Son-con – Vol. 6 Ch. 30

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The main hall was opened specifically to host the banquet in the palace. This place is much smaller than Mom’s palace, however; I don’t have many guests.

Most of the major officials couldn’t make it here because they had to maintain the massive empire. Alice and Castell had already returned home. While Vyvyan was here, she only brought the imperial guards I asked for and herself.

Most of the guests in attendance tonight were the children of the major officials. Most of them were sons who were taking on their father’s mantle and entering the political arena.

The main purpose of this sort of event is to show up and, ideally, get connected with His Majesty.

As someone who serves the empress, it would definitely gain the empress’ antipathy if they went and tried to ingratiate themselves with the prince. Not to mention that the prince wouldn’t be interested in an old man.

As such, their children, who were of similar age, were best. If they could become friends, then their children would have a smooth-sailing career in the political arena.

“Therefore, Onii-sama, most of those who take the initiative to come and try to ingratiate themselves with you will just be drinking friends to you. You can be friends with some of them.”

Freya adjusted her tie and then continued, “It would be boring, if you did not have friends to pass time with, as the emperor. If you had too many vassals who were serious about work, I imagine you would go crazy. I do not think you are the type who likes to stay in the palace all day, after all.”

I looked at Freya’s cute pink dress and snickered.

Freya looked at me with surprise and then looked at herself. She tugged on her dress and then said, “Does it look bad, Onii-sama? I think it is alright… or do I look comical in this? It is very rude to laugh at a lady in a beautiful dress, Onii-sama~.”

“No, no, no. It’s very cute, honest. Freya, you look very cute like this. Really.” I stroked her head… Of course, I was gentle since her hair was done up… I said, “It’s just that it feels funny to me to hear such serious and mature things from someone in such a cute dress.”

“In other words, I just need to be a cute and playful sister?” Freya giggled mischievously.

She quickly hugged my arm. She then went up on her toes with a smile and gently whispered into my ear, “Or… do you prefer me to call you Onii-chan~ Hehe… Or… beloved Onii-chan?”

All the hairs on my body stood up. Her ‘Onii-chan’ almost made my knees weak.

I never paid attention, but when she suddenly grabbed my arm I could feel her soft breasts and smell the nice fragrance on her.

‘When did this young girl start growing up?!’

“But your arms are already reserved, right?” Freya pulled her hands back and then returned to her usual self, the Freya who always looks like she’s smiling, yet not.

She looked forward, as though she was speaking to herself, yet at the same time like she was saying what she said for me to hear.

“Miss Lucia and Miss Nier already occupy one of your arms each, I guess. In that case… what do I grab onto? I have no place next to Onii-sama, right? I am just someone Onii-sama took in after all.”


“Ah, it’s fine, Onii-sama. You need not pity me.” Freya smiled as she dodged the hand that I went to stroke her head with. She continued, “You and I are considered very friendly partners after all. I initially wanted to revive my household. But I do not know when I started to forget about that.”

“You sure are sly, Onii-sama. Were you trying to make me work for free? Onii-sama, do not forget our agreement. I offer my body, mind and soul, while you help me revive my household.”

I looked into Freya’s eyes. I could never understand the emotion in her eyes. Freya is a very mature girl. However, regardless of how mature she is, she is but just a child. Maybe it’s just my imagination but I noticed that Freya was full of loneliness.

“Alright.” My lips twitched a few times, but I couldn’t offer any words of comfort. Rather, my consolation would be an insult to her determination. Freya wanted to show me a determined look so, to respect her wish, I didn’t offer any consolation.

She wasn’t pitiful. It’s not pitiful to get what you want through your own efforts. And so, I agreed to her request.

“I guess we have an agreement then, Onii-sama. Your wives have arrived and so have your moms.” It was particularly weird to hear them addressed with plurals.

I turned my head around to see the four of them come over. I must say, both Nier and Lucia are beautiful girls. They could take one’s heart away when they wear makeup and formal clothing, with even more ease. However, they were undeniably pale in comparison to my two mothers.

Vyvyan was dressed in a very formal garb. Her emerald dress was like a work of nature, which flaunted the wearer’s clear white skin, with her round pure-white shoulders revealed. Her body was like a carefully crafted piece of ivory and at the same time like a piece of jade.

Actually, no. Nothing in nature could provide a description that would do her beauty justice.

Vyvyan wore an elegant smile. Her eyes were blue like the blue sea. She wore the elves’ crown on her head, which resembled a group of chickens surrounding a phoenix.

They once said that Vyvyan’s beauty radiated for hundreds of miles. Maybe I didn’t feel that way since I was her son, but I could honestly now see Vyvyan’s body glowing.

Everything beautiful was glowing. Vyvyan’s beauty and grace were so great it was virtually impossible for one to look straight at her. Even the air itself seemingly stood still because of her beauty, leaving one with no way to breathe.

Elizabeth didn’t wear a dress. I would consider Elizabeth very smart. She knew that she couldn’t compare to Vyvyan, next to her in a dress, so she wore military attire.

Elizabeth isn’t famous for her eloquence, but her imposing aura. Dressed in her military attire, it further emphasised her serious expression and incomparably imposing aura, leaving one with no way of looking into her eyes.

The ribbon and collar by her chest swayed gently as she moved. Her white cape swayed gently. Her boots, which had been cleaned to the point they were glistening, were a strong contrast to her long-black pants, while her glorious long-sword at her belt exuded the aura of an empress.

The two of them nearly made my two wives invisible.

They sure live up to their reputation as the two most beautiful women on the continent. One is beautiful, while the other is imposing. They stole all of the limelight.

I looked at the two of them in a daze and felt an odd sense of jealousy for my father.

‘You would’ve had to have saved the nation in your previous life to have one of them, and yet he had two?!’

‘Damn, you deserved to die!! They’re both my women now that you’re dead. Man oh man, when I think about them fighting to the death over me back then, I feel an odd sense of glory…’

‘Wait a second. Glory my ass! They’re not my women! They’re my moms! What am I jealous about?!’

‘That was scary. That was freaking scary. It must be Vyvyan’s fault. It must be her fault. She’s the one feeding me weird thoughts every day which has caused my eyes to malfunction!’

“Onii-sama, while I know that Her Highness and Her Majesty are overly attractive, your wives will get jealous if you keep staring at the two of them.” Freya softly whispered that into my ear and I came out of my mesmerised thoughts.

Vyvyan noticed my reaction, so she revealed a pleased smile and walked up to me. She gently played with her long blonde hair and then touched my face. She giggled softly and asked, “Son, is Mommy pretty?”

“Yes! For real! Ah!!”

‘I’m sorry Lucia! I’m sorry! Don’t step on my foot! Hey, don’t stomp on my foot!’


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