Martial King’s Retired Life – Vol. 4 Ch. 04

Editor: Areth Kyntaul


Su Xiao, You’re So Cool!

“Bai Hu Su. Bai Hu Su, I’m coming in. Erm… Are you still not up?” Since Su Xiao didn’t give a response to the person delivering the medicine, the individual thought that he was not yet up.

“I will place it here then. Please use it when you are ready. I shall take my leave now.” The person exited after finishing what they had to say.

I finally sighed a breath of relief. That was seriously dangerous.

After I saw the door was just slightly open, I entered my enlightened mode and immediately rushed over to the bed fast as an arrow! I pulled the curtain open and managed to get a clear sight of the other party before they could see me.

There was a beautiful young individual sitting on the bed. Their hair was down, and I immediately had my breath taken away when our eyes met.

I’ve never seen her have her hair down.

She sat as though she was sitting casually in her best friend’s room. Her eyelashes were black and closely spaced together. Her cute snow white nose was tall and straight. Her shimmering eyes compared to the beauty of the moon, stars and sea.

Her clothes were messy. It looked like it was messy as such because she had just spread medicine on her ankle and belly. Her long, slender arms and thighs formed a most alluring silhouette. The clothing at her lower abdomen was slightly open, revealing a cute and smooth belly button.

Her pants were pulled down. She only had her upper body clothing to cover her lower body. One of her legs was under the blanket, while her other leg was revealed.

Her clothes hung loosely off of her body and blew in the wind. Her naked foot was smoother than snow. Perhaps she was perspiring a little, since she slept in the blanket the entire time. A trail of water ran down from her smooth-white thigh.

Not even I could help but feel my body heating up.

I’ve seen a good number of legs. Boss Shen’s were soft and seductive. Shiyi and Princess Hongzhuang were proportionately long and slender, but they couldn’t compare to these legs in terms of their lines.

My eyes followed along the outline of her leg, down to her clean small ankle. It didn’t look like she’d ever trained martial arts given how smooth her calf was, and she definitely didn’t have ugly feet.

For some reason, I couldn’t help myself from moulding internal energy to instinctively take a whiff. I smelt a faint flower fragrance.

It was different to the usual scent she had on her. It was as if she had bathed in scented water, which would explain how her skin was so smooth and gorgeous. She didn’t have visible wrinkles on her feet, where you usually would have wrinkles, either.

Her belly was indeed as previously described. There was no excess fat, despite sitting up. As I looked up along her belly, that was slightly exposed, I unconsciously imagined two plump, soft mounds…

Stop! Stop! I’ll be a creep if I continue looking!

Deep breaths. Deep breaths… Even if “she” is alluring, I am still very calm, because “she” is Su Xiao!

Speaking of which… is the stuff Su Xiao spread on his face Bai Yao? What good would that be if I was truly evil?

All of that happened within an instant, as I had already appeared by cute Su Xiao’s side in the next instant. I swiftly covered Su Xiao’s gentle and sweet small mouth with one hand, and then used my other hand to cover his large bright eyes. I turned around and hugged “her” from behind. I pulled “her” into the blanket with me.

I only pulled the blanket off, with a breath of relief, after the person delivering medicine left.

Su Xiao put up a bit of a resistance, so I had to hug him tighter. His warm, soft and fragrant body leaned on mine. However, his legs were naked, so I had a really strange feeling. The more he struggled, the more awkward I felt.

Honey! I don’t want to hug you myself, but I can’t be exposed! My hair is white right now and I don’t have my mask on. I’ll be done for if I get busted.

I leaned right into Su Xiao’s snow-white ear and said, “Don’t be so loud. I don’t like you, so I won’t do anything to you. I’ll spare you as long as I’m not busted, got it?”

Afterwards, I loosened up my grip a little. However, Su Xiao then started crying out, “I don’t trust you! You’re a bad guy! Help m-…”

Hey!! You liar!!

Hence, I had no choice but to cover his mouth again. This guy goes back on his word like he’s a natural!

I lowered my voice and said, “Shut up, or I’ll strip you and walk you around on the streets stark naked.”

Su Xiao squirmed around a few more times and then suddenly stopped.

Hmm? It looks like my threat finally worked.

Su Xiao didn’t stop moving altogether. He actually leaned his body backwards. He stuck close enough to me to suspect he was actually naked.

The air suddenly became really dry. My mouth started to get dry, while I couldn’t help but sneakily tighten my arms around the naughty kitten. The soft touch on my hands made me feel intoxicated. However, my mouth was still exclaiming, “Wh-What are you doing?!! Don’t move!”

Nonetheless, Su Xiao ignored me and squirmed around while stuck to me. He then started sniffing around, making me suddenly feel as if a kitten I had raised was clinging to me.

Su Xiao suddenly quieted down. He hesitated for a while and then mumbled something.

I loosened my grip on him so that I could hear him properly.

What he said was, “Big Brother Ming? Is that you?”


I broke out in a cold sweat.

Who said Su Xiao was stupid? This kid is dangerously smart!

“I’m not some Big Brother Ming. I’m Zhong Ning. Spout nonsense again, and I’ll strip you.”

Su Xiao reacted a little scared, but his tense body suddenly stopped. He jerked his pretty body gently and then giggled.

“Big Brother Ming, I know it’s you. I can tell by your smell. Who else would have the smell of pears, meat buns and duck on them? Nobody in Nanjing can match your gluttony.”


