Son-con – Vol. 8 Ch. 21

“Your Majesty!!’

‘When the silhouette of the Empress’s escort appeared on the horizon, the soldiers on the city walls shouted out. The Valkyries and I stood outside the city waiting for mom’s escort. Those in the front leading the escort were also Valkyries on white horses. Whenever I see them, I remember Nier welcoming me home in her white uniform.’                    

‘But Nier hasn’t worn that uniform in a long time. Nier, who has gotten used to dresses and skirts, hasn’t touched her Valkyrie uniform in a long time, I don’t think. In my opinion, the Valkyrie uniforms gives off its own vibe… Lucia and I did once do… while she was in her shadow squad uniform… We were happier…’

The escort slowly arrived before us. Two Valkyries gave each other a nod. I dismounted and went up to the carriage to pull the door open. Before I could speak, two silhouettes leapt at me. My first reaction was fright. I thought there were assassins were hiding in there to kill me.

However, I then smelt the familiar scents in my arms. I took two steps back to steady myself, since catching them both almost threw my back out. I smiled as I stroked the heads of the two who leapt at me. With surprise and joy, I exclaimed, “Nier?! Lucia?! How come you two are here too?!”

“Mm… I wanted to be with you, Your Majesty… Though I said all that, I still want to be by your side…”

“Your Highness, we’ve been apart for so long and my body is stabilising, too. I also wanted to see you. I really, really wanted to see you.”

Lucia and Nier did everything they could to knock the other way in order to monopolise my embrace, so they kept wriggling around in my arms. Their gazes for each other sure didn’t show a hint of joy from having not met in a long time. Their gazes were filled with rage and hostility for each other. They wished for nothing more than to slash the other to death, and then curl up in my arms in peace.

“Okay, okay, you two. We haven’t entered the city yet. It’s a little too early for you to be clinging to him.”

A domineering voice came from behind them. The two of them paused and then stepped back from me. I looked behind them to see Vyvyan smiling and Elizabeth with a stern expression. I made a small bow then smiled and greeted them, “Your Majesty, Your Highness, welcome to Hilles City.”

Vyvyan nodded with a smile. I noticed her body dangerously shudder.

‘I’m fairly certain she wanted to leap at me like Lucia and Nier did. Maybe she would’ve been the first to leap at me before if my two wives weren’t present.’

Vyvyan’s finger quivered.

‘I’m fairly certain she wanted to leap over and kiss me.’        

Elizabeth looked at me, but hesitated for a moment before asking, “Ah… Uhm… Yeah… So, have there been any problems in the Royal Capital during your stay?”

“Everything has been well, Your Majesty.”

“Good. Let’s enter the city now then.”

Elizabeth kept it short. Nier then quickly requested, “Your Majesty, I would like to ride a horse with His Majesty into the city.”

“Oh?” Elizabeth nodded and asked, “Will you be all right?”

“I will be all right. My child will be fine.”

Nier nodded. Lucia then raised her hand and said, “Me too, then. I want to ride with His Highness into the city, as well then.”

“All right.”

Vyvyan nodded. She provided Lucia with a barrier, so Lucia was actually safer than Nier. As a result, Lucia could run about unlike Nier. According to what Lucia, herself, said, she was always particularly tired, because her child absorbed her mana to take shape. However, things have stabilised now so she can run around now.

Vyvyan shut the carriage’s door. She then patted her chest. She let out a sigh of relief and exclaimed, “I nearly died. I’m going to die. My son was so cool, so handsome and so cute just now. I almost couldn’t help myself from hugging him… My goodness, this is so scary. My son is becoming cooler and cooler, and he’s becoming more and more handsome now. He’s my son without a doubt. The older he becomes, the more I like him…”

Elizabeth hesitated for a moment then looked at her own hand and responded, “I do envy Nier and Lucia. My son has never been so intimate with me, yet they can get hugs from him. I was, honestly, a little upset when he hugged them just now. Moreover, my son has grown up.”

Vyvyan pursed her lips into a smile then sighed, “Seeing my son so old and tall now makes me feel that I’ve aged. Thinking back to how we used to live makes me feel strangely nostalgic. He grew up while we were fighting each other for him. My Troy doesn’t need anybody to look after him anymore.

“He’s my son.” Elizabeth emphasised that again before saying, “You’re right, you’re right, my son has grown up. We can focus on staying at home to raise him now. Troy now feels similar to Inard.”

“Uhm.” Vyvyan nodded and then said, “This is my first time at your Royal Capital. What does your Royal Capital have that could amaze me?”

“Probably the surrounding scenery.”

Elizabeth pulled one of the veils open, and then leaned on the window. She used the black veil to cover her face. Vyvyan looked at the massive crowd of people outside with astonishment. Everybody was loudly yelling from upstairs, both sides of the street and even people standing on the roofs. Everybody’s face was red with excitement.

Vyvyan listened to the people shouting outside. Her ears twitched due to the shouting. The people below shouted, “long live Your Majesty, long live Your Majesty”.

“Humans. You humans sure are unnaturally good at reproducing, huh…”

“So you’re saying we’re like rats?” Elizabeth chuckled. She wasn’t offended. She then continued, “It’s because we’re open-minded. We wouldn’t live in a small forest until we die. We will go outside, discover countless lands and countless places to improve our homes. We have short lifespans; hence, we do our best to love others. We won’t wait for love. Instead, we’ll go and proactively search for love.”

“I think I understand why Onii-sama fell in love with you back then now.”

Vyvyan pulled her neck back then chuckled and went on, “After all, you’re much more proactive than I am. I think that being as passive as my Onii-sama was, left defenceless against you. Whatever, though. Let’s put Onii-sama aside for now. I won’t be giving up when it comes to my son, though.”

“I thought we had reached an agreement on this.”

“Not at all,” Vyvyan looked at Elizabeth and said, “We might be able to make compromises when it pertains to my child. At Troy City, we could take care of my son together. This time, however, I won’t be letting you have my son again.”

Elizabeth shuddered. She then looked at Vyvyan with a cold look, “Don’t tell me you…”

Vyvyan snickered and then casually responded, “Ah… You don’t happen to think that I can’t do anything just because you’re around, do you?”


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