Son-con – Vol. 6 Ch. 41

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Elven goods are excellent to humans because their goods, which were made with mana, are more beautiful and exquisite than that humans make. However, due to the fact that the products contain mana, elves are needed in order to make the products.

I went to Vyvyan’s room, again.

I don’t know what the story is, but Vyvyan has been in an especially good mood recently. So good that she doesn’t get angry when she sees me taking a stroll with Elizabeth. Instead, she presses her hands on her stomach and looks at Elizabeth with an extremely strange smile, the way you’d smile when mocking and looking down on someone.

That caused Elizabeth and me to be completely bewildered as to what was going on.

“Didn’t Mommy tell you already? Although Mommy loves you, Mommy cannot use Mommy’s influence to make elves work for humans. The elves won’t agree to it, even if I order them to. In the end, you will have endless conflict and contradictions, too. Mommy is thinking for your betterment, Son.” Vyvyan rejected me once again.

She wore a comforting smile as she stroked my head. She then said, “Sorry my son. If you need Mommy, Mommy won’t hesitate to stay. But Mommy can’t get the others to be like Mommy. Mommy isn’t a tyrant like Elizabeth. Mommy can bring it up with them, but cannot force them.”

I nodded. I could understand Mom’s difficulties.

The elves didn’t want to interact too much with the outside world, to begin with. However, I didn’t give up because I knew my father was an elf who was willing to interact with humans, back then. I have faith that an elf, among the elves, is willing to interact with humans.

“Mom, didn’t my father want to interact with humans back then? Are there still elves willing to interact with humans? Elves and humans have started trade relations, so they should be communicating a lot more than in the past. Is there no elf who is willing to live here in humanity’s lands?”

‘If we can’t force them, we can still encourage a few of them to come over, right? I don’t believe that there’s no one who’s willing to come… Elves and humans had kids together back then. Aren’t there bound to be other elves who’d be interested in that, too? Furthermore, elves and humans are interacting a lot more now.’

Vyvyan shook her head, “Do you remember Onii-sama’s ending? If we’re talking about back then, we didn’t know what humans were like, so we were curious about them. However, that group of curious elves is already dead. There is basically no one left who is willing to interact with humans more than absolutely necessary.”

‘It looks like the war ten years ago left a traumatic image with the elves… But I think Elizabeth’s order was definitely a vengeful scorched Earth strategy. That basically made elves averse to interacting with humans at all again.’

‘If it weren’t for trade relations, the two races might have broken off all communications completely.’

‘But it looks like it’s thanks to me that we’ve managed to maintain the most basic level of peace between the two races. It looks like there’s no such thing as true peace on this continent. Or rather it’s only peaceful on the surface. As soon as something happens to me, their anger and resentment will explode and the continent will be engulfed in war once again.’

‘I need to protect myself properly… not only for myself but also for the sake of maintaining the peace on this continent…’

“But not all elves submit to me.” Vyvyan looked at my expression and chuckled softly. She then continued, “Son, do you remember the dark elves? Some countless small elven tribes, that aren’t willing to submit to me, reside in the forest. They were pursued by us, back then, but we have already forgiven them. However, they still aren’t willing to leave the forest.”

“I think that those elves would still be willing to work in humanity’s lands since a permanent home and food is very important to those elves.”

I lingered for a moment before asking, “Them? Are they truly useful?”

“Of course they are. They weren’t banished because of mana or something. They were banished for other reasons. They were driven out when they didn’t support the right side in the internal elven war back then. If you can find them and bring them here, you will be able to begin your dye business.” Vyvyan replied with a smile.

The plan should benefit both of us. I don’t think Vyvyan wants to see tribes opposing her in her own forest, either; such as the dark elves. After the incident last time, Vyvyan is definitely more concerned about powers opposing her.

If humanity goads them into assassinations, Vyvyan will have to slaughter again.

‘Not that I’m saying that she didn’t slaughter a bunch last time already…’

‘I can provide them with a respectable job. They didn’t get affected by the war last time, either. I think they’d throw a celebration if they saw the Galadriel tribe get driven back like that. As they say, your enemy’s enemy is your friend. I’m sure that the group definitely likes ganging up.’

I looked at Mom and asked, “Do you know where they are then, Mom?”

Vyvyan gently tapped the corner of her mouth and then responded with a smile, “Of course, Mommy knows where they are. They thought they were very well hidden, but I knew very well where they were. It’s just that it’s not the best idea for Mommy to go and personally kill them. Therefore, Mommy shall let you complete this job, Son. But remember, Son, you can’t live on the elven side right now. Your mana has only recovered temporarily. Before it completely recovers, you can’t be on the elven side, so…”

I dawdled for a moment.

‘I can’t ask Mom to do this as there’s no way she could convince them. If they saw Mom, they’d definitely get into a fight with her; not to mention that they can’t beat her. Then their hidden members will get eradicated… And then my last hope will go poof…’

‘Elves by my side… elves by my side…’

‘It seems that the only elf I’ve always been ordering around is Lucia… But Lucia is pregnant so there’s no chance in hell I’m letting Lucia leave me. I’d rather not have this city then to put her at risk.’

“So, Son, do you want me to get the imperial guards to handle this matter? Of course, if the prince was to personally go, the hidden elves would see it as you showing them a form of respect. It’s best if you send someone who is at your side. The closer they are to you the better.”

Vyvyan stood up and then waved her hand. A few tiny dots appeared on the map to the side.

Vyvyan handed me the map and said, “The dots on this map are their gathering spots. Just pass this map on to someone you trust, Son. Do you have anyone you can trust around you? If you don’t, just let Mommy handle it.”

I hesitated for a moment.

‘Most of the people around me are humans… As for elves, I only have Lucia. I had Mera, but… she’s dead.’

I still took the map, nonetheless, though. To be honest, I still had another person in mind… But the person I had in mind probably wasn’t a good option. Actually, she was a terrible option. She had just escaped from the elven side, her family members on the elven side are all dead, and her family even tried to sell her off…

And that person is…



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