. As a teacher, she didn’t want to see her students make mistakes. The Valkyries before her at the moment weren’t the elites among the elites as Shusia was. They were just ordinary Valkyries. Though the Valkyries were formidable, that didn’t mean they weren’t prone to mistakes.

As an instructor, Nier oddly felt irritated when she saw her students defeated. The feeling persisted despite her not being an instructor anymore.

Consequently, Nier was now very unhappy. Very, very unhappy. Freya originally wanted to provide Nier with entertainment, but she tripped up this time. Nier was being very patient and polite, or else, she would’ve upped and left. In fact, she might have even told His Majesty to punish Freya.

Freya stopped the event. She stood before Nier and accompanied her apology with a deep bow, “I am very sorry, Miss Nier. It appears you are not happy with the show I prepared for you.”

“No, it’s all right, Freya. I understand your good intention. It’s just that maybe I mind my past. After all, I lived as an instructor for a very long time and am, therefore, not too willing to watch the Valkyries make mistakes.”

Nier looked at Freya and shook her head. She then used the chair as support to try and stand up. The two maids behind her rushed up to help her. Nier wasn’t that weak yet, but she had become the most important person in the entire palace at the moment. There was always a big group of Valkyries and maids wherever Nier was.

Freya looked at Nier and sincerely said, “I did not consider that. For that, I am very sorry. I hope you can tell me what could make you happy. Your mood is deteriorating more and more. We are all worried if you continue in this state. It would also benefit your child if you are happy.”

Nier gently stroked her belly and softly replied, “Mm… Honestly, I don’t know what I like, either. I always stayed at the Valkyries’ camp and never interacted with the outside world. I always stayed by His Majesty’s side after marrying him. I don’t have any goals, either. I’m happy as long as I can stay by His Majesty’s side… The only thing I am thinking about right now… is going to His Majesty’s side….”

Freya sighed, and then replied in a soft voice, “Miss Nier, you have asked for something I cannot do… Things in the North are working out smoothly for His Majesty. They have already arrived below the city walls. I believe that you will be able to welcome His Majesty back very soon. He will definitely stay by you and your child’s side.”

“Yeah…?” remarked Nier, with a sigh. She then looked to one side with a hopeless look. “I can’t wait any longer, to be honest. It’s just that I have nothing I can do at the moment. I don’t even have somebody to talk to. Lucia isn’t here and Her Majesty has returned. You’re busy with work every day… I don’t even need to speak from morning to night.”

Freya looked at Nier. She found herself speechless for the first time. She wanted to cheer Nier up, but she had no way of resolving the problem Nier mentioned, nonetheless. Nier wanted somebody to keep her company, but she had nobody. Lucia wasn’t around, and Her Majesty had left. In the past, there was also Luna, but there really was nobody anymore.

Freya then said, “Miss Nier, choose a personal attendant. You would not feel so bored if you had a personal attendant to speak with, right? Further, your personal attendant would be happier, as well.”

“No,” resolutely refused Nier, who had no intention of listening to the end. She shook her head. “Dear said that Luna was his only personal servant. He said that he would not have a second if Luna left. I am his wife, so I cannot go against his wishes. I can still wait for him. I just have to wait for a bit longer. Freya, you don’t need to mind me so much. He gave you a task, so you just need to attend to that, while I will just do what I should do as his wife.”


Freya looked Nier’s blissful and stern expression. She grabbed hold of Nier’s hand. Nier froze for a moment then looked at Freya and gave her a smile.

Nier’s smile was the rarest treasure in the palace. You might never see her smile even if you stayed by her side all the time. Freya managed to receive the world’s most precious treasure. And that was not just solely Nier’s smile, but her kindness. Nier had no amicable feelings for anybody, but Nier was no longer hostile to Freya.


She was in her home… She was on her bed…

The fire in the fireplace had gone out a long time ago. She realised she couldn’t light one with a few pieces of timber. She kept trying to start a fire, but she could only generate smoke. The inside of the house was freezing. If she didn’t have her tail, she probably would’ve frozen to death on her bed.

She didn’t know how to cook. The food she ate was the remaining food humanity left her. She had no ingredients in her kitchen. She had to preserve the remaining food or she would die, otherwise.

‘Why is humanity’s rye bread so tough?’

She couldn’t make congee to boil it in, either, so she had to stick to ripping the tough-as-rock rye bread with her teeth and saliva.

‘Why did I insist on staying…?’

She could’ve enjoyed delicious foods. She could’ve enjoyed a hot bath once every day. She didn’t have to bear with all of this…

But… but… but… she… she…

Ling Yue sat up and clasped her face. Her tears ran between her fingers. She curled up on her bed and wept in silence. The only sounds in the empty house were calm and frightening sounds. There was no sign of life inside. If she wasn’t here, the property would be a graveyard.

*Knock, knock, knock…*

But then, somebody knocked on the door outside…


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