The Transmigration Survival Guide – Vol. 01 Ch. 23

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I didn’t have anywhere to go after refusing to bath with her, so I just sat to one side.

Veirya soaked herself in the water and didn’t say anything else to me or try to cover herself up. This is the second time Veirya and I have come into this situation now, and she’s never been shy because of it.

I’m guessing Veirya doesn’t know what she’s doing, like Leah.

Sitting there, I watched Veirya, who was cleaning her arm. Veirya didn’t care about her jiggling breasts, but because of that, I couldn’t look straight at them.

I looked at her and started to speak. I looked at the flame to the side and softly apologised, “Sorry. I didn’t mean to call you a monster in the evening… Sorry… I’m sorry.”

“Never mind it.” Veirya’s answer was the same as usual. She looked at me totally calm and added, “I don’t mind.”

“You do care, don’t you? You wouldn’t have asked all those questions afterwards, otherwise. We converse very little. We spoke a little more than usual this evening.”

“Sorry for making things troublesome for you.”


“You don’t like to talk to me.”

“No, no, no, I didn’t complain about talking to you… It’s just that… I was surprised when you said so much this evening.”

I sometimes felt like I had no way of conversing with Veirya, or rather, I had to forego using my brain when I communicated with her. Only that way could I communicate normally with Veirya.

She looked at me and then said, “I really envy you.”

“What are you being envious of me over? Is it because of Leah?”

“No. It’s because you can protect someone.”

“Didn’t you protect all of humanity as a warrior? Or rather, an entire continent?”

“I didn’t protect anyone. The Demon King is dead but the world hasn’t changed.” Veirya gently poured some water onto her breasts and then wiped it off.

Veirya’s body was as intoxicating as I remember it. However, she didn’t understand how alluring her body was.

She looked up at me and continued, “I’m very confused. People used to say that there were so many disasters because of the demons. But why is that still the same, despite the Demon King being dead now? How am I going to protect everyone, once I’m no longer a warrior? I’m very envious of you. You could shield Leah with your own body. But I don’t know how to protect others. They say that I protected everyone, but I don’t feel anything. I want to see the people I supposedly saved leading normal lives after I saved them.”

“Is that why you chose to protect Leah?”

“No. With Leah, it’s because one thing happened after another. I really do like Leah, which is why I want to protect her. But the one I truly want to protect is you.”

Veirya looked at me with a serious look.

Such a joke of a statement was perfectly normal right now. That was Veirya’s genuine thoughts. I looked at Veirya, a little panicked. But what I was faced with wasn’t her face but her breasts. Veirya was leaning on the edge of the tub with her generous bosom placed right on the edge, which was right in front of my face.

I was shocked. I went to reach my hands out toward them and grabbed them in an attempt to push away… Where the heck did this thought come from?! It’s all Leah’s fault!!

I’ve gotten used to seeing Leah’s breasts sway back and forth in front of me, but these aren’t Leah’s breasts!! I wanted to push them away, but in the instant I hesitated, my hands went and grabbed them…


Veirya’s expression didn’t change at all. However, she seemed just slightly confused as to why I was doing this.

I lost my judgement skills completely in this ultimately awkward situation. My hands were still pressed on Veirya’s breasts. In fact, I could feel the intoxicating tips on my palms…

A moment later, Veirya looked at me and asked with puzzlement, “You like breasts?”

“I do… No! No!! That wasn’t on purpose!” I pulled my hands back like I got electrocuted.

Veirya puffed her boobs up with confusion and then said, “I don’t like them. They keep swinging back and forth when I swing my sword. If you like them, feel them some more.”

“No… that’s not what I meant…”

“Forget it then.”

I suddenly felt like I suffered a big loss… But my goal in coming here this time wasn’t to be blessed. I came to apologise to Veirya.

Veirya turned around in the bathtub then handed me the towel and said, “Help me scrub my back.”


“Scrub my back.” Veirya was in position with her back facing me.

I was holding a towel I just used to scrub Leah’s back with.

I looked at Veirya’s back and spaced out. Veirya’s back in the water looked mesmerising. Her perfect lines and voluptuous boobs, which you could see part of from behind…

I carefully extended my hand out and placed it on her back. Veirya wasn’t bothered. I had nowhere to put my left hand, so I placed it on her back. I could feel her warmth.

This… this… isn’t… good for your body…

“I don’t want to be a monster.”

Veirya had her back to me. I assume what she said was what she wanted to say most.

My hand placed gently on her back gently ran across her back. I softly responded, “You’re not a monster.”

“Will you always remain by my side, then?” Veirya shook her back causing the hand-towel to drop. She turned around to look at me and sincerely asked, “I want to be a person with a family and to be someone who can protect someone. I want to see the flowers you promised to show Leah, together. I want to see them. Can you, show me them?”

I raised my head up and looked at Veirya blankly. I don’t know if it was my imagination, but I felt like Veirya was smiling slightly. When I focused, however, she didn’t wear any expression. I then felt Veirya was really beautiful and my heart beat sped up a lot, though.

Even though I had to go to a city I’d never seen before tomorrow, I was strangely confident right now.

Veirya looked at me but I didn’t reply. She then asked again, “Can you, show me them?”

“I can.” I nodded.

Veirya didn’t reveal a gleeful smile. She was as calm as when I called her over to eat. Actually, she cared more for the food when I called her.

She raised her leg up and water ran down in front of me. I looked at her thigh blankly. I barely caught a glimpse of a passing beauty…

Veirya is honestly so amazing…

She picked up the hand-towel by the side and wiped herself.

I stood up and left hesitantly. As soon as I turned the corner and saw Leah standing there leaning on the wall, my body jolted. Leah looked at me. She licked the corner of her lips with rage and seduction.

She smiled and then leaned over and softly said, “Papa, since that happened between you two, you should know what’s going to happen next, right…?”

I surrender…

“Leah… We seriously can’t do that. Serious… We’re father and daughter…”

“Don’t care. Papa, don’t you like breasts? You can touch mine. Leah’s breasts are bigger and softer than that woman’s, right? Just keep your hands on them, then. Grab them until your hands only remember the shape of Leah’s breasts! You said you were going to apologise, so why did it turn into a bath?! Papa, you’re too much!! Grab them!”

“Wait… it’s honestly not a good idea…”

“Is that because you hate Leah’s breasts?”

“No… it’s just… erm… this…”

“Grab them then!”

“Okay, okay…”


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