Son-con War for Their Son – Ch. 01

“Your majesty, your majesty, I am coming in. Your majesty, it is unbecoming of you to be so lazy. You have been stalling for a long time. You have not attended your morning lessons yet. You cannot leave today’s tasks for tomorrow. If you continue like this in a few days, you will put the Rosvenor kingdom to shame when you marry off to the Socina kingdom… Your majesty?” The maid who was lecturing the princess pushed the doors to the room open. Inside the large room, only a white curtain fluttering could be seen. There was nobody on the red bed. The open window, and rope tied to the bed-leg told the maid how her majesty escaped. The maid ran to the window with disbelief. Below, there was only a rope on the ground. No, it couldn’t be called a rope. It was a bunch of cloth tied together to become a long piece of cloth, and the cloth came from the wedding dress prepared for her majesty’s wedding.

“Her majesty has run away!!”

The cry of the maid could be heard throughout the outer court.

That’s right, the beginning of this was as rotten as every other story, but it was something that truly took place. Perhaps the story of “the princess has ran away to avoid her wedding” gave the princess the inspiration to follow her heart. She escaped through her window from the fourth floor in the outer court, and then escaped out of the palace under the watchful eyes of the guards.

“My sister ran off?”

In the dining hall, a young man laughed out loud while holding his glass after hearing the maid recount what happened while panting. He laughed and said: “I thought this would happen. I knew it. How would my younger sister be willing to marry somebody she’d never even met before. The king of Socina is already over sixty, what would my sister marry him for?”

The king wiped his mouth, stroked his white hair and said: “After your sister marries him and he dies, Socina will become your sister’s.”

The young man looked at his father and without fear said: “Father, I think that a city conquered by using a woman will eventually be taken by a man. Nobody will accept their kingdom being ruled by a woman who was married into the kingdom. If we want to have Socina, we should send troops there, not my younger sister.”

The king laughed and said: “Son, war can bring you glory and land, but will cause the people to lose their families and homes. I am very happy to know that my daughter can replace thousands of people.”

“Father, a nation’s army is one of the most important elements of its survival. I do not wish for war, however, conquest requires iron and bloodshed.”

“Hahaha, son, you’re wrong. A nation’s army is their destruction.” The king laughed as he stood up and continued, “Do the people want war? No. The people want a peaceful and stable life. Soldiers cannot provide them with any benefits. Instead of giving them a sabre, how about giving them a piece of bread? Take a look, son. With no wars in forty years, several of our food warehouses have been filled, and we also have a good relationship with our neighbouring tribe. Isn’t that good? As for Socina, I’ve had a think. Since my daughter has run away, I’ll go and apologise to the king of Socina, and give him some money. Wouldn’t that solve it?”


The young man wanted to say something, but after a moment’s hesitation, he decided not to.

The Rosvenor kingdom is very wealthy.

That is true.

The kingdom of Rosvenor is located in the Great Plains. While it is just a single city, it produces half of the continent’s food. Thanks to their food export and the merchants at work in the city, the kingdom of Rosvenor’s wealth grew. The people do not have to worry about food or clothing, the king is quiet and inactive, while the atmosphere in the society is free-going. Before we knew it, the kingdom of Rosvenor became a place for humans waging war on the courtyard to take shelter.

Uhm, other than the princess running away this time, they basically have no problems.

The maid which had been ignored the entire time finally had a chance, and she stuttered the words: “So how shall we deal with… the princess running away…..?”

The young man laughed, put on his hat and said: “Don’t worry about her. She’s always wanted to run away. She’s finally achieved her dream. She’ll come back on her own accord once she’s bored. I’ve never heard of anybody dying from starvation in this nation.”

That’s right; the prince of Rosvenor wasn’t lying. Indeed, you basically can’t die from starvation in Rosvenor. If you truly have no home to return to, somebody will arrange for you to stay in a chapel if you can find a barrack. If that happens, you won’t have to worry about clothing or food.

But the prerequisite is that you need to “be in this country”.

The princess leaned on a large rough tree, and nervously looked at her surroundings that were basically covered in green. She was surrounded by nothing but trees while the tree leaves obscured her view above so not even a ray of light shone through. However, the forest wasn’t particularly dark.

The princess was dressed in simple clothing peasants saw on the daily. She wore a shirt and long pants. Around her waist was a belt normally worn by soldiers. However, what hung from her belt wasn’t a long sword but a small pouch with flowers sewn on. Her black hair, which is a rarely seen hair colour, was sprawled behind her head, while her beautiful face looked anxious. She scanned the forest which looked the same no matter where she went with her black pupils. What started out as a happy and energetic feeling from achieving freedom had now turned into fear.

How about… I go back…..

She had no idea where she was. She just climbed over the walls at night and then snuck aboard a box wagon. She thought it would’ve taken her to the West or Castor in the East, but instead, it took her into the forests up North. When she got busted, she used a gold coin to escape the scolding. Afterwards, she heard that she could see elves at the end of the forest, so the brave young girl entered the forest without any consideration.

However, she had never lived outside of her palace before, so she thought the forest was like the flower garden in the palace. She never expected the forest to look the same wherever she went. She had a sense of direction when she entered, but now that was gone too. While she started to feel scared and wanted go back, she couldn’t find her way back.

The princess shook her head and pumped herself up, reminding herself that she’d have to marry an old sixty-year old man if she returned. She’d rather die from starvation in the forest. And so she stepped forward again…..


Her line of sight suddenly flipped upside down.

To be more precise, she was hanging upside down. She had stepped into a trap meant for prey.

When stepped on, the trap activates, hanging the prey up by its leg. And by the next day, the prey would be done for.

But what it had caught was a human!

The princess cried out as she swung back and forth from the tree she was hanging from. The princess finally understood what orbit meant. Not only was her sight flipped in reverse, she was being swung back and forth by the rope. The princess desperately tried to pull her body up to untie the rope, but since she was inexperienced, the more she struggled, the tighter it got.

The princess soon ran out of energy and hung upside down from the tree. Her despair and terror erased the courage and hope formed from her curiosity.


She croaked once she ran out of energy. However, her voice quickly disappeared in the forest, scaring off only a group of birds flying past. The princess could no longer fight her fear and terror. She wanted to go home. She just said that she’d rather starve than marry the old geezer, but she was now willing to do anything to save herself. The young girl’s cries and desperate cries for help echoed in the forest, but not even a wild animal gave her time of the day.

The sky was starting to get darker while the princess was losing her voice. The sunset was now just a slit and the forest had started to become dark, while the footsteps of who-knows-what beasts could begin to be heard as well as the whistling of the wind. The young girl hugged herself tightly. Her red eyes could almost no longer form tears. She was feeling dizzy, and everything she saw looked like blood.

Was she doomed to die in the forest? Was she doomed to slowly die while hung up like a rabbit, or a wild boar?

“No!! No!! I don’t want to die!!”

The young girl cried out with all her might, even when her voice no longer resembled that of a human’s. She was afraid as she ran from the reality hitting her. Her gaze was filled with despair. She knew that nobody could hear her cries, but she still cried out of instinct. Her cries slowly floated and disappeared into the distance, with only the angry birds who got shocked by her cries, crying back with frustration.

It looks like the princess really might not make it back alive.


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