The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 01 Ch. 22

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At night, Leah made a sudden request, “Papa, I want to take a bath.”

I lingered for a moment and then nodded. I placed the wooden plate in front down and said, “Wait for a bit then, Papa will go and boil some water.”

Leah certainly was due for a proper bath.

Honestly, I was due for a bath as well; I had not had a chance to take one since arriving here. I can’t wash in a freezing lake like Veirya.

Getting hot water for a bath is quite the hassle here. There is a specific bathtub in the lord’s residence. You can throw firewood underneath of it and pour water inside, similar to a hot-pot. However, I’ve never used it before and was going to use it for the first time to give Leah a bath.

It was strenuous to move the large tub out of storage and drag it over to the stove.

Normally, Veirya would be sitting here until the next morning, but she was off somewhere today.

Speaking of which, I basically had an argument with Veirya tonight, or maybe it was just me alone venting, for once.

Veirya had no intention of arguing with me. I somewhat regretted calling Veirya a monster. I felt that she must mind that even if it didn’t show on the surface. It didn’t sit right with my conscience.

Veirya isn’t a monster.

She’s trying hard to lead the life of a normal person, but I went and called her a monster in the end.

I need to apologise.

“Papa… is the water ready?”

I then heard footsteps coming over.

I turned my head around and saw Leah, who had already stripped down, run over.

I extended my arms out and pulled her into my embrace. I chuckled softly and told her, “Leah, aren’t you cold? Don’t run around naked. Come, come, Papa has tested the water temperature, and it feels about right.” I picked Leah up and put her in the tub.

The water in the tub comes up higher than Leah’s height. However, she easily paddled over to the edge of the tub and let out a cheerful, soothing sigh.

She revealed a bright smile and said, “Papa, hot baths are so nice. This is the first time Leah is having a bath. Leah has never used this tub before. Leah only went out in the rain to wipe my body down. This is seriously so soothing.”

I scrubbed Leah’s hair. Leah cheerfully closed her eyes and kicked her feet in the water.

I didn’t say anything and sure wouldn’t do anything. Leah is just a kid right now. I don’t have lustful feelings for a child’s body, especially when she’s my daughter. I’m not Yaichi Kuzuryu. Only sick creeps would like children’s bodies. In my opinion, those paedophiles should just be dragged off and take a bullet to the head. You can skip all interrogation stuff with them.

Leah cheerfully scrubbed her body. She then handed me a towel and with a smile said, “Papa, help me scrub my back.”

I nodded and had Leah turn around.

Her smooth back was revealed right before me. Leah’s body is the same as a human’s. Though Leah is still a kid now, she’s already looking like she has the physique to be a female high-jumper.

You can tell from Leah’s night form. Leah, who has the size of a poached egg will become like her transformed night form for sure, right…?

That’s a little scary too…

I stretched my hand out and touched Leah’s back lightly. I moved her hair to the front of her neck, then picked up the towel and wiped Leah’s back. Leah’s spine looked shiny like a bright and precious gem.

My fingers couldn’t help but slide along her back, causing her to giggle.

“Papa, you’re in a bad mood.”

I gently scrubbed Leah’s waist, and she giggled cheerfully, due to feeling ticklish.

She spun around quickly and revealed her front-view to me. She then looked at my face and asked with concern, “Papa, you look really unhappy… Is it because… of that woman…?”

I gently touched Leah’s small tummy and then softly explained, “Papa made a mistake. Papa shouldn’t have called Veirya a monster. I think that anyone who’s called a monster will be very upset. Papa called her a monster when he knew that. That must’ve hurt Veirya’s feelings, so Papa is regretting it a bit, now.”

As soon as Leah heard about Veirya, she pouted grumpily. She then muttered, “Leah is right in front of you and yet you’re thinking of another woman… Leah is very unhappy!”

I smiled helplessly and then poked Leah on her forehead, however; Leah grabbed my finger aggressively and stuck it in her mouth to suck it and bite it. I let her suck my finger as she pleased.

I looked at Leah and said, “Veirya… Leah, you can tell, right? Veirya isn’t a bad person. It’s just that she doesn’t know how to be a normal person. She wants a normal family and a normal life, just like you.”

“But Leah still doesn’t like her… Leah doesn’t like any woman who has a relationship with you, Papa… It’s supposed to be just Leah and Papa… There was only two of us…” Leah spat my finger out.

I chuckled and pinched her face. I then explained, “Even if there is Veirya, there is still the two of us, Leah. Papa will be by your side for sure. Papa will always be your Papa. You don’t have to worry about Papa abandoning you or something like that.”

“That’s not it… Whatever the case, Papa, you’re an idiot!”

Leah got mad randomly, then turned around and ignored me.

I stroked her head and said, “Papa is going to go and apologise to Veirya at night. Leah, if possible, I hope that you won’t be hostile toward Veirya in the future.”

Leah loudly and angrily replied, “Fine, fine, fine.”

She then smacked my hand away. I had no idea why she was angry. I stroked her head gently. She stood up, reached for me with her arms and loudly said, “Papa, carry me! I want to go sleep!”

I nodded and lifted her out of the water carefully.

Leah leaned on my shoulder and bit my ear. I don’t know if it has to do with her being a succubus or not, but Leah likes to bite people whenever she expresses her mood.

I wiped her body and hair dry and helped her get dressed.

Honestly, she’s worn these clothes for a long time already. Leah needs to buy new clothes. Wearing this same set over and over isn’t good.

But the prerequisite is that we need to have money… I’ll see if I can squeeze some money out of the budget for some new clothes when we go to buy food.

Leah wrapped her arms around my back and unhappily demanded, “Papa, carry me onto the bed…”

I nodded and carried Leah upstairs.

When we got into the room, I placed her on the bed and pulled the blanket over her.

She grabbed the blanket then looked at me grumpily and asked, “Papa, you’re going to go look for that woman, now, aren’t you?”

“It can’t be helped. As Papa mentioned, Papa needs to apologise to her since Papa went overboard.”

“That woman doesn’t even care, though… That monster only knows how to kill people. She wouldn’t care about that, would she…?”

I shook my head and replied while looking at Leah, “Sometimes the key isn’t if the other person cares or not, but if you care. Papa was in the wrong, so Papa must go and apologise. But Papa will be back soon, so don’t worry about a thing and sleep. You don’t need to follow Papa…”

“You don’t like me following you, Papa?”

“… Mm… I don’t particularly hate it, either…”

“Goodnight then, Papa.”

Leah seemed to be assured. I don’t know where Veirya is, but when I gave Leah a bath just now, I didn’t pack up after. I should go and tidy it up first. I bet there are countless sick freaks out there who’d be dying to drink that tub of water. I do admittedly want to sell it to them, but it doesn’t look like they’ll have that chance.

But when I descended the stairs, I heard the sound of water for some odd reason…

I shuddered…

I poked my head out cautiously and spotted Veirya standing at the edge of the bathtub. She pulled her underpants down and tossed it aside then stepped into the tub…


That’s the water Leah had a bath in!!!

“Ah, good timing. Come and add firewood for me.”

Perhaps her senses were sensitive due to her battles. Veirya instantly noticed me peeping. And just like last time, she didn’t mind being seen nude by me.

She gestured for me to come over with her hand. I gulped my saliva and softly replied, “I don’t think that’s a good idea…”

“Hmm? You want to bathe together?”

Veirya seemed to understand what I meant. She drew her limbs in closer to make room and then followed up with, “Come on in, then.”

“That’s not what I meant!!!”


* Yaichi Kuzuryu is the main protagonist of Ryuo no Oshigoto. You probably know better than me.


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