Martial King’s Retired Life – Vol. 4 Ch. 02

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Learned it all for Nothing

If I’m correct, Boss Shen just got up from the sickbed, and has yet to fully heal, but was worried about my safety. She had suffered from Thorn Tears, poison hemlock, and the injuries Fu Xiang gave her.

I did release her clogged blood, but she still wobbled on her feet. That felt heart-rending to see.

“Yes, General Manager Bai. I am looking for him. I heard that all of the injured warriors were gathered here. That bastard Fu Xiang hit Feizhen with numerous heavy strikes, so he suffered grievous wounds. I do not know his condition myself. Would you happen to have seen him?”

General Manager Bai scanned Boss Shen’s beautiful face for a while. Her expression looked a little strange. She then folded her arms and indifferently replied, “Vice-captain Shen, this is the medicine warehouse, not my place. How could I cross my boundaries and interfere in the business of other departments? You are asking the wrong person.”

She then shook out her sleeve. That pure white eunuch uniform is large, to begin with, so it made her look tiny due to her small physique. She strongly resembled a fox deity in legends, wrapping herself up in her soft tail.

Oh my! General Manager Bai is giving her the cold shoulder!

I remember that she at least greeted Boss Shen even if they didn’t speak to each other. Female friendships, I mean, friendships between eunuchs and women truly are fragile.

General Manager Bai is the head of the eunuchs. She controls the inner operations, so she holds significant power and influence. In the past, she was called the “Inner Minister.” As such, even Boss Shen had to show her a degree of respect.

She made a cupped fist salute and smiled, “I apologise for my rudeness. It is just that Feizhen got hurt in the line of duty, so I cannot turn a blind eye to it. Imperial Doctor Li, General Manager Bai, do you know where he is?”

Even if Imperial Doctor Li was stupider, he could still recognise that Liu Shan Men’s Vice-captain and the Senior Eunuch in the palace were in conflict with each other here.

“I… that… Hehehe…” His office serves the royal family, so he needs Bai Lian’s support, or else they wouldn’t even get firewood in winter.

They were old and weak, so they’d die in their office. Hence, he considered Bai Lian their leader.

In a confused tone, Boss Shen asked, “Imperial Doctor Li? Where is Feizhen?”

Before he could reply, General Manager Bai interjected again, “Feizhen?”

General Manager Bai looked slightly unhappy, but she smiled and then asked, “Vice-captain Shen, do you address your subordinates so intimately?”

“I am his superior. We are with each other every day from day to night. What is so strange about addressing each other in simpler ways?”

Boss Shen frowned with puzzlement and asked, “You, on the other hand, are the General Manager of the inner palace. How do you know Feizhen?”

“I…” Bai Lian suddenly found herself speechless.

I don’t know if she recalled our first meeting or what, but her small handsome face suddenly went a little red.

“I unintentionally became friends with him.”

Boss Shen paid attention to Bai Lian’s reaction.

She grew up at Liu Shan Men and is the successor of the number one constable of this era, Yan Shisan. Figuring out this situation isn’t all that difficult. Boss Shen immediately revealed an expression showing she understood what was going on.

I could virtually figure out what Boss Shen was thinking from her unfriendly and decisive gaze, ‘Feizhen must’ve hooked up with this eunuch!’

She then wore a somewhat disdainful look, ‘Aren’t you quite the man, Feizhen? First Tang Ye and now General Manager Bai.’

Hey! That’s bullshit!

There’s nothing between General Manager Bai and me! I haven’t done anything other than kiss her once!

I looked down below from the roof. A spring breeze blew.

In my mind, I shouted; “I don’t like men!!!”

Boss Shen suddenly laughed and remarked, “You know Feizhen and have a rather close relationship with him, huh?”

Bai Lian went red in the face instinctively because Boss Shen hit the nail on the head. She reacted shyly, making her look so mesmerising.

“Heh, for real? So that’s how it is.”

