Son-con – Vol. 6 Ch. 32

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Nier basically became the star of the event.

Nier is a perfect example of a sparrow that turned into a phoenix overnight. As a Valkyrie who had yet to see the world, she had become a princess in the blink of an eye.

A group of ladies swiftly crowded over like men. ‘Friendship drives power’ is a saying that applies to females, too. Of course, what the ladies were after wasn’t power but the glory and wealth that came with power.

Nier is indeed very pretty. Many guys revealed looks of shock and envy when she appeared. The young guys had just come out from under their father’s shelter and yet to see the vast world. They were already utterly shocked at the sight of Nier.

Most surprising, though, was that everyone here could see the empress’s true face.

I think it was because Vyvyan was present as well, and so she wanted to compete, thus choosing not to wear her face-veil.

Vyvyan was a little angry since I chose Elizabeth for the opening dance instead of her. But I couldn’t help it since I promised Elizabeth. During our dance, I could feel Vyvyan’s dark and cold gaze trained on me. Boy, I was so scared my entire body shuddered.

I finally realised why Elizabeth made this request. And that was because choosing to dance the opening dance with Elizabeth was the equivalent of officially acknowledging that this was a dance with my mother. In other words, I was basically acknowledging Elizabeth as my mother.

When we spun in circles, I could see Elizabeth look at Vyvyan and sneer at her over and over again. Vyvyan gripped her goblet tightly like it was Elizabeth’s neck.

‘Please. Please stop provoking Vyvyan. It’s a full-moon night tomorrow. If you keep provoking her, there’s a fat chance she’ll do the deed with me!’

After the opening dance, I was free to do as I please. I held a cup of wine and dealt with all the young people who came over to ingratiate themselves with me. It doesn’t look like my two mothers are willing to come and rescue me this time.

Socialising is something I need to practice. I wore a fake smile and looked at the people around me.

‘How am I supposed to know who you people are? How much your father did for the empress has nothing to do with me. I don’t know your names!’

On another side, Lucia was surrounded by a curious group of humans. Even the females seemed to like petite and cute Lucia. They looked at Lucia and asked something. Lucia answered very politely.

In my mind, Lucia is a very easy going young girl. I’ve never seen her at any formal balls. But it looks like she’s really polite. However, her small and cute face made her eloquence appear less than Vyvyan’s. Instead, she looked a little cuter like a doll.

Lucia didn’t choose wine. She chose a juice that was made specifically for her. However, it seems that someone with sharp eyes noticed something. It looked like they noticed Lucia was pregnant.

It was tough for Nier to be the centre of attention, because she was a Valkyrie. She had never attended balls… well, except with me. Though Nier rushed to learn the mannerisms and whatnot in a short period of time, her expression was stiff, as usual. That expression, where she tried to smile but couldn’t, was comedic.

Nier shot me gazes calling for help every now and then, but I was having trouble myself so I could only respond to her pleas with a hopeless smile.

“Miss Nier, may I dance with you?” A voice attracted my attention.

I saw the females surrounding Nier make way.

A tall and lean guy with a clean face stood before Nier with a smile and extended his hand out. He was indeed handsome, just like Castell, except without Castell’s ridiculing smile and mature gaze. The guy was a playboy.

A dance? I’m alright with that. But Nier looked like she was caught by surprise. She lingered for a moment and then looked at his face.

He appeared to be very happy that Nier looked at him. He laughed aloud and then reached his hand out to grab Nier’s shoulder. He said, “You sure are deserving of praise, princess. You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. If you could dance a dance with me, I would be sincerely grateful.”

I saw violence creep into Nier’s gaze. I prayed for the young man in my heart, hoping Nier knew where she was.

Nier’s love for me is the extremely pure and morbid type of love. She thought of herself as my belonging and thus would not allow anyone to touch her.

“Remove your hand, you rude fellow.” Nier grabbed his wrist. Her eyes revealed murderous intent and a cold aura.

The atmosphere around her appeared to turn cold in a split moment. The guy’s smile went stiff on his face. Fear and terror crept into his expression.

Nier looked at him with a cold gaze.

I could virtually hear that guy’s wrist crack.

She indifferently said, “Rude fellow, I am the princess. Am I someone that you can disrespect? Disrespecting me is disrespecting His Majesty. Do you want me to snap your wrist right now? Or would you like to bet our honour and duel to the death with me? I promise to make it swift and painless.”

“N-No… I… I…”

“Alright, alright, Nier. Nier.” I had to step up.

All the air in the entire hall was overflowing with Nier’s murderous intent. Nier was truly angry. She actually did have a short sword attached to her thigh. It’s not entirely impossible for her to draw it and cut his hand off.

Nier looked at me. She lingered for a moment before revealing a slightly scared look. She quivered as she apologised, “Sorry, Your Majesty… I… I couldn’t stop myself…”

“It’s alright.” I stroked Nier’s head.

I then looked at the guy holding his wrist and quaking. I made a small bow and said, “I’m very sorry about my wife hurting you. But brashly touching a lady is not what a gentleman should do, so I believe that you have no complaints either. Let us end this matter here. I shall have a drink with you. I wish you the best of health.” I picked up a cup by the side and finished it in one shot.

The guy smiled. He drank a cup and then ran away pathetically.

The atmosphere slowly became lively again.

I let out a sigh of relief. I noticed both of my moms looking at me with gazes of approval, complimenting my actions. It looks like I handled it appropriately.

“Your Majesty…”

“It’s okay, it’s okay. I’m actually… very happy…” I smiled and took Nier’s hands.

She giggled softly and then lowered her head shyly.

I looked at her and then at the balcony to the side. I suddenly felt a little nostalgic. For me personally, the most comfortable ball isn’t one of those where everybody was around me, but the one where I was alone, with Nier, drinking on the balcony…

I’m much happier drinking good wine with a beauty to accompany me than being surrounded by people.

The same goes whether it’s Nier or Lucia.

“What a tough woman… But I like that. I really like that! Getting stepped on by that kind of woman must feel amazing, huh? I really want her to stomp on me… But she’s the princess… I can’t believe she’s the princess. I can’t believe that god-damned piece of trash took her!”

“It’s alright. Don’t forget that if your father is successful, perhaps the prince will be no more…”



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