Son-con – Vol. 3 Ch. 39 (Censored)

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The envoy that I met in the morning confirmed the route I took on my way back, the things I brought and reported on the assassination incident. I was slightly disappointed that it wasn’t Castell who came.

We then had lunch.

In the afternoon, we had discussions with ministers. Mom was the primary speaker while I watched from the sides.

After dinner, mom locked me in my room… Yep, I was seriously locked inside. While the window was open to let air in, when I reached outside, it felt like I was touching glass. My door was locked tightly. I couldn’t push it open no matter how hard I tried. Mom didn’t show any impulsive behaviours after recovering from what happened earlier on in the day, but I was now scared. I was really worried if mom would come and do something to me.

I can accept mom being dissatisfied with my marriage because I know Vyvyan is an elf with a strong sense of possessiveness. I know for sure my moms who waged a war back then over me won’t accept my marriage. I bet the empress would go berserk too if I told her I wanted to marry an elf.

But what mom said to me after what happened this morning collided with my morals. While Vyvyvan technically isn’t my mother, I’m Troy right now. I don’t think even the elves would accept Vyvyan and Troy being together.

If I’m being honest, mom is certainly beautiful and virtuous. She’s the number one candidate for a wife. But she’s my father’s wife! I might not be able to resist if it was the milf next door, but how can I have erotic thoughts about my mom? And what about Lucia? Lucia gets her beloved man stolen from her by his mom?

I sighed and sat down. I picked up a book by the bed-side and flipped through it. It seemed to be about the words of the elven gods. It was very similar to a bible. I was born under the red flag, so I don’t believe in gods. I don’t believe in gods, I only believe that the working class is empowered. I feel like this is stuff the Galadriel tribe talk about in order to maintain their rule…

Wait. Mom is half-deity……

Mom appears to have read the book as there was a bookmark there. I curiously turned to that page. This is a transcription, but mom seems to have made some notes underneath some sentences to emphasise certain parts.

“It is not forbidden for a mother and her son to be together. It is alright for a mother and son to have a relationship like that of a man and a woman. The mother gave her child life, while her son gives her love. That is a marriage the gods would bless…….”

“If a son leaves his mother that means her son has a second woman, which would be his wife. A male only has a female by his side for a certain period of time. Should the mother not wish for her son to leave, she can overcome this by becoming his wife……”

I slammed the book shut and felt sweat slowly run down my spine…… What flipping sorts of books does mom read all day?! What sort of holy words are these?! Could you please stop worrying about familial relationships and spare a thought for the pain of the people below?!!

Mom also made some notes underneath a few sentences which she emphasised…… I don’t think mom wants me to marry!! No! Mom wants me to marry, but not somebody else!


The lock on the door clicked. Mom walked in evidently slightly tired while she massaged the alae of her nose as she came in. Her entrance frightened me enough to almost toss the book outside. Mom shot me a glance and then shifted her gaze onto the book in my hands. She smiled and said: “You’re interested in the words of the gods too? Son, mommy is half-deity. Couldn’t you have just asked mommy if you had a question?”

“Ah… I-It’s n-nothing…”

I awkwardly smiled and put the book aside before looking at mom. Mom’s eyes looked at me with a naughty gaze. My heart was almost ready to jump out of my chest. Mom can tell what I’m thinking, which means that my awkward smile is pointless. Or more explicitly, she already knows about me reading about the relationship of mother and son!

Mom opened her arms for me and said with a smile: “Ah… Today was so tiring, even mommy is a bit worn out. Let’s go, son. Rest up after mommy washes you.”

To be honest… I really don’t want to be washed by mom right now, or rather, I don’t dare…

However, mom’s gaze indicated she wasn’t going to accept “no”. I was afraid that mom would lose it after I rejected her. So much for thinking Vyvyan was a normal mom while the empress wasn’t. Now it looks like the troublesome one is Vyvyan and not the empress. The empress is the normal mom.

When we got in the water, mom continued hugging me and gently scrubbed my entire body with a blissful smile on her face as she hummed a soothing melody. Her long and slender hands slid across my body, sparing no parts. I don’t know if it was just a psychological thing or what, but it felt like mom spent a long time below my lower abdomen.

“My beloved son, you like mommy washing you most, don’t you? Other women can’t be this affectionate…  not even Lucia….”

Mom leaned her head on my shoulder and blew in my ear. At the same time, mom placed her hands on my lower abdomen, chuckled softly and said, “Your body is so well-built, son… You’ve become an outstanding man~… Aaahh~… These muscles are almost at onii-sama’s level… Son, you’re becoming more and like my older brother. You’re slowly becoming a man mom is proud of….”


“Ahh… What an amazing boy. You’re the boy mommy gave birth too. Mommy’s son. Mommy’s only son. Mommy’s son that will never leave mommy. Mommy’s most beloved son… Mommy won’t let you go… Nobody can steal my son from me… Son… Son, don’t get married, okay? Can you dump Lucia? Mommy’s body is more voluptuous than Lucia’s. Mommy is more virtuous than Lucia. Mommy can satisfy your every desire, no matter what it is. Love mommy… You love mommy, don’t you…? Be with mommy then… Let us never be separated……”

Mom’s breathing got heavier. She rubbed her face against mine while her hands rubbed me. If it weren’t for the fact that I couldn’t feel anything, I would’ve fallen by now. Mom spun me around so that we were face-to-face. Mom’s voluptuous boobs were right in front of me. Mom smiled and grabbed my hand which she then placed on her face. She then dived over towards me and kissed me.

I was afraid as to whether mom would fall into the state she’s in right now on a non-full moon night and make me do something I’d never be able to forgive myself for.

“Fuu… Fuu…”

Mom released me, wiped the saliva off the corner of her mouth and smiled seductively as she looked at me.

I noticed that mom’s eyes weren’t the insane looking blood-red colour, but her usual blue…….

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