I got anxious and apprehensive, “You know it’s me just by smelling?”

This Su Xiao is getting more and more impressive. I can’t underestimate him. He’s beginning to grow a detective’s cells in his brain, now.

Pleased with himself, Su Xiao replied, “I wasn’t sure initially, but I touched you as well. You’re the only guy that has hugged me before, so I remember the feeling very well. We wouldn’t be good brothers if I can’t recognise you after touching and smelling you.”

Hey! What you just said makes me feel that there’s something a lot worse than good brothers between us!

I suddenly responded, “Okay, okay, good brother, it’s me. You… got hurt, so I came to see you.”

Su Xiao responded with glee in his voice, “You’re okay now, Big Brother Ming? You were hurt so badly that everybody said you couldn’t be saved. I didn’t believe them, so I brought you to Imperial Doctor Dai. He seemed really skilled, but he wouldn’t tell me how you were. Did he treat you? Oh, yeah, bad guys came afterwards. What happened to them? Did they escape? Anyway, I’m glad you’re okay. I was worried to death…”

I felt Su Xiao tremble gently. He couldn’t hide the sadness in his voice. I could sense his reassurance and joy as if there was a little…

Anger was seeping into the air.

“Yes, yes, yes, you’re so smart, Xiao. You got it all right. Imperial Doctor Dai treated me and the bad guys got arrested by the Imperial Guards. You don’t need to worry about anything.”

I was fine the entire time, silly kid, but thank you for the thought.

I scrubbed his head, “Silly kid, I’ll be fine, I guarantee it. Don’t get angry and don’t worry, okay?”

Su Xiao went silent.

I suddenly felt his body get warmer, but I wasn’t sure why.

After the burning beauty hesitated for a bit, he extended his slender white hands and legs. He then turned his body around and hugged me gently with a tinge of fear. He wrapped his snow-white arms wrapped around me. It was as though he could intoxicate someone with just a single gentle touch.

It was as if I was being seduced by the sweet fragrance, like drunk person. He had a beautiful ray of light in his eyes that bordered upon perfection, challenging my rationality even further.

Stop! This is very dangerous!

Just as I was about to laugh it off and mock him before pushing him away, Su Xiao suddenly spoke into my ear with a strangely firm voice, “Ming Feizhen.”

My hands stopped unconsciously, because he suddenly changed the way he addressed me. Ever since we got friendly, Su Xiao never called me by my name directly. Why…

“Ming Feizhen… I’m being serious now. Don’t make me worry about you again.” Su Xiao’s voice sounded indifferent, yet left no room for questioning. He was serious in a way like never before. I could detect his rationality and even more so the strong emotions beneath the surface of his words.

“I don’t know what’s wrong with me, but I’m scared… that I will never see you again.”

“Oh, oh.”

“I nearly went crazy during this few hours.”

I suddenly felt like a girl that got hit on. My face and ears went red.

Su Xiao, you’re so cool!!

Su Xiao hugged and faintly said, “I know that you don’t like me like this… But don’t push me away… Let me stay like this for a bit longer.”

What can I say?

I released my hands and then placed one on Su Xiao’s small head. With my other arm, I wrapped it around his narrow shoulders that were shaking. His shoulders were like a newborn’s. He rested his head on my chest. The beauty, that was resolute moments ago, was now sniffling.

I hugged him back before responding, “… Okay.”

Su Xiao then hugged me with all his might as though he wanted to confirm I was still alive.

I heard his sobs from my chest every now and then.

His shoulders shivered gently and time passed just like that.

We lay in bed and chatted after he was done crying. I still had him in my arms. We spoke about many things that took place after he passed out. Su Xiao was so frightened he nearly jumped up when he heard the Orange Prince revolted.

I quickly covered his eyes, that were red from crying.

Su Xiao titled his small head and asked, “Eh? Big Brother Ming, what are you covering my eyes for?” Su Xiao squirmed in my arms. The punk started acting bolder after knowing it was me. He moved without any restraint.

Hey! Hey! Hey! Your legs are naked, so stop moving around like that!

“I can’t see with you covering my eyes like this.”

“That’s no big deal. We just need to lie on the bed and chat!”

“Don’t wanna! Who wants to chat with you like this?”

What else do you want then?!

You think my Eighteen Subduing Dragon Gropes are that easy to resist?!

“I feel uncomfortable like this, hmm… it’s sticky. It’s uncomfortable!” He snorted while speaking.

That combined with the touch of his smooth skin made me realise I shamefully…

Su Xiao started to struggle more vigorously to no avail. He suddenly stopped moving around and asked with puzzlement, “Eh? What’s this hard thing on my back?”

“Don’t ask, you idiot!”

Su Xiao puffed his cheeks up unhappily when I scolded him.

Su Xiao then raised his voice and loudly rambled, “What?! You scolded me again! How am I stupid? I’m not stupid at all. You’re stupid! Big Brother Ming, you’re the stupidest!”

Oh my god!! Pipe down!!

I forgot about this as I calmed down!!

It was reasonable for me to be scared because two voices from outside suddenly exclaimed.

“Ming Feizhen?”


Oh my god!! Good heavens! Which female deity did I piss off?! Give me a pill!!!


*I have not seen Bai Yao used in that form in this day and age. It’s now commonly used on those plasters you can get from Eastern medicine stores/practices for aches, pains, bruises etc. They’ve applied it to the plaster where you will then stick it on a specific spot(s) on your body. I’m fairly certain you can still get them over the counter.


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