Son-con – Vol. 3 Ch. 40

“Mom! Mom! Don’t do this!!”

I was finally able to move again after I was wiped dry. I looked at mom who came towards me like a snake again and shuffled backwards with my hands and legs, and then covered my body with my hands tightly.

“It’s alright, son. It’s alright… Mommy understands. Mommy understands what you’re thinking. All elves are like that. All elves start to have erotic thoughts towards the opposite gender once they become adults… It’s just like how my elder brother fell for that human. You’re experiencing the same feeling right now. Mommy is of the opposite sex, mommy is a woman too. Mommy can help you fulfil your desires too. You just have to hold mommy tightly. Don’t worry about anyone else. Don’t worry about them.”

Mom smiled seductively and lunged over, attempting to kiss me on my lips. I don’t know where I got the courage from, but I slapped mom on her face and pushed her away. The physiques of female elves are much weaker than male elves’ physiques, and I’m half-human, so mom cried out in pain and staggered backwards twos steps. She then held her face and turned her head around. One of her eyes turned into an enraged-blood-red as she looked at me like an angered lion mother.

She roared: “You actually hit mommy?! You dare to hit mommy over a woman?! Mommy has looked after you for so long. Mommy loves you so much and shields you from everything. Mommy could do anything for you and yet you hit mommy over a woman?! Mommy is going to rip that woman apart in front of you!”


I threw myself at her. I hugged mom who was standing upright and shouted, “Don’t be like this! Don’t be like this! I didn’t hit you on purpose! It’s just that you were going overboard mom! I won’t ignore you for Lucia. We will still reside in the palace after getting married! I won’t leave you, mom! I love Lucia!!”


Mom grabbed my chin with one hand and stared into my eyes with her eyes with different pupil colours and shouted, “LOVE?! You think that’s love?! That’s the same as what my brother thought. He thought he fell in love with that woman, but what happened afterwards?! He abandoned you and they never met again! Then that woman abandoned you! You’d be dead if it weren’t for mommy, you know?! That’s love?! That’s love?! Love is abandoning one another?! How can it be considered love without having been cultivated for centuries?! What you’re feeling is the same as my older brother. It’s not love. It’s just an impulse! You only need one woman! Mommy won’t let your impulse ruin you! You need but only one woman! If you need to release your pent up desires, mommy can help you! Mommy doesn’t mind!”

“I’m not!!”

I looked at mom and shouted. I pushed mom away forcefully and we huffed and puffed as we looked at each other. We were both undressed, but our attention wasn’t focused on our bodies. I looked at mom and shouted: “Mom! I really do love Lucia! I’m not after Lucia’s body. I want to be with Lucia! I want to continue through life being with Lucia. It doesn’t matter if we’re happy, or sad, angry or suffering, I just want to be by Lucia’s side! I don’t need a woman, what I need is Lucia!”

“What do you know?! Your lifespan is half of Lucia’s! Lucia is going to still be in her prime after you die. You think that you love Lucia, but the truth is you two can’t stay together. You’ll have given up your entire life while Lucia would’ve only given up half of hers! After that she’ll throw herself into another man’s arms! Can you imagine that?! Even your father abandoned you! Only mommy will stay by your side! Only mommy will stay by your side forever! Everyone but mommy will betray you!! You can only have mommy by your side! Mommy wants to protect you! Why don’t you get it?!”

I mustered up all the strength in my body and shouted loud enough to nearly rip my vocal chords: “I! Don’t! Mind!”

I was drained and knelt down on the ground. I placed my face in my hands as my tears ran down uncontrollably. My body quivered from getting worked up. Mom slowly walked up to my side and hugged my lifeless body in her arms. Mom gently stroked my back and in a sobbing tone said: “Son, why don’t you get it? Why don’t you understand that mommy loves you? Everyone will betray you. Everyone will hurt you. Lucia can’t protect you. Why don’t you get it? Mommy just wants to protect you. Mommy just wants to keep you by mommy’s side……”

“I get it… I get it… mom… I get it…”

I hugged mom. In my sobbing voice, I said, “But, but did you know, mom? Did you know what Lucia did during the deer hunting festival? She carried me on her back. She carried me who was incapable of moving and walked a great distance. She mushed berries by chewing on them to feed me. She mushed meat by chewing it to feed me. She guarded me day and night, while she ate grass to survive. She didn’t sleep a wink. How can I not love Lucia when she treats me like that? If there was a woman who could love me and not leave my side, wouldn’t it still be considered love even if that love was full of trials and tribulations, and only lasted a few days? I don’t mind… I just want to love Lucia. I’m happy as long as Lucia is happy. I don’t care about life in the future, nor do I care what will happen in the future. If you’re afraid of losing things, then you’ll never have anything. Mom… I love you… and I’m truly grateful towards you… I understand that you want to protect me, that’s why… that’s why I promise I won’t do anything that will endanger myself. I won’t leave you either. I’ll always, always be by your side, never leaving you.”

“Son… My most beloved son… don’t leave mommy… don’t leave mommy… You’re mommy’s only son… Mommy… Mommy is afraid you’ll be like mommy’s brother……” Mom hugged me tightly. She sobbed and continued, “Mommy loves you, and will love you regardless of what happens. Mommy is the only person who won’t betray you. If… if you feel that you will be happy with Lucia, mommy won’t stop you… But… but I beg you… before you get married… before you get married, spend some more time with mommy… even if it’s just a short while… Mommy understands how you feel now, but, mommy wants to see more of you….”

“I know…. I know…. I love you, mom…. I love you….”

“Uhm, mommy loves you too. Mommy loves you most… Always and forever….”

Mom and I hugged each other tightly. Mom let out sobs of bliss as she tightly embraced me. Was mom always worried that I was just lusting after Lucia’s body? Mom thought I wanted to get married because I wanted a woman, just like my mother and the empress…

I don’t know about my father and the empress’s love, but I feel that they were truly in love, because the empress’s eyes were filled with yearning and love when she spoke about my father. I believe that they didn’t get together just because of a physical lust for each other. They were a human-and-elf couple as well. They didn’t care about lifespans either.

It’s just that their ending wasn’t a happy one. I wanted to thank mom. Mom gave me happiness I was deprived of. Maybe mom wants to protect me because she knows of my innocence and pain.

Mom is a qualified mother, regardless of whatever aspect you consider. Mom doesn’t lust after me. She’s just afraid that I’ll repeat my father’s mistake.

My father, mom and the empress’s graces and hatred… I’ll need to talk about the war for their son now…. However, I believe that all three of them truly loved the other. I believe that both of my moms loved me, and I believe that my father loved both of them..

This isn’t lust, but true love. Even if it were just two short years and a few short days, that was a true love where they went through trials and tribulations together….



That belief of mine, I’m talking about the part where I said, “mom doesn’t lust for me”, completely crumbled on the full-moon night a few days after……

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