Son-con – Vol. 6 Ch. 33

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“Nier?” Vyvyan moved her cup of wine around gently and did some thinking while watching the purple wine inside her cup swish around. A dubious smile crept up onto her face.

“It’s because you’re an elf. Nier is an ordinary human, while you’re an elf internally. Your blood, sweat and saliva all contain mana while Nier is just an ordinary human. Therefore, it’s not easy for you two to have children.” She said.

“Then… I…”

“Mommy and Onii-sama brought you to life.” Vyvyan stroked my head. She then smiled and continued, “Mommy has mana and so did Onii-sama, hence it was easy to get pregnant with you. We just needed the power of the moon.”

Okay. Asking Mommy Vyvyan was pointless because she was never going to acknowledge that I was a mixed-blooded human and elf.

‘She’s not going to acknowledge that I’m Elizabeth’s child. This is very strange then. If Nier couldn’t get pregnant because of my mana, how was I created? Elizabeth was the one who gave birth to me.’

‘Though both moms gave birth to me, Elizabeth gave birth to me the first time around. I grew up in Elizabeth’s belly. Further, if we’re arguing that I’m an elf, I’m a half-elf while my father is a full-blooded elf. It looks like I need to ask Elizabeth about this.’

“But if we’re on this topic, Son, you must be mentally prepared.” Vyvyan had a drink. She then looked at me and went on, “Lucia’s mana level is very low. It is below the average elf’s. Her father’s mana isn’t bad, but her mother is an ordinary maid, causing her mana to be low-level. So… you understand, right?”

“I know.” I can understand. What Mom meant was simple. What she meant was that while my child with Lucia would be an elf, our child’s mana wouldn’t be of a very high level.

‘It looks an elf’s mana level is completely dependent on his or her parents.’

I touched my arm and asked, “What about my mana then…?”

Vyvyan stroked my head and replied with a smile, “Don’t you know, Son? Your mana can’t be used, but it is also considered super-high level because you’re my son. How could your mana be weak when combining Onii-sama’s blood and mine?”

‘It must be because time was turned back, right? Otherwise, my mana wouldn’t be any good, even if Vyvyan and Elizabeth gave birth to me. I am a half-elf, after all. However, I absorbed Vyvyan’s mana, when time was reversed and I was inside Vyvyan, which is why my mana is of super-high calibre.’

“Normally speaking, you and Lucia wouldn’t receive the blessings of your families, my son.” Vyvyan looked at me and continued in a serious manner, “Bloodlines are extremely important to the elven imperial family.”

“You were accepted by the tribe because you have a lot of mana. However, if your child’s mana is average, then, it will be impossible for your child to be acknowledged. Mommy let you get married toh Lucia because you truly love Lucia.”

“But… aren’t you the only member of the Galadriel tribe now, Mom?”

“No. Your grandpa and grandma are both still around. They’ve just moved into the forest to live in seclusion, after passing on the throne. Mommy kept your matters under wraps and never told them.” Mom winked at me with a giggled and continued, “If Mommy didn’t hide it, and they saw their granddaughter-in-law’s mana, Mommy would have to temporarily transfer some of Mommy’s mana to Lucia. Lucia would suffer immense pain if Mommy did that.”

“Think about it, If this cup of wine can only hold this much wine and then you forcefully poured more into it without letting it out, how would that feel? The same logic applies here.”

I was speechless. If that was the case, then Vyvyan has done a lot for the sake of allowing us to be together. Though Mom’s yandere tendencies almost caused me to lose myself, she has done a lot for my happiness. I felt more grateful to Vyvyan now.

“And so, Son, you need to be prepared to not receive blessings if you and Lucia have this child. You can be the next king, but your child definitely cannot be.” Vyvyan placed her cup of wine down.

She looked at me, with some curiosity and continued. “Of course, Mommy can check your child’s mana now. Your child with Lucia has mana that isn’t too stable. If your child is lucky, it will be a high-level magician. If unlucky, your child really will just be an ordinary elf.”

“If Mommy finds the child to be an ordinary elf, Mommy can kill the child, now, before the child takes shape. Otherwise, Mommy imagines you don’t want your child to have berserk mana either, right?”

I lingered for a moment, then turned my head around to look at Lucia smiling in the crowd. After a moment of silence, I replied, “It’s alright, Mom. No matter what happens, I won’t let Lucia lose this child. I mean, our child. Our first child. I won’t abandon our child no matter what. If I have a child just for the sake of bloodlines and mana, then I will have betrayed my love for Lucia.”

Mom smiled helplessly and then stroked my head. She let out a long sigh and replied, “Onii-sama was the same back then. I can’t say this is foolish, but I don’t consider this to be wise. You two have only considered yourselves and not us. You two need love, while the nation needs a successor. You have given us up for your love, while we will be the target of cursing and carry ill-fame because of that. Who will be the one to explain all that?”

Mom wasn’t wrong. As a matter of fact, it wouldn’t be wrong for Mom to refuse to allow Lucia and I to be with each other since we have different standpoints. What I pursue is this so-called love, while Mom and everyone else needs a suitable successor.

Fighting for love will always earn the scrutiny of the people, while elders will make you out to be bad people. However, the people don’t have to deal with the imperial family’s headaches. They don’t have to fret over the successor, but the imperial family does.

A successor from the imperial family who pursues the love of commoners is truly pitiable. It’s not that it’s wrong for them to pursue their love. They’re just pitiable, that’s all.

“Of course, Mommy has a more appropriate method to help you.” Vyvyan put down the cup of wine, which she had finished.

She looked like she was struggling to balance, so I quickly stepped over to help her.

Mom found her balance and revealed a mischievous smile as she looked at me.

‘Though Mom’s smile is really beautiful, why does it always send chills up my spine, as if I’m the prey a lion has set its sights on?’

“What method?” I had an indistinct idea that wasn’t too good… but I still ended up asking…

“Of course that would be to have a child with Mommy.” Mom pinched my chin.

She looked at me with her intoxicated eyes filled with eroticism. She giggled softly and added, “That way, you can be with Lucia, and I can tell your father I have fulfilled my role. If two people with ultra-superior mana have a child, then their offspring will definitely possess ultra-superior mana. That’s two birds with one stone.”

“What?! Mom!! That’s… that’s!!”

“Hehe, I was just joking, Son.”

Vyvyan stroked my head with a smile and then turned around to pick up a plate on the side.

I looked at Mom’s silhouette absentmindedly. Her huge knockers kept my attention, so my brain hadn’t recovered yet.

‘Mom did say herself that she was joking, but why is there an immense sense of terror gripping my heart…? Was Mom… really just joking? … I’d buy it if it came out of Elizabeth’s mouth, but this is Vyvyan we’re talking about here!!’

‘The scariest part is…’

‘It’s a full-moon night tomorrow…’



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