Boss Shen didn’t reveal a ridiculing smile like I thought she would. Instead, she changed to an angry expression and thundered, “What the fuck are you blushing for?! What the hell is wrong with you, you damned eunuch?”

General Manager Bai suddenly got cursed silly.

“Are you deaf or something? I said that Feizhen got severely wounded and that his life is hanging in the balance. I want to see him! What the fuck are you getting jealous of?! Don’t get in my way!”

She then turned to face Imperial Doctor Li and shouted, “Li Jingtian! Get over here, you bastard!”

Boss Shen’s expression turned into a cold one. She grabbed him by his beard and pulled him over, “I said I wanted to see my subordinate. Are you playing with me? You fucking son of a bitch, say that again if you dare. What did you just say? I didn’t hear you!”

Imperial Doctor Li had the living daylights shocked out of him. He was on the brink of crying, “I dare not. I dare not! I do not know who Ming Feizhen is. I honestly do not!”

“Then what the hell were you spitting nonsense for?! I hate people lying to me most! Fuck you!”

She gave him a thundering kick up the groin…

Boss Shen was tough as ever… Her fighting prowess was as incredible as ever… I swallowed my saliva. If Boss Shen discovers my identity one day, I must…

For Bai Lian to not have cried yet after being cursed by Boss Shen, I felt that… I looked over again, only to see that General Manager Bai wasn’t scared in the least. She looked indifferent.

Bai Lian wasn’t scared at all. She glared at Shen Yiren coldly and indifferently said, “What are you trying to say? What do you mean, I am jealous? Jealous of who? Tell me.”

She said it lightheartedly, but it wasn’t lighthearted.

Shen Yiren pinched her nose and said, “I can smell your jealousy from eight yards away. Can you be any more obvious, you female looking eunuch? I just called Feizhen’s name, and you got all angry. If there was something between us, would you cry and throw a tantrum before hanging yourself? Bloody disgusting.”

“Vice-captain Shen, please mind your status. You are a lady with a fiancé. I am jealous of you, you say? You do realise you just admitted to it, without me asking? Is there something between you and that punk Ming Feizhen?”

Boss Shen suddenly found herself speechless.

Bai Lian snickered and went on, “Yes, I do indeed know Ming Feizhen, but we just know each other. I heard he got crippled, so I asked about him. I am a eunuch in the palace. You think I would be fighting for a man and getting jealous with a girl like you?! How ridiculous!”

As they conversed, they exchanged sharp eye contact like an exchange between inner energy. Sparks formed in the air between them as though they had already exchanged more than a hundred moves in an instant. It was basically a level only gods could attain…

The place where they stood suddenly transformed into a battlefield, as they oozed out auras so dangerous they could cause the injuries of the injured personnel to worsen.

The personnel had no choice but to drag their wounded bodies further into the courtyard to save their own lives.

One warrior was severely wounded to the point he needed crutches, so he walked slow. Upon closer inspection, I remembered he was the Six Pulse Divine Swords guy I “fought”! You’re still alive, Bro!

He ran at a turtle’s pace. He cried and shouted, “That Ming Feizhen has screwed me over again! Whoever runs into that plague Ming Feizhen will have misfortune for eight lifetimes!”

What?! What does this have to do with meeeeee?!!

Boss Shen and General Manager Bai engaged in a stare down.

I didn’t know what to do while on the roof. Somebody suddenly started rambling from inside the medicine warehouse.

“What the hell did you write here?! Is this even any good? Your prescription is riddled with problems from beginning to end!”

The voice contained a crazed passion for medical studies. It had the passion of a young man, yet sounded somewhat old. I suddenly saw my ray of hope! It’s Imperial Doctor Dai!

I heard him continue with his scolding, “You can’t even read pulses. You learned all that medical stuff… for nothing!”


*Usually you address people by their full name such as “Ming Feizhen”, and not just by their first name “Feizhen” in formal settings or if you aren’t close to someone.


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