Son-con – Vol. 6 Ch. 39

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The forests of the elves weren’t just trees, leaves and what-not, but also a collection of mana.

God bestowed his creation with mana and infused spring water with it, which is the elven holy spring. The source of elven mana comes from the water derived from that gurgling spring.

The Galadriel tribe acquired the rights to rule the spring, as they defeated the other elves.

There are countless magical creatures inside the inner sections of the forest where the holy spring is located. Of course, that includes the elves.

The Galadriel tribe gave birth to Vyvyan Galadriel, the strongest war machine. The previous king… no, the king before the previous king chose to leave. He didn’t leave entirely voluntarily, but partly because Vyvyan stood out too much.

Only she could lead the masses. It’s a world where mana is justice, thereby making Vyvyan the ultimate ruler.

The gurgling holy spring flowed across the small creek in front. The old elf turned around to look at the forest, which rustled gently as if a breeze had blown past.

He hesitated for a moment before saying, “It’s you, right, Vyvyan? My beloved daughter, every time you appear, you cause an incredible mana fluctuation. I can sense it.”

The entire forest shook and then Vyvyan gracefully came out of the forest in her emerald dress like it was the forest that transformed into the dress. His daughter stood in the spot where light could only reach it partially.

She looked at the elder in front of her with her blue eyes and an expression that showed she wanted to smile. She made a small bow and then spoke out with her clear and beautiful voice, “Long time, no see, Father. Are you still well?”

“I’m very well. With the spring water healing me, I’ll be fine.” The elder stood up, walked over to his daughter and hugged her.

Vyvyan hugged her father tightly and then said, “I have not come to see you in a long time. I think I started rarely visiting you after Troy was born since I am the queen, and Troy’s mother before I am your daughter.”

“I know, I know. Troy is your only child. He’s your child with Inard, and the successor our Galadriel tribe is most proud of.”

The elder looked at his daughter’s incomparably beautiful cheeks. He knocked with his crutch and continued, “Though I’m glad that you could come and visit mey, I feel that the elven imperial capital and Troy, needs you more. Child, how is Troy?”

“Troy is getting married.”

The elder’s eyes lit up to Vyvyan’s simple response. He then smiled at his daughter with excitement and said, “Time really is interesting. Despite us having plenty of time, we still sigh that time passes.”

“Troy is getting married, huh? How nice, how nice. My grandson should be handsome and suave now since he is the heir of our Galadriel tribe. Our descendants have always looked good.”

“So what’s my granddaughter-in-law like? Is her blood pure? Does she possess an abundance of mana? Can she give birth to an adequately strong descendant with our Troy?”

Vyvyan shook her head. She smiled helplessly and answered, “I am sorry, Father. Troy does not seem to be getting married for the sake of the next generation. His wife is a very ordinary elf. Very, very ordinary. However, since they have been together for a long time, their love for each other is very deep. Troy could give his life away for her…”

“What good is that?!” The elder’s kind eyes turned indifferent in the blink of an eye. He looked at his daughter while knocking with his crutch loudly.

He created a ditch by stomping his foot on the ground and raged, “What meaning is there in a love that was nurtured for a long time to an elf?! Only humans find meaning in time! What is the meaning of having someone accompany us?! If being with someone for a long time was a criterion for getting married then Troy could marry all the women around him! That’s absolutely pointless! Troy needs a wife with pure-blood and an abundance of mana! Only such a love fits our tribe’s tradition!”

“I agree with you, Father. I apologise, Father, I have doted on Troy a little excessively.” Vyvyan nodded. While she said that amicably, anger still surfaced in her blue eyes.

She allowed no one to criticise her son, even her own father could not. If someone were to insult her most beloved son in front of her, she would personally rip that individual to shreds.

“Cancel their wedding, then. That should be a simple matter for an elven queen, right? If you can’t, then kill that woman. I believe that you would do anything to protect your tribe and son, right? Killing someone is but a simple matter for you, as well, isn’t it?”

While looking at her father, Vyvyan seriously replied, “There certainly would be no problem. However, my son loves her. Since he loves her, I will not do anything that would make my son angry.”

“What about our next generation then?! What about the next king?! Troy is the successor whom I have high hopes for. What happens after his rule? What will become of our tribe if he doesn’t have a successor? If we don’t have a suitable successor, how are we going to control the holy spring? Are we going to go sucking blood after we lose access to the holy spring?!” The elder looked at Vyvyan furiously.

Mana was everything for the Galadriel tribe, because dark elves require mana to live. The reason their tribe didn’t need to suck blood is that they had access to the holy spring of the elves, which provided them with unlimited mana. They could fulfil their desire for mana by drinking water and therefore did not need to suck blood.

But if they don’t have access to the holy spring, the Galadriel tribe will become the dark elf tribe they once slaughtered.

The elves require the holy spring because they require mana. If they want to manage and rule the holy spring, they must make others submit to their ruler.

Vyvyan looked at her furious father. She stroked her lower abdomen and then said with a blissful smile, “It’s alright, my dear father. I have already come up with a plan and completed it. If required, our next successor can be born. And he will possess an ultra-high level of mana since he is the child of two elves with super-high mana levels. Thus, he too will definitely be a being with ultra-high mana levels. He might even be the next demigod.”

Vyvyan’s father lingered for a moment. He looked at Vyvyan’s lower abdomen, smiled helplessly and said, “You actually went and… did that… Did you use Time-freeze… to stop the child from growing…? But don’t you have any thoughts about this? This sort of thing…”

“Of course not. I am doing it for our tribe and our future. Moreover…” Vyvyan laughed gently and then continued, “Moreover, I feel very blissful… since this is my most beloved child… with my son…”

“Well if it’s fine if you like it. It’s fine as long as you’re fine. We can support her if Troy and that woman manage to give birth to an acceptable child. But if it doesn’t work out, we’ll have your child with your child support our tribe. That said, can your son accept this?”

“Of course he will. He definitely will because he doesn’t know…”


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