Martial King’s Retired Life – Vol. 4 Ch. 03

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Searching for the Beauty

Boss Shen and General Manager Bai went into the main room of the warehouse after hearing Imperial Doctor Dai’s voice.

The place was littered with injured personnel. The doctors arguing in the centre were Imperial Doctor Dai and another Imperial Doctor.

The doctor exclaimed, “Y-You old fool! I have practised medicine for decades. How dare you say that about me?!”

“What, I can’t tell you off?”

Imperial Doctor Dai’s eyes glowed and his dry lips curled up into an eerie smile. The smile was like a really detestable antagonist smiling unapologetically at your face after screwing you over. He almost scared the doctor off with that look.

I, however, knew that it was just because his vision was poor due to old age.

Imperial Doctor Dai is obsessed with medical studies, trying to concoct drugs non-stop. He’s a medical studies nut, but he’s actually a very good person. He studies more than he can digest and his eyesight isn’t too good, so he’s always had fairly poor relationships with others.

“You must be accurate with pulse readings! That’s the most important thing in practising medicine, yet you can’t even read them correctly. What right do you have to be a doctor?”

“H-How did I read the pulse wrong?”

“How did you come up with this prescription? What did you diagnose this big idiot with?”

“I prescribed a medicinal soup to help his qi return to homeostasis. His pulse may be strong, but it is not serious. I prescribed him a supplemental medicinal soup. He will naturally completely recover after resting for some time.”

The innocent warrior lying on the ground between the two doctors stopped moving altogether. He didn’t dare to say anything and had to deal with getting scolded. He sadly shed tears.

“That’s bullshit!” Imperial Doctor Dai glared at him, “One’s pulse must correspond on both the exterior and internal level. A large individual has a fainter pulse, while a smaller individual has a stronger pulse. If they match, that is good. Otherwise, they are in trouble. You diagnosed a small in stature injured individual just before as well, right? You noticed that their pulses were similar, so you gave him a prescription, right?”

Imperial Doctor Dai got angrier and angrier as he went on. He was one step away from stamping his foot, “His pulse was as strong as the smaller guy. That smaller guy is fine. How can you treat them as one and the same?! His lungs suffered an injury. If he treated himself with your suggestion, he’d start showing all sorts of symptoms in less than ten days. You charlatans will then start pushing the blame onto some after effects. After effects, my ass! You charlatans! You can’t even read a pulse. Get lost! I don’t need you here at my medicine warehouse!”

The doctor’s eyes got teary after the scolding. He raged, “Y-You were kicked out of the Imperial Medicine Office because of this excessively rough attitude of yours.”

He really did end up running off crying in the end.

Old Dai was so angry he was huffing and puffing with his eyes wide. He didn’t keep the doctor. He mumbled, “Trash. Trash. How are there so many useless people in the world? I’m always running into them! These charlatans only bring harm! Hmm? You two idiots at the door.”

He looked at Boss Shen and General Manager Bai with his unique, old, and antagonistic eyes and asked, “What?”

He resembled a rodent in every way.

The two beauties reacted like they saw a rodent. They suddenly felt a cold chill down their spine.


“Thank you for your hard work, Imperial Doctor Dai.”

They then turned around and exited.

Old Dai scratched his head and muttered, “What strange lasses. What’s that girl wearing a eunuch’s uniform for? Is it fun?”

He muttered as he went through the centre hall, into the building and a room.

It looks like he’s going back to his bedroom.

I spotted an opportunity I couldn’t pass up. I crawled across the roof like a gecko. I broke the lock on a window and silently snuck in.

Old Dai held two bottles of medicine in his hands. I caught him muttering to himself, “This bottle is applied to the outside. This bottle is to be consumed via drinking. I guarantee that you’ll be a hundred times more energetic and fully recovered after one day.”

He then opened the bed curtain. It appeared as though he wanted to take something.

I was now standing behind him. I suppressed my voice as I called out to him, “Imperial Doctor Dai!”

He got a fright. He shouted, “Who are you?! How dare you barge into my…”

I covered his mouth faster than a flash of lightning. I quietly said, “It’s me; it’s me! Keep your voice down!”

He struggled for a bit to no avail before realising that it was me. He immediately stopped resisting. He became pleasantly surprised. However, just as he went to speak, I glared at him. Consequently, he lowered his voice to say, “Oh my, Fuma Shifu, you’re finally back!”

“Uhm, you…”

“I’m so glad you came. So many wounded personnel suddenly rocked up here. I alone cannot handle so many. Shifu, I have not seen your amazing healing skills in a long time. Please assist me and show some of your skills.”

He didn’t wait for me to agree or refuse. He pulled me by my hand and dragged me out. I looked at him and realised that he wanted to peek at my skills to learn them!

He snickered slyly and said, “Come, come, come, please don’t hold back. Lots of people are waiting for you!”

Putting his gaze aside, his smile was so eerie. He looked like a gigolo trying to trick an innocent girl into working at a brothel.

I pulled him back. In a suppressed voice, I shouted, “Shut up! My hope lies with you now! You need to help me.”

He froze up and looked at me. He then looked at the folding window behind me. He seemed to realise that I came in through the window. He couldn’t help but frown. He said, “I cannot help you with that. I am a dutiful minister of the imperial court. Illegal things…”

“I’ll give you one of the seventeen prescriptions of the lost Typhoid Fever Records.”

As soon as I finished, he looked at me like a rodent and his eyes lit up, “Shifu, do you want me to kill or set fire?!”

He asked the question with a sinister smile. I’m telling you, that smile was more sinister than all of Mystery and the Black Winds Thirteen Wings combined.

