Son-con – Vol. 3 Ch. 38

“Your highness…”

“Good morning, Lucia.”

I took advantage of mom’s busy schedule in the morning to come to the training area. Lucia had just recovered yet she had begun her daily training already.

We were still in the passionate stage of our relationship, yet mom had been ordering me around all the time recently. She calls for me every time she has spare time. I actually suspect that she even used instant transmission and mind-reading. She appears behind me every time I intend to go to see Lucia. She’s with me even while I read.

Lucia was recovering and training. Our meetings were so short they were pitiful. Lucia didn’t mind my sweat and hugged me whenever she saw me. We would then kiss, but just as our faces touched, mom would appear and interrupt us.

Lucia threw her wooden sword down, excitedly ran over and hugged me tightly. I kissed Lucia on her forehead and stroked her head, and then said: “Lucia, aren’t you training too hard? I’ve seen you training every day recently. Take two days off…”

“I’m alright, your highness. I just shifted my training sessions at night to daytime.” Lucia smiled. She then tippy-toed, kissed me on my lips and said: “I usually train at night, but I won’t be able to train at night after we get married, so I need to switch it up to daytime and get used to it.”

“You still have to look after yourself though otherwise I’ll feel bad.”

“Uhm, you too, your highness… What has her highness been looking for you so often for recently?

I thought about it for a moment and then replied: “Nothing much really. I was just asked to deal with some documents, send documents, accompany her and that’s about it.”

“I see….” Lucia lowered her head and revealed a tinge of sadness. She pouted, “I’m worried that her highness doesn’t like me…. If she doesn’t give us her blessings, we…”

“I don’t dislike you. I really like you, Lucia. I also support your wedding. I will give you my blessings. However, you must be patient for now.”

Mom’s arms suddenly wrapped themselves around my neck from behind, ripped me out of Lucia’s embrace, and the back of my head got wedged in between her huge valleys. I could see a reward if I just moved my eyes to the side a bit. Mom hugged me tightly and then looked at Lucia with a smile and said: “Your wedding is in a year from now. After that, my son will have to prepare to succeed the throne, so I want him to learn what an elf king must do. Consequently, he will be very busy the coming year. Also, go to the Northern Garrison and fulfil the position of an inspector. You may come back before your wedding.”

Lucia was stunned as she watched mom drag me away and lowered her head sadly. She definitely didn’t want to leave. She lowered her head and quietly muttered: “As you command, your highness…”

“Mom! Lucia is a guard!”

I desperately struggled and shouted, “There’s no need to make Lucia go outside, is there?! Further… Further, I don’t need an extravagant wedding ceremony. I’d be fine even if it were just a small banquet with a few people.”

“That won’t do. You’re the sovereign of a country. The wedding ceremony of a sovereign can’t be conducted poorly. Anyway, that’s just how it is. You won’t see each other as much during this year. however, your love will be able to overcome the barrier of distance and time. Mommy has faith in you two. Mommy definitely supports your wedding, so don’t worry.”

Mom smiled and leaned forward. She kissed my lips and Lucia who stood to the side watched us sadly. Mom then released me with satisfaction, and then suddenly grabbed my hand tightly as though she was going to drag me away from Lucia with everything she had. She smiled and said: “Let’s go, son. You have more important matters to attend to. Lucia, you can focus on your training.”

Lucia bowed and softly responded: “Understood…”

Mom only released me after forcefully dragging me out of the training area. She looked at me and spoke in a somewhat dissatisfied tone: “Didn’t mommy tell you to wait for mommy in the guest hall after breakfast? Why did you just run off without a word? Son, if you keep this up, mommy will spank you!”

I smiled helplessly and asked mom who was slightly mad: “No, mom… Can’t I go about freely in the palace either…?”

Mom nodded without doubt and then hugged me. She affectionately stroked my head and said: “You’re mommy’s only son. You’re the reason for mommy to live. You’re going to get married soon, and when you do, mommy won’t be able to take care of you anymore. Mommy can only stay by your side for this year, so it’s needless to say that mommy always wants to keep you by mommy’s side….”

