My Yandere-Succubus Daughter is Mommy-Warrior’s Natural Enemy – Vol. 01 Ch. 05

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Regardless of what the case is, there are only a few things a man could do. He could either kill me or humiliate me. However, there are plenty of things he could do to a girl. I won’t let them get close to Leah. All this time, I’ve been protecting Leah and will continue to protect her in the future.

The door opened and a head of silver hair came in first. Right after was a body dressed in shiny armour as well as a long-sword attached to the belt. The leggings and boots sang the melody of war as they accompanied their owner’s footsteps. Perhaps she didn’t wear her helmet because she didn’t need it right now. The war is already over, and she’s just here to visit her prisoner of war. Does she need to come fully geared up like that?

Veirya carried a pile of thick and heavy cloth in her hand. It looks like clothing. She looked at us and wasn’t surprised to see that Leah had come out from her cage, as though she left the door unlocked on purpose.

I watched her vigilantly. She may be the heroine who ended the war to humans, but she’s no heroine to me and even less of a warrior. Despite us both being humans, she never treated me kindly.

She didn’t bother with the way I looked at her. Instead, she took the pile of clothes over and placed it before us. She took out a dagger from her belt and cut the ropes restraining our hands and feet. She then looked at us expressionlessly, pointed at the clothes on the ground and said, “Get changed. Get ready to head out.”

While still holding Leah in my arms, I looked at her and queried, “Where to?”


Her answer was extremely simple. She then turned around and went to head out. Without even turning around to look at us, she said, “It’s cold there, so, wear clothes.”

I lowered my head. I finally realised that maybe Leah’s clothes disappeared because she transformed. My face suddenly went red. What does Leah see me as…?

I thought I looked like a righteous man, but Veirya just sees me as a perverted freak hugging a naked young girl…

Veirya didn’t care, though, and just left the prison.

I looked at Leah and couldn’t quite comprehend what just happened.

‘I don’t think it would be too shabby if Veirya were to exile us to the north. Though the north here definitely isn’t like the north in my last world, I reckon we’ll be free if we can get away from Veirya and that Queen Sisi.’

‘As for our life in the future; as an adult, I can still take care of Leah. I’m confident in my abilities. I did manage to trick modern-day people, after all, so tricking the ancient humans here in this world, who aren’t studied, will be a breeze. We’ll be good as long as we can get away from this group of creeps. That’s good enough!’

I picked up the clothes on the ground and checked them out. The clothes can be considered normal. They were very normal overcoats and cloaks. The cloaks were very thick, so we could use them as a blanket at night, I reckon. There was also that strange type of glove, where it only has one slot for all of one’s fingers, as well as a weird fur scarf. To the side of them were two pairs of boots, a small and a large one. I must say that we’re well prepared.

Plus, I noticed that the clothes weren’t the same sizes. If Veirya just took clothes from the army-quarters, the clothes should be the same size since they don’t make clothes specifically for children. However, one of the sets of clothes brought to us was made specifically for Leah. It fit her perfectly.

There was even underwear specifically prepared in the clothes. It was fine, even though it was just a simple undershirt.

I picked up the clothes and helped Leah into them gently. Leah looked at the clothes on her with surprise and softly muttered, “So warm…”

“Yeah. It looks like someone adjusted your clothes.”

I pinched her clothes. The stitching was completely different to the large size clothes. It was tougher and more well-done. It looks like this set of clothes was prepared for a grown-up man previously. Somebody just adjusted the size. Further, that person was very familiar with Leah’s measurements since they fit her perfectly.

I stretched my hand out and fastened Leah’s belt. I fixed her cloak on her shoulder by adjusting the strings at the front. I made sure that her scarf was set so that the wind couldn’t get through her collar. Wool was used as lining for the interior of the boots. Actually, it might not be wool in this world. But it was very soft and warm, nonetheless.

Leah stretched her arms out cheerfully and spun around. With a smile, she asked, “Papa, do I look good like this?”

Honestly, no.

While the clothes were very practical, they lacked any resemblance of aesthetics. The colour was gloomy and the ash-grey cloth hadn’t been dyed. They were also fumigated so that it would keep insects away so it stank.

That said, Leah’s innocent smile added infinite cuteness to the simple and unadorned clothes.

It’s true that the world judges based on looks no matter where you go.

I looked at the girl before me, nodded, and replied, “Very cute.”


Leah laughed cheerfully and threw herself into my embrace. I massaged her head then loosened her scarf a little and took off her hat designed to keep her head warm. I did that since we didn’t need to stay that warm in here. I quickly got changed and then exited with her.

As soon as we exited, we heard the sound of metal armour moving. Veirya had not left.

She was leaning on the wall, waiting for us, the entire time. As soon as Leah heard her, her entire body jolted. She held me tightly and buried her head behind me like an ostrich that got frightened. I quickly held Leah behind me and looked at Veirya in front of us. Veirya was still emotionless as usual. She reached her hand out, pulled Leah and grabbed my arm. Without saying anything, she then tripped me…

I can’t beat her in a strength contest…

Leah froze up like a piece of wood as she looked at Veirya, terrified.

Veirya didn’t care that Leah was terrified. She reached her hand out, pinched Leah’s arm and leg, and finally her shoes. She then stood up as if she was satisfied and said, “All right, it fits. There’s no need to make any more adjustments.”

“You adjusted the clothing?”

I looked at Veirya slightly surprised. I looked at her shining metal armour and long-sword. I can’t imagine how she could do such fine work.

‘This sort of female handiwork and warriors aren’t usually related, right? Even Hua Mulan doing all that was also fabricated.’


Veirya’s reaction was normal as normal could get. As thoughlike I had asked a stupid question. She stood up in front of Leah, who was still looking at her in terror. Tears formed in the girl’s eyes.

I looked at Veirya confused.

‘Wasn’t it the case that Veirya didn’t have any positive feelings for us? Why did she adjust Leah’s clothes then? And she must’ve spent all night adjusting it. It doesn’t seem to make sense for a soldier who raised a sword against a child to forsake her own sleep to adjust clothing for a young girl.’


“Because you two are now mine.”

Veirya looked at us calmly and elaborated, “Because you two are now mine, and so I don’t want to let you two die.”

She then walked up to my side, pointed at the tent with smoke coming from it and said, “There’s breakfast over there. Once you’re done eating, head over to the camp entrance. Hurry. I won’t wait for too long.”


“You must answer ‘roger’.”




Veirya turned away and walked off.

I walked up to Leah’s side and gently took her hand. Leah threw herself into my arms like she’d been separated from the world for ages, and sobbed softly, “Papa… I’m so scared… Does… does… does that woman want to kill me…?”

“I don’t know… but Papa will protect you no matter what… But it looks like maybe… maybe Veirya isn’t a bad person?” I don’t get it myself.

‘What sort of person is Veirya exactly? How does she… actually feel about us? Is she… the same as Queen Sisi?’

Leah and I aren’t the only two heading north alone. The three of us will be going to that place I don’t know.


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