Son-con – Vol. 6 Ch. 31

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“Let’s get ready to enter now then.” Elizabeth and Vyvyan knocked Nier and Lucia aside with great chemistry and then grabbed one arm of mine each, scaring me to the point my legs went weak.

‘What are these two trying to pull?! What are you two trying to do?! Let go of me! Let go of me! My wives are Nier and Lucia! Don’t do this! You’re my moms, not my wives!’

‘Isn’t this a banquet meant for me to announce my wives?! Did you two discuss this and then decide to steal me from them now?!’

‘Why am I looking forward to it?! No! No! No! This isn’t developing the way it’s meant to! This isn’t developing the way it’s meant to! I’m here to make great efforts toward building a great state, not to hit on my moms! You’re both already someone else’s wife, so don’t do this! I’m your son! Please don’t spare me!’

‘Wait, what?!’

… It looks like my brain has become a mess, with the two most beautiful women on the content hugging me on both sides. I don’t even know how I got to the entrance of the venue.

The two of them dragged me here like they were playing with a wooden puppet.

“Son, it’s a given that we have to enter before Lucia and Nier, as the empress and queen. It’ll be their turn once it’s time to speak.” Elizabeth seemed to have read my thoughts. She stroked my head and, with a proud and melancholic tone, continued, “You really are becoming more and more like Inard… You sure are your father’s child. You’re so similar. Mommy is always by your side because when Mommy looks up quickly, Mommy will see you as your father for a split second.”

Vyvyan pulled me over. She looked at Elizabeth and angrily remarked, “What are you saying? My son is my son; Onii-sama is Onii-sama. Elizabeth, you’re treating my son as Inard, aren’t you? In that case, you’re just treating him as an emotional substitute. My son is my most beloved and only son. I love Onii-sama, but I also love my son.”

Elizabeth looked back at Vyvyan and sneered, “What? Is the noble Queen Vyvyan in love again? Do you love my son the same way you love Inard? Wow, you elves sure are something. You don’t have feelings for my son, do you? You can’t do that, Vyvyan. You’re a woman of two minds.”

“What’s it got to do with you if I have feelings for my son or not? I gave birth to him. I’m the one who did everything for him, so it’s only right that he likes me.”

“He’s my son! I gave birth to him! He should like me and not you!” Elizabeth fired back.

Talk and talk, and somehow they return to this topic. The temperature between them rose again. It was like the electricity between them was zapping each other.

‘Hey, hey, hey, haven’t you two gotten something wrong?! There’s an issue with your reasoning! What do you mean I should like you because you gave birth to me?! That’s a dangerous thought you two have! So what is the meaning behind you two holding me right now?! You two, pay attention to what you’re doing! My wives are right behind! Nier and Lucia are watching you two, plus, Lucia is pregnant!’

“There’s no need for me to fight you for him. We both know very well what my son is like. There will come a day where he will return to my side.”

“Yes, you’re right. You didn’t do anything for my son when he was young, and yet you’re acting like a mother now. I believe that my son will remember who held him, who kissed him, who gave him bliss and a youth!”

My moms didn’t seem to be in such a good mood today… They were both smiling but at the same time, evidently not too happy.

‘Luna has been ignoring me recently, as well. She doesn’t want to say anything outside of work these days.’

‘Freya gets angry for no reason these days.’

‘What exactly did I do wrong…?’

‘I’m definitely not admitting I’m a dense guy. I’m a smooth guy when it comes to love. But I honestly don’t know what exactly I did wrong to make these few people angry with me.’

‘I can understand Freya and Luna, but Vyvyan? Didn’t she already get over it? Why is she still getting mad?!’

Vyvyan stroked my head affectionately, looked at Elizabeth and in a ridiculing tone said, “Let’s go, Son. Let’s head inside. It’s a pity that not many elves came, so just put up with humanity’s blessings coated in the stench of money.”

“Blessings coated in money are better than the elves who aren’t even giving their blessings. You elves keep rambling about how you’re loyal to your ruler, yet aren’t even willing to step outside for that ruler. Wow, so loyal.”

Elizabeth stroked my head and then said to me, “It’s alright. Mommy will give you Mommy’s blessings, unlike someone else who claims to love you with every breath but didn’t even get one person to come along.”

“Tch.” Vyvyan grumpily clicked her tongue.

The door then opened and we entered the venue so Vyvyan didn’t fire back.

I can understand it. Elves can’t handle cold climates after all. The imperial guards who came here were suffering on a daily basis, too. It wasn’t very cold here, but they were still shivering. They wouldn’t want to leave their warm rooms if there was no work.

So, it’s not as though the elves don’t want to give us their blessings, but rather that they couldn’t leave the forest.

“Let’s go, Son.”

“Let’s go, Son.”

My two moms smiled and then wrapped their arms around mine. We then headed inside.

The magnificent hall was lit up by fires. The fires were placed strategically so that every corner of the hall was lit up. On the pristine white table were jade stone and gold eating utensils.

The sumptuous dishes looked like they could cause the exquisite wooden table to collapse.

The ladies and gentlemen gathered there in formal clothing turned around and froze up at first when they saw these two most beautiful women. They then bowed with the utmost degree of respect.

“Welcome Elven Queen Vyvyan Galadriel! Rosvenor Empire’s Empress Elizabeth Rosvenor! And welcome Rosvenor Empire’s Prince, Elven Prince Troy Galadriel Rosvenor!”

There weren’t any elves here so I could display my identity without concern. Like Luna, the elves would never believe that their prince is of mixed-blood, so I can’t tell them that I’m the elven prince.

We went to the forefront of the hall.

I turned around and looked at the end of the red-carpet, where we had just entered, which was where Lucia and Nier were.

“Welcome His Majesty’s wives, Lucia Galadriel Rosvenor and Nier Galadriel Rosvenor!”

The crowd exploded into gossip. Everyone was shocked to see Nier. As for Lucia, they didn’t care for her since they just considered Lucia a beautiful elf. Nier, on the other hand, was different. The prince’s wife had to stand out from the crowd, yet his wife was a Valkyrie.

As a Valkyrie who was always by the empress’s side, Nier was already a well-known guard among the people. But now they found out she was actually the prince’s wife.

Envy, jealousy, confusion, and puzzlement surrounded Nier.

Nier looked at her surroundings somewhat frightened. Her steps showed a slight sense of panic. She had never stood under the spotlight. She never had the attention of so many people on her. Her nervousness and fear weighed down on her so much she almost couldn’t take a step.

“Don’t be nervous.” Lucia gently grabbed Nier’s hand.

Nier looked at Lucia with surprise.

Lucia looked forward at His Highness’s silhouette and softly said, “You are one of His Highness’s wives. Your bewilderment is His Highness’s bewilderment. Your confusion is His Highness’s confusion. If you embarrass yourself here, you will embarrass His Highness, as well. I will not allow that to happen.”

“Lucia… too…” Nier smiled and then adjusted her expression and spoke properly, “You too. Do not embarrass His Majesty here in front of humanity!”


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