Son-con – Vol. 3 Ch. 45 (Deleted Chapter)

On full-moon nights, the mana inside elves will gush forth.

Elves who were around way back in ancient times went hunting on full-moon nights which also elevated their mood to the peak. The stored mana in their bodies will also awake which makes elves more excited and wild than usual. Their usually suppressed emotions burst out on full-moon nights, thereby leading them to confess their love to their loved one and then engage in procreation activities.

Elves rely on their original instincts to reproduce. They usually don’t require sexual satisfaction. Female elves won’t pursue other men to fulfil their sexual desires because the sexual activity they engage in on full-moon nights are enough for them. Elves don’t treat intercourse as a form of entertainment, but as a means to reproduce.

However, if they don’t get to have intercourse with the opposite sex on full-moon nights, they will be tormented by their urge.

Put another way, elves get horny on full-moon nights which is something elves can’t avoid. However, female elves whom are yet to be married can control themselves with their rationality as they are unaware of the pleasure of intercourse. Married female elves however, will feel extreme discomfort which is precisely why they don’t let their husbands cheat on them.

Hence, Lucia will not pounce on me on full-moon nights.

But mom who gets horny and kisses me every full-moon night is a wedded female elf……

I honestly know far too little about elves in their horny state, but I’ve seen Luna in heat. That said, I think that it might’ve actually been due to her being horny and my mana going berserk inside of her body. This full-moon night was the night I saw how insane a horny elf could get.

I’m watching mom ride me in the mount position right now which was causing me an intense pain like my body was being ripped. Mom pressed down on my body with her body and cupped my face in her hands as she sucked my saliva with all she had. The sound of mom sucking out my saliva was accompanied by her moans that echoed in the room as she got hornier and hornier. My face was almost sucked dry by mom. Mom pressed herself tightly onto me, sucked my saliva and swallowed it while I was desperately passing saliva into her mouth, not because I was getting turned on, but because I wanted to quickly recover.

However, that led to my tongue and mom’s being entangled together. With her hot body pressed up against my sensitive body, mom sucked on my tongue like she was insane. She was initially just hugging me normally, but now she was pulling my body into her body tightly like a snake wrapping itself around its prey. She locked my body with her legs and rubbed them up-and-down against my body.

Mom’s body started emitted an erotic scent which was different to her usual body scent. Mom’s scent made my body feel hot all over. I really wanted to pull her into my arms and then get on top of her. My natural instinctive urges and elven blood made me lust after her on the full-moon night as well.

The last time I did this with mom was because I was struggling due to the pain and couldn’t be controlled, thereby leaving mom with no choice but to lock me down with her body and limbs. However, mom kissed me immediately as soon as I started feeling painful this time. I didn’t resist this time and instead went along with mom, so mom’s kisses this time were much wilder.

“Fuu… fuu… fuu……”

When mom let go of me for a moment, there was saliva which looked beautiful thanks to the moonlight. Mom opened her eyes and looked at me with her blood-red eyes that made me think that blood might spill forth from them. Her eyes were filled with lust. She wiped the saliva off the corner of her mouth and then licked her fingers while smiling seductively. Her negligee was completely soaked from our sweat and I could see through them. Her blissful twin valleys became visible underneath her negligee. The way the tip of her tits seduced me made my entire body feel uncomfortable.

However, I managed to maintain my rationality. Usually I’d be in so much pain I’d have no space to be thinking about these things, but mom treated me on time this time. Since mom had just treated me, I didn’t feel any problems with my body.

That said, I noticed mom was vigorously stroking my penis, and her hot body fluids were left on my leg……

“Son… my son……”

Mom clasped my face again and kissed me again. My hands grabbed her soft and warm breasts without me thinking about it.


Mom and I screamed out at the same time. However, my scream was more of a shriek while mom’s was a wild moan from surprise. Mom pressed me down and pounced on me. She was so strong that I once completely pinned to the bed. She pressed down on my shoulders so firmly it hurt like they were going to snap my shoulders. But I didn’t feel any pain in the moment, instead, I felt exhilarated like the last time when she scratched my chest. I was utterly surprised to discover that I yearned for it. I yearned to get ripped apart by mom. I wanted her to tear me up and swallow me whole.

“Ah… I knew it… I knew it… you love mommy’s body, don’t you, son…? I knew it… you still love mommy, don’t you……?”

Mom panted heavily. She reached her hands out, placed them on my chest rubbed my chest roughly. I felt a numbing sensation run from the tip of my fingers to my chest like I got electrocuted, and then the current spread to my entire body. Mom moaned erotically and I could feel my lower abdomen being rubbed intensely. Mom’s breathing sped up. She looked up and said with excitement: “It’s okay… it’s okay… mommy loves you too you know… mommy loves you too… mommy can accept you… mommy…. mommy has kissed you dozens of times. How could mommy not love you…? It doesn’t matter… it doesn’t matter, my son… mommy is still young… mommy can still be your wife… we can go to a place no one knows of… mommy can have your children too……”


I opened my mouth slightly. I don’t know why I had the scary thought of “isn’t it a great idea to continue like this?” when I should be very terrified under normal circumstances. I looked at mom’s blood-red eyes. I was panting and my hands clumsily begun to move without mom’s control……

Mom let out a horny moan and then ripped her negligee, reducing it to a bits and pieces of silk. Her beautiful body was accentuated by the moonlight, thereby emitting an enchanting and seductive glow. Mom looked at me with lust. I would never be able to control the torment on a full-night moon if I were a female elf. But mom who possesses powerful mana would be in more pain, since she can’t remarry as a widow and the queen.

And it so happens to be that the only male by her side is her own son.

My son has become a man I can be proud of before I knew it. I don’t know when I started wanting to rely on my son to relieve my lust on full-moon nights countless times. My lust increases substantially after I kiss my son. Relieving myself is like quenching the fire of a cartload of firewood with one cup of water.

But my son is starting to act now. My elven son has no way of resisting his urges on a full-moon night. I’m fine with it as long as my son is happy. Nobody will know if we don’t mention it. And luckily, Lucia happens to be absent this month too.

Come… come, son… You were once inside of this body. This body once fed you, and now it shall pleasure you.

Is it really okay for me to do this? …… If I do this to mom…… I couldn’t think properly in my hazy state of mind. I’ve become weak after my berserk mana vanished. I grabbed mom’s breast like a man instinctively does before when my mind was blank.

My body was shaking with excitement from that. My mind was calling out to me with excitement. My mind was encouraging me to continue, to push the woman in front of me down and unleash my lust in her. Mom stopped struggling to and crawled up onto my body. I imagine mom is waiting for my next move……


No one will know……

There are only two of you around right now……

Lucia won’t see……

“L-… Lucia…..”

My tired mind jerked itself like someone poured a basin of cold water on my head. I looked at mom’s body in front of my eyes blankly. I looked at mom’s beautiful body that could make any man’s mind blank, but my mind was filled with Lucia’s blissful smile when she was in my arms.

“Your highness……”

I quickly sat up and pushed mom who was on top of me aside. Mom’s smile stiffened up. She looked at me blankly without knowing what to do.

“Sorry… sorry mom… sorry… sorry… I… I… I… I can’t betray Lucia… Sorry……”

I held my head and the immense pain throbbed in my head again. Mom looked at me blankly for a moment and then kissed me on my lips. She continued sucking my mana out and I let mom have her way on my chest, not knowing what I should say.

However, mom’s kiss was incredibly cold this time…… Mom hugged me tightly. The spot that got wet this time wasn’t the bed sheets again but the front part of my Chinese-style jacket……


Volume 3 END

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