“… You’re a well-mannered guy, so why do you always say things that could cause misunderstandings? I’m not killing anyone or setting fire to anything.” I placed my hand on my forehead and sighed, “Hurry and go find some of these materials for me in the warehouse. Get some leather parchments, too, hurry!”

He thought about it for a moment before asking in a dragged-out way, “These materials do not look like medicine. They actually look more like hair dye. Eh? Fuma Shifu, what happened to your hair?”

Mr. Divine Doctor, hurry up and get your eyes treated already!

I pestered him to go and get the materials before I could finally sit down and have a think about “what next”?

The Orange Prince’s revolt utterly failed. I don’t know how the emperor will punish him. He is his son, so I don’t think he’d behead him, would he?

There wasn’t much damage and few losses as a result of this revolt, but hundreds of imperial guards did lose their lives. However, it wasn’t the Orange Prince that directly killed them, so Jia Yunfeng will have to bear the blame for that.

Jia Yunfeng was taken away by members of the League of Assassins. He took a palm strike from me, so he’s lost all of the evil techniques he had learnt. He failed his mission and Mystery was basically history. I don’t think the League of Assassins will keep him.

Once news of this gets out from the palace, Mount Hua will send their own people to clean up their own sect.

Jia Yunfeng, Jia Yunfeng, when will you ever grow up? Mount Hua will only have hope when you do.

There’s a new problem as well. It wasn’t easy for me to save up some money, yet now I’ve spent it on buying a new dye. I need to think of something to save some, or else I won’t even be able to feed myself daily.

What? The office has food for us?

I hereby vehemently argue, “Piss off! I can cook better tasting food.”

A scared voice that sounded pretty suddenly came from the bed inside the building.

“Wh-Who’s there?”

Eh?! There’s someone inside!

My carelessness got the better of me! I didn’t notice there was someone else in the room as well!

That’s right! Old Dai did say something about recovering in one day or whatever. So he wasn’t talking to himself, but the person lying on the bed. It looks like Old Dai has learnt how to pretend to have proper mannerisms now! Why is he hiding a woman in the building?!

I was afraid that the girl would come out so I controlled my voice as I said, “I am Zhong Ning! I am here to look for a beauty and see her treasures. Come out and let me see if you are pretty or not. If I like the way you look, I’ll show you some fun.”

As I spoke, I struck the air with a palm strike, which emitted qi in all directions and kept it there for a long while. That was my way of letting her know that a powerful pervert had come.

The girl on the bed panicked and didn’t dare to come out, as I had anticipated, “I, I’m not pretty. I’m ugly. Don’t you come in. I’m so ugly I could give you a fright.”

Her voice was the voice of a true beauty in the mortal realm. She had a high-pitched voice that sounded both clear and beautiful.

I’m sure she’s a beauty.

“Hehe, they call me Zhong Ning, the unparalleled pervert of the four seas. I am the number one pervert in the Central Plains and beyond. If you don’t want to have fun with me, you best not let me see you. Let me also tell you that I love hearing others scream. If you dare to scream, I’ll dare to pounce you.”

I had to say that so that she wouldn’t scream out. Otherwise, I’d be busted.

The girl grumbled, “I, I’m very ugly. My mother always said I was ugly when I was young. She often told me not to harm peoples’ eyes.”

That’s your mother complimenting your beauty, you silly girl! What a pure and cute girl.

She’s pretty and has a cute personality. I can’t believe she’s Old Dai’s woman. Old Dai, you sure have good fortune with the ladies! You usually pretend you’re intoxicated with medical studies, but you know how to hide a beauty for yourself!

I’m still single over here!!!

I’ll show you what it means to be an angry single man today!

I chuckled, “It’s pointless no matter what you say. I’m a picky man. I just like… white! I like anyone with white skin.”


The girl seemingly froze up. She sounded like she was sobbing now, “I, I’m not white at all!”

I suddenly smelt the smell of medicine and there was movement from the bed. It sounded like she was spreading medicine on herself so that she’d look dark. This girl is so silly it’s cute.

“Hmph, the more you say that the more I want to see how pretty you are. I want to see if your ankle is smooth and snow-white. Let’s see… Hng, let’s see your belly button! I want to see if your belly button is cute and fragrant.”

“M-My ankle is ugly. It’s dark and crass. My belly button is ugly too. It’s like a crooked seed. Don’t look. I beg you.”

I disdainfully asked, “How do I know whether you’re lying or not?”

Her voice sounded soft like she was pleading, “I train martial arts. My ankle is really ugly. I don’t have any flesh on my belly either. In fact, it doesn’t show when I sit either. My belly is flat. It doesn’t look good.”

I heard movement from the bed again. As I spoke, she continued to spread medicine on herself. She panicked as she tried to take a look at me outside holding my belly as I laughed like a mad man.

But that’s enough fooling around. She is a lady, so let’s not go overboard with the teasing.

“Girl, if I don’t take a look at you after saying that, it would be…”

The girl on the bed suddenly stopped moving and immediately yelled, “Fuck you! Who are you calling a girl?! I’m a guy!”

Eh? Why does that line sound so familiar…?

Somebody suddenly pushed the door and said, “Bai Hu Su, I have brought you your adjuvant candy as per orders.”


Oh, fuck! It was Su Xiao!!! So it was Su Xiao I was teasing!

Su Xiao sees me as a brother, and yet I…

“Bai Hu Su? Bai Hu Su?”

Su Xiao didn’t dare to respond. The person calling out to him waited for a bit. They wanted to come in after not getting a response!

Shit! Shit! Shit! Su Xiao is going to tell on me even if I run now! Princess Hongzhuang knows who Zhong Ning is. Wouldn’t that mean that my relationship with Imperial Doctor Dai would be exposed?

However, while I was hesitating, the person outside had already opened the door from outside.


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