Son-con – Vol. 6 Ch. 40

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“Your Highness… I don’t want to use this type of weapon…”

“You’ll be fine. Just give it a try…”

Lucia looked at the rifle in my hand with displeasure. Her eyes were filled to the brim with displeasure, as though I had asked her to look at something I shouldn’t have.

‘I really want for Lucia to use one of them, because guns are superior killing weapons compared to bows and arrows. Well, to be fair, that’s not quite one-hundred percent true yet, but it definitely will be in the future.’

I know the reason why elves aren’t willing to use guns. These things will destroy forests, and it’s also the weapon that killed countless elves ten years ago. This sort of weapon was a curse, from the standpoint of elves. However, I feel that Lucia needs this sort of thing now because she’s just an ordinary elf, now.

Lucia’s skills with a sword are considered intermediate level. Lucia isn’t bad, but the people around her are monsters; so it makes it look like all her efforts are failures. However, she is actually a fair bit superior to normal troops and even the imperial guards.

Most importantly, Lucia, now, no longer has the buffs provided by the wind elves. Lucia is truly very weak in her current state, hence, she needs a weapon.

“Didn’t you leave a gun with me before…? I just hung it up. I never used it. Your Highness, that gun seems different to other guns.” Lucia then looked at me and asked, “Is that gun somehow different?”

“Uhm, that’s right. I made that gun specifically for you. You can use that gun, right?”

I suddenly remembered it. I would’ve totally forgotten about that gun if Lucia had not mentioned it. I made an air-gun specifically for Lucia. My idea was great, at the time. It was intended for Lucia to control the wind and then fire bullets from the gun, but Lucia can’t do that anymore.

“Why?” Lucia looked at me with a hint of excitement and said, “If you made it specifically for me, I must use it! So what exactly is the function of that gun, Your Highness?”

“That gun isn’t fired using gunpowder.” I removed the barrel, which the bullet travels through. I then showed Lucia the bullet inside and added, “Rifles before required a place for storing gunpowder. When gunpowder passes through it and makes contact, it explodes and fires the bullet. The same still applies, except that the position of the gunpowder has been changed.”

“Your gun doesn’t have gun powder. It uses air -pressure to fire bullets. The reasons guns are a weapon that destroys your forest is preciselydue tof the burning of gu powder. If they were wind-powered instead of being powered by gu powder, you would be able to use it, right?”

Lucia fell silent for a while. She then nodded and replied, “I can use a gun that isn’t powered by gunpowder. However, Your Highness, I can no longer use wind magic, though. It’s not that I totally can’t, but that I would need a very long time to gather enough of the element… So, I think it’s better that I don’t use it…”

“Ah… true…”

‘Indeed, Lucia basically has no combat power, now.’

Nier is the one that can protect me normally, but there shouldn’t be anyone on the elven side who wants to harm me so I needn’t be worried about elven magic. Thus, I won’t need anyone who knows magic to protect me. Further, I have the protection of the demigod, Vyvyan. I don’t think there will be any issues with the elven side.

“I’ve completed the two-hundred rifles you asked for.” The red-haired lady appeared behind us and patted me firmly on my shoulder. She then looked at the humanoid target in front of us, which was swaying.

“Not bad Your Majesty. If that’s what you managed to hit, your marksmanship is great. Uhm, uhm, you need to have the skills to protect yourself as the prince, too!” She said.

I smiled helplessly.

‘My marksmanship isn’t bad under these circumstances, but once I’m in a pinch, I’m not all that. I remember I emptied my bullets to kill just three people when I was assassinated. I still don’t have the psychological capability to fire stably in the midst of intense fights.’

‘I don’t even fire guns after all. I can only shoot calmly in games. Most of my shooting skills were acquired from FPS games…’

“Not bad. This rifle is ideal.” I put the barrel back into the gun. Aiming at the target and emptied all the bullets into it, making the target sway.

The rifle could fire rapidly, and the firepower wasn’t bad. To compensate for the lethality of these rifles, which is a bit lacking, I asked Mommy Vyvyan to pour the magic from the potions elves make into three pools. I then soaked the bullets that we produced in the magic so that the bullets would be imbued with mana. Explosion, Ignite and Vicious Venom were completed in a moment. And then we have the granddaddy of bullets.

‘I’m sure that even Earth Dragons will have to run from the onslaught of repeat firing guns. They might not get killed, but anyone would be scared by something raining bullets intensely, like a fire-breathing dragon.’

I have every reason to call my cavalry unit the Dragon Rider Unit, because while they’re rampaging on the dragons, their guns will be firing like dragon’s breath.

I must admit that they’re not great at shooting while riding horses. But as soldiers tasked with controlling the enemy lines with repeat firing rifles, they don’t need to be super-accurate marksmen. They just need to scatter the enemies then dismount and engage.

I looked outside.

Two hundred people were training their sword skills orderly under Nier’s instructions.

The one that really resembled a girl, that soldier…

‘What was his name again…? Whatever.’

He was training with the men, too… Wait. He is a guy… His serious, white, and feminine face shone with radiance under the light. His crystal-like drops of sweat made him look heroic. His movements weren’t very similar to Nier’s.

Watching him, I almost wondered why a woman was in my guard unit.

‘He’s dressed in a guy’s clothing, has the vocal tone of a guy and isn’t deliberately copying female mannerisms, so why do I keep thinking he’s a girl…? That’s too freaking scary. If Nier wasn’t aware that he was a guy, she would never allow a woman in my guard unit.’

‘I don’t think Lucia would either…’

This young man’s loyalty is definitely true because I saved him; which is also why he’s the team captain. These men were gathered from all different teams, previously, so their skills and qualities were completely different.

However, through the regulations I put down, and Nier’s demonic training, the group was now well organised and executed every order without fail. Not only was their marksmanship superb, but their sword skills were gradually improving under Nier’s tutelage.

I believe that this team will soon be a team that I’m proud of.

They should be a team that is no less than the Valkyries or imperial guards.

This is my city and my guard unit. I’ve been here for almost a month and have finally settled old accounts and whatnot. My guard unit is steadily improving as well.

Now I need to resolve the most severe problem next. I must resolve this before spring arrives. And that is, I must enable my people to grow crops that can be traded…


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