“Mom… I won’t leave you after getting married….”

“But mommy won’t have as many opportunities to see you then.”

Mom hugged my arm with a hint of dissatisfaction and then asked me with a teasing tone, “Do you think mommy is pretty, son? Mommy deliberately put on make-up today, hehe. Mommy hasn’t earnestly put on make-up in a long time.”

I turned my head around and earnestly looked at mom. Mom was indeed slightly different. Her face which showed her devotion to her nation and city was glimmering brighter than before, almost more than the sun itself. She wore a long dress different to the one she usually wore and had ornaments to go with it. The chest region around her dress generously put her smooth cobblestone-like curves in sight and pushed them forwards. There was also a small opening in the shape of a heart which tempted me to peek inside.

Mom’s age is unknown, but her skin was very nice, supple and smooth. She was my mother, but she didn’t feel out of place as she walked with her arm around mine. To the contrary, her elegant posture made her look like the wife of a prince. Mom cheerfully wrapped her arms around mine, while the corner of her mouth seductively smiled in a teasing way as she questioned me. I hesitated for a moment before answer: “Pretty… Yeah… You’re always really pretty mom.”

Mom happily laughed. She then leaned towards my ear and whispered: “Yeah? How about compared to Lucia?”

“Erm… There’s no way to compare, is there…?”

I smiled helplessly and shook my head. Mom is most certainly very beautiful, and I admit that she’s slightly more beautiful than Lucia. However, what does that prove? She could be more beautiful, but she’s still just my mom. I can only feel proud about having such a beautiful mom, but I definitely won’t look at her the same way I look at Lucia. Actually, I can’t even check mom out like I would check out other girls since she’s my mom. And thus, I can only enjoy the feeling.

“What do you mean it’s not possible to compare? Mommy is a woman too.”

Mom bit my ear hard and my ear cried out to me in a high pitch tone, overwhelming me with bliss. Mom teased me by breathing in my air with her warm breath seductively, “Son, as long as you stay by mommy’s side, mommy can do what Lucia can do too… It’s alright… Mommy won’t mind… Everything is fine as long as you’re by my side. Mommy can do anything for you. If mommy can’t stay by your side as your mommy, mommy doesn’t mind becoming your wife~…. I’m happy as long as you’re by my side. I’m happy as long as you’re by my side. Mommy can give up everything… Mommy only wants you…”

Mom’s voice became more and more ethereal while her eyes became more and more scary. She put more of her bodyweight onto mine. The only thing she had yet to do was rub her thighs against mine. I looked at the blood-red eyes by my side with terror. I pushed mom away and covered my ears. I then staggered two steps backwards and said in a terrified voice: “No, no, no, no… What are you saying, mom…? No, no. We can’t do that… We’re mother and son… You’re… you’re still my mom after I get married. I won’t leave you…”

“If you want to get married…you can marry anybody…”

Mom licked her lips and fixed her gaze on me with her blood-red eyes which shined an insane light as she elatedly said: “Mommy’s heart hurts when mommy sees you with Lucia. Mommy doesn’t want you to hug others, just mommy, is that no good? Mommy can do anything for you. Anything. Mommy won’t mind…. You don’t need a wife, son. You’re mommy’s son forever and ever. You only need mommy….”

“NO!! That’s not the issue! Mom! Mom!!”

I shrieked and desperately retreated while mom came towards me. Her pupils started transforming into heart-shaped pupils while she panted heavily, wanting to hug me tightly.

“Your highness?”

A messenger looked at us puzzled. Mom froze for a moment and stopped before me. She closed her eyes and took in a deep breath. She then eloquently spun around to look at the messenger and asked: “What is it?”

“The envoy from humanity is waiting for you….”

“Alright, I’ll be there right away.”

Mom nodded and then turned around to look at me. She reached her hand out and affectionately grabbed my hand. She then smiled and said: “Let’s get going, son. Today will be a busy day for you…”

“Ah… Right! Right!”

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