Son-con – Humanity Profile

The origins of humans cannot be confirmed. Humanity claims to have been created by gods, but elves scoff at their claim as they have no mana in their bodies. Humans were extremely dangerous on the continent according to the history recorded when they just developed a literacy system, but the elves accepted them, provided them with seeds, practical skills and knowledge. Using their determination and courage, the humans slowly steadied their foundation on the continent, even becoming the ruler of the continent using their numbers and courage. The humans then began to show greed and disrespected the natural environment which left the elves very disappointed.

And so the elves returned to their forests and never interacted with humans again. The humans split up into countless small nations and fought each other. In the end, Elizabeth Rosvenor conquered all of humanity. She controlled the area from the Grand Canyon to the North to the ocean at the Southern end. The small town of humanity was annexed and the area that was not conducive to management became a vassal. Elizabeth claims herself to the second ruler of Rosvenor. However, the people believe that the present “Rosvenor Empire” and “Rosvenor City” are two different things, therefore, Elizabeth should be considered the first generation ruler.

Management: The highest standing ruler of humanity is Empress Elizabeth. And with her unparalleled martial arts, nobody dares to question her rule. Beneath the empress are the Minister of Finance, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Minister of the Interior, Minister of Justice and the General Officers, the city mayor, finance officer, civil servants and judges. Military power belongs to the empress, and the general officers may only command the army in place of the empress during wars. If the empress personally joins an expedition, then the generals are just considered staff. Humanity is ruled based on dictatorship. Important matters are discussed in the conference hall, but the final say still lies with the empress nonetheless. The laws were established by the empress herself, and the judges are only responsible for practicing them.

Religion: The Pope is the thought leader. Their religion started as word-of-mouth from soldiers and eventually became an orthodox religion. The Supreme Protestant Church in the imperial capital has the right to interpret the teachings. Many towns and villages have chapels as well as missionaries responsible for passing on the teachings to the masses in hopes of converting their religion.

Culture and Technology: Humans have already grasped the usage of machines. Their smelting industry has developed, and their astronomical observations are developing well. In regards to agriculture, they have gained a lot of experience. The empress does not manage or provide protection for cultures, permitting the existence of differing views, consequently leading to a variety of literacy and music being widely circulated. Works that are considered outstanding have a copy saved in the imperial library.

Military: The humans, or rather, the empress has the strongest army on the continent. Other vassal states virtually don’t have armies and are surrounded by threatening armies. The army of the Rosvenor Empire is mainly made up of infantry, cavalry and artillery divisions. The army is structured based on the regiments. A regiment has a regiment chief and four staff officers. Under each regiment are two generals; four infantry divisions under the two generals, and two cavalry divisions, totalling forty-thousand people, as well as three artillery battalions, with two-hundred cannons. The Infantry is divided into line infantry, scouts and grenadiers. The cavalry consists of armoured chest plate cavalry and artillery cavalry. The cannons are designated based on battle terrain, and attack or defence objectives. At present, the ten defence regiments guarding the imperial capital are safe; while the fifty field operation and attack regiments are spread out nearby the vassal states. The empress’s guard unit, the Valkyries are all women whom are orphans. The empress personally raised them. They worship her fanatically. All of them are elites capable of taking on a hundred soldiers alone. Marksmanship, horse riding, archery, swordsmanship, there’s nothing they can’t do. They are responsible for protecting the empress and the palace. They are the strongest reserve unit in times of war. They usually move around in groups of two hundred or so, and are divided into three teams. There are supposedly a thousand candidates, so even if one of them suffers severe injuries or dies, there will be a replacement for them the next day.

Character: Humanities character is difficult to generalise. They are tough and courageous, never yielding. They will show greed and cowardice. However, humanity is still a friendly race. Humans have a comparatively vague notion of love. While they advocate loyalty, it’s also common for them to have lovers, which is an open-secret for